Jimmy Stankums' Dumb & Stupid HTML Page

Welcome to my page on Jackomix's html collection.

This page was going to have images, but do to hotlinking complications, it will instead have videos and links that I enjoy

I have no idea what to do........

About me

I'm Jimmy Stankums. I make little pages like the one you're viewing now

I saw that jackomix wanted people to send him html pages, so i decided to make one.

I enjoy gifs, words, and horizontal rules.

My favorite typefaces are Trebuchet MS, and Times New Roman.

Videos I enjoy

Here are some youtube/vidlii/bitview videos I like to watch. Enjoy!


Here's a MegaMashup, a song made out of a bunch of other songs. Made by DaymanOurSavior

SOTY | EmpLemon vs. Reddit pt.1

"State of the YouTube" is a comedic podcast that discuss current events on YouTube and other places on the web.

Here's one of the co-host, former YTP'er "EmpLemon," complaining about Reddit. Part 2 is here.

boulevard of broken dreams

An MS Paint face singing "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day. Enough Said.

VidLii/BitView Videos

I used a couple of videos as examples for my playlists. If you do no want your video embeded here, pls comment.


Sorry if you had to scroll all the way down here to pause the video.

Click here for my "good Vidlii videos" playlist


Click here for my "good bitview videos" playlist


Some sites that I like.


Good feeling music.


Very nice niche stuff.


The homepage of one of my favorite content creators.

Thanks for visiting the page. Comment what you think!

made by jimmy stankums