I'm thinking of releasing Neopress...2018-3-10

Neocities is an amazing web host, however one of the things is that I get lazy when I work on my blog. To combat this I created a Python script to allow me to make blog posts faster. I made it actually a couple months ago but I never got around to releasing it, cuz I was lazy. The script allows you to adapt to your own site and lets you use HTML tags! This blog post was made with Neopress by the way. :)

Neopress bby!2018-1-16

It's going pretty well.

This is an example of how Neopress can work with a styled site.2018-1-16

After setting the values to adapt to my site, I can now easily make blog posts in a breeze! I can also apply HTML code into my blog post.

This is a test!2018-1-16

I hope it works!