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#3 - New Chao! :D


So I decided for some blog posts i'll make them throughout the day. So I bought a white egg from the black market and i'm currently feeding him so fruit. Also it's 3:49PM for me. What should I name him? Alright so it's 3:36 and I bought an seed. And now i'm gonna get some rings to buy an red egg. (4:46PM) So I haven't gotten the rings yet but Buddy won an flying race! :D (It was the Stump Valley one.) And now Rexxo just won the Block Canyon race. I guess this blog is a bit more exciting. But to be honest it is getting a bit boring. I think once I have more Gardens, Chao and more races it'll be more fun. Also btw don't expect to see alot of photos, it's a bit hard to take a picture of them. I might take a picture now though, heh. (4:54PM) Okay so I actually posted a video of all the chao. (so far.) I might actually get the new chao tommorow, I don't really know. I kinda wanna stop playing but I also don't. Most likely because there wouldn't be anything to do. Well I guess I could make or work on some Super Mario Maker levels. Yeah imma do that. Welp, cya! :D

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