html collection

Post a HTML file and bug me on my Neocities page to put it in the collection.

Try not to use anything external. You can use Base64 to turn a file/image/whatever into text to have it inside of the html file. The table below can sorted by clicking the headings. The timezone is also in EST time.

html name date - month/day/year
first.htm 03/12/2019
jimstank.html 03/27/2019
bob.html 04/04/2019
shrine.html 04/06/2019
hehehe.html 04/06/2019
jscal.html 04/07/2019
factorial.html 04/07/2019
decimalconv.html 04/07/2019
googol.html 04/07/2019
dedede.html 04/07/2019
garg.html 04/08/2019
hijirin.html 04/12/2019
luke.html 04/15/2019
newsoda.html 06/08/2019
my-first-html-email.html 06/18/2019