Playing Super Mario 64 Maker!

Hello! First i’d like to say you guys can comment on my blog! Anyways today it’s the 5th of January 2018, and i’m at the age where I want to do stuff, so i’m having a hand at Super Mario 64 Maker! It might teach me about level design and it’ll be fun. I’m using a keyboard (i’ll look into using my Nintendo Switch’s joycons after this post) and i’m using notepad to make a list of what each button does.

Well I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow, (that is maybe tomorrow) cya later guys!

My plan for the new blog.

Alright, here’s my plan for the new blog.

I’m going to edit my site so there’s two version of blogs, the old one hosted on my site, and the new one which is this one.

I’ll either link to it or do an iframe, i’ll probably make it a link.

Anyways, that’s my plan for the new blog. Anyways how have you been? I’ve been doing pretty good, not really much to talk about. Welp, cya later guys! 😀

My upgraded site!

Welcome to my updated site!

Now i’m still going to use Neocities, in fact, I might just abandon this but I want to use this. I’m using InfinityFree which it “says” everything is unlimited, lemme check if it really is.

Turns out it isn’t. >:(



Jokes aside it’s 2018! It’s January the first and I’m pretty excited. Anyways, I’m gonna mess around with my site so baaaaaaaaaai. Cya later guys! 😀