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#1 - Start of a new life


After trying multiple ways to play the Chao Garden, I got Nintendont on my Wii U and got the game to run. Today I hatched 2 of my eggs. I threw one at the wall which I heard has no real concequences and the other one hatched normally. One had an evil smile. I unlocked Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge. Which is all I need since I only need an Hero and Dark character. I named the one with the evil smile Rexxo and the other one Buddy. I got Sonic to make Buddy, Hero i believe. They are still kids so I don't think it's an actually Hero but it looks like one. I also made Roxxo dark using Rouge. I'll try to make screenshots tomorrow of the Chao but that's it. Also I did an race with Buddy and he got 4th place. And Roxxo did Karate and won 1 round. That's all for now. Can't wait to do this tommorow! :D

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