log of making

thinking of having a way to list links of files without editing a html file.
have every text file be a number, have page check if each page exists (idk if that's possible) and link
to it.

okay making progress
someone had a cool idea, check if a file doesn't exist but trying to run it as a js script.

will copy and past- i mean implement it now

that didn't work but i have a better idea, if you use the fetch function on something that doesn't exist it will return the file the script is on. so i can have some text that tells the file it doesn't exist. so if it detects "nope" then just say it doesn't exist.

i wanna see how the names will work. how long will it take to check the alphabet with 3 chars? 4? 10?

i'm dumb it returned the 404 page. though i get a http get error thingy. i'll work on this tommorow.

okay i'm here today. i found a way to check if a file exists or not. now i'll make a loop.

it's not working but i have an idea

okay, so i just googled how to check a file and found a solution lol

i have an idea, show the first line of the text file as the link thingy

okay we're real close, i'm gonna work on this later today.

okay i think i did it. only downside is you have to edit the number of files it will check exists. right now it's at 50, so it'll take like 2-10 seconds. however i just thought of an idea. start from 0, if it exists then check for 1, keep going until it's empty. les go i'm smart bois.

okay i think we got async issues or something, will work on this latet today.

okay simple fix. i think we're done bois. i'm gonna probably fill this bin folder with random text files, woohoo.

bin of text files

this site is currently checking for files in the directory, please wait. :)