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#2 - Race god!


So at one point I went to go to karate and was doing really good but then I accidentally hit the HOME button making me exit to the homebrew menu. I sadly didn't save. :/ Anyways, today I took a picture of Buddy and posted it in the gallery. (which you can check out up here.) Buddy went to the races (i forgot which one but it was the running one in the beginner races.) and won all 3 difficultys! He then got a miracha as a prize and I even saw him play with it today. It was so cute! :D Speaking of cute I was listening to the cute Chaos singing in the kindergarden room, TOO MUCH CUTE! :DDD Also I took Rexxo to kindergarden and he learned Song. Hope to see him randomly sing at some point. heh Anyways i'm watching an Chao genetics video and now I wanna keep playing Chao Garden more and buy an White Egg. But I will do that tommorow. Also by the way I make these blog post's at 11:00pm. After march break i'll probably do less of these or i'll do them at school (talking about the day before) or something. Anyways that's all for today, Bye-Bye! :D

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