summer is near - 2020-06-13

I only have a tiny few of assigments to do for school. Then, I'm done for the schoolyear! This means that I'll have more free time, which means more time for cool projects! This weekly blog has been kinda weird. It feels like there's a really long gap in each blog post, even though it's weekly. I hope you guys enjoy these blog posts though. I'm having trouble thinking of things to write about. It's not that nothing has happened, I just either don't wanna talk about it or I feel it's not good enough for a blog post. Doesn't matter, cause I'll just think of something to write about. Either what I did during the week, or the fact that sometimes I have nothing to write about. Anyways, I'll leave it here, sorry if it was too short, the length of these blog posts will vary. See you next week!

asio4all and 4all a good night - 2020-06-06

Andrew Huang made a video on a tip for music production. Usually with synths, if you need a sound, then you either make it from scratch or edit a preset. But the tip here is to have seperate sessions just for making sounds. I decided to try this recently, and while I only made 2 or 3 presets, I still think it was fun.

The current DAW is use is REAPER, but one problem it had was that I wasn't able to test the presets unless I was playing some MIDI thing in the background. I wanted to stick to the "sound-making session" thing so I googled how to play the sounds with my computer keyboard. REAPER has a Virtual MIDI Keyboard feature, where you connect a track like any MIDI keyboard, but to the virtual one. I was able to now make sounds, though I had an idea.

I believe for christmas in 2019 I got a MIDI to USB adapter, this would allow me to use my Yamaha PSR-300 keyboard on my computer. The problem was that there was a tiny delay, and while it was still okay to play on, made me not want to use it since I thought my computer was too weak to use it. But currently I use REAPER and I used Tracktion 7 back then, maybe it'll be faster? So I plugged in everything, and set up my MIDI keyboard, but there was still a delay. I googled to see if anyone else had the same issue.

Turns out, some people did. Many people recommended a program called ASIO4ALL, a program that allow any sound driver to use ASIO. From my knowledge, ASIO is like the OpenGL of sound rendering thingies, and it seems that it would be very helpful. So I installed ASIO4ALL, and gave it a test, I assumed that I would have to tweak some settings before it sounded perfect. So I turned up my keyboard's volume and my computers (so I could hear the latency), pressed a high key and, wow, it's perfect! I was really surprised that it was instantious with no hassle.

And so for a couple of hours I played with some synths (I should mention I currently use software synths) and learned a bit of both knowledge and experience of playing on the keyboard. I also played some samples from freewavesamples which have high quality samples of a lot of instruments free to use, which I think is really cool. All in all, I had a good time, and I recommended that you try this as well, it's pretty fun. :)

where to go next? - 2020-05-25

I'm back. I know the first post now is a bit ironic, but I still think that it applies. The site is easy to update and manage, I just haven't found the motivation. I'm starting to feel it now though. Recently I've been wanting to update the layout of the site but I can't think what what to change, so I'll do the next best thing and actually add content to the site.

Anyways, it's 2020, currently in the middle of a global pandemic, pretty small stuff but whatever. I actually have some good ideas to make a post/article about, though that'll be hard since school is getting in the way. I think even though we're getting less school work, the fact that I have to do it at home, where I can get distracted from being distracted I think balances the difficulty out with regular real-life school. It's a bit weird too, cause at the start of this online school thing I've been doing pretty good with my motivation. It's just the start of last week (today's Monday for me) that I suddenly lost a whole bunch of motivation to do school work. (I still do it, mind you.)

Now you might wonder why I named the blog post what it is, and that's because I wonder what the future lies for me on Neocities. Perhaps I have this feeling because of my lack of updates? Which speaking of which I techically do update my site everyday, but I'll leave what I update as a secret for you guys to find. But I think that this feeling will wear off once I start updating again, I'll think more creatively since I'll be working on the site, maybe I'll find what layout to do. I'm not sure, but I'll try to post more frequently. I've been thinking at least once a week? Not like every Monday though, just any random day in the week. My weeks start on Mondays if you wanna know. Anyways, I'm gonna start working on my school work, bye! :)

redesign! - 2019-09-16

That's right, a new redesign! This one isn't cluttered, or hard to manage. So hopefully there should be more updates.