[51/365] 1. 51/3652021-01-01

2020 was the most memorable year of my life. Not due to the number of memories, but the difference between those memories from other ones. I'm someone who likes to go outside my comfort zone, I like to be adventurous, and I like to live through stories. Many things have changed since I wrote my last blog post. My last blog post was when I finished that year of school, or, online school. It was weird to do online schooling. In the beginning, I was being productive, but when it hit June I suddenly switched to being very lazy. I still did my work but didn't enjoy it at all. Then summer break passed on, still in quarantine like the past months, and then it was the new school year. It wasn't online, it was physical, and many things were different. I didn't see a surprising amount of friends, as some doing online or co-op. During summer break I also got a new PC. A solid (I think) high-tier PC that sonic boomed in comparison to my 10 years old worn down bad at the time laptop. My digital life has changed in so many ways I didn't even notice since I switched to an actually good PC. As you see I also redesigned the site. You can also see that I started this redesign during summer break. Then, in the middle of November, and these past few days I've been working on it. It's my most CSS "advanced" redesign, and I'm pretty proud of it. But that's not what this blog post is about. This blog post is about the...

The 51/365 Challenge is something that will affect my life, at least for a short while. If there's something I don't want to abandon, it will be this challenge. The challenge is simple, after 365 days, you should have 51 fully finished projects. Songs, videos, programs, games, whatever. It can even be projects you abandoned (though not like 99% to 100% lol). I love to create, but I want to really work on my finishing skills. I hate the feeling of saying that I love to create, and when people ask what I've made, I have not much to show them. Yet, I'm always busying making something. It's simply because I fail to finish them. During the year once in a while, you should see a new blog post showcasing the new project I made. The reason I made it 51 projects is because this challenge (and redesign) is classified as a project. So I made it 51 so I still have 50 projects to make. If you have trouble finishing stuff, try doing the challenge with me. And by 2022, we can look back at our accomplishments together.

See you soon everyone. :)