aaaa - 2018-1-16


testo - 2018-1-16


Update on Neopress! - 2018-1-16

I updated it so now anybody can easily adapt this to their own blog. I also added a automatic time system so you don't have to worry about checking it. I'll probably work on the GUI to make it look more user-friendly or somethin' idk.

This is a test of custom values and time! 2018-1-16

I know it works but I want it to look cool, you know?

vsdfsd 2018-1-16


dfgfdgdfg $$year-$$month-$$day


this is a test

i hope this works


This is a test of Neopress, just uh, recording it in action.

Here we go

woo boi

Does code injection work with Neopress?

By Bob

Yes it does! Woah!

I licked a frog!

By Boiman123

another test

Made by a computer

this is a test

Neopress now has a UI!

It took a lot of hard work but I added a UI for Neopress!

Title of blog post

Contents of blog post

here we go


hello world

how are you