game ideas

i'll probably update this every now and never. idk

# of game ideas: 1000 (ayy!)

ok, i think i'm gonna leave it here. i've been doing this everyday since like january of 2020, only missing two days. so it's weird to think i started doing this before covid. i think i definitely wanna do something with this, maybe turn it into a book or train an ai or start a(nother) game jam off of it, but i'll leave that for later. also i don't think there's any other collection of game ideas as big as this so that's pretty cool. anyways, have fun and thank you all for reading along. :)

-game where you can pick the credits roll for different movies, and you must say them out-loud, reading them and trying to keep up. the game uses your mic and speech-to-text to check if you're reading it correctly. this would be a game of endurance and also to see if you can keep up. would probably be a pretty unique game, maybe not as an idea but as in the experience of playing the game.(finale)

-vr game where one player has one controller and the headset on, and the other player is at some point in the room with the other controller. the vr user doesn't see anything, but can hear their controller (or called a device or something in the game) go up in pitch and louder in volume whenever they're closer to the controller. the other player must move around the room to try to not let the player make the two controllers contact. you should probably have some rule about the non-vr player not hiding it behind them or whatever, or maybe let that happen? idk it could result in some awkward moments or even stuff breaking or people getting hurt if people go too fast, lol. but could be a fun game if executed safely and done well. (close)

-game that uses nlp or text-based ai where it's a text adventure game but you have to be as absolutely polite as you can, even going overboard. perhaps you're attending a dinner, and must go through the event in the most polite way possible so you don't get kicked out because maybe the hosts are super sensitive or whatever. or you could even make it so the goal is to assassinate the hosts in the end like it's a movie, lol. not many games use nlp so this would be a decently unique game to play. (also you could probably make this with ai dungeon or novel ai or something so it's possible to make.) (please)

-more of a fragment of an idea but game where each team has 5 players. one player plays a game where you'll have to look out for many things to notice. the idea is to have the 4 other players backseat game with voicechat to help the 1 player catch and notice all the things to take action on. so hopefully this would result in both teamwork, and also funny chaos when the one player is being bombarded with people talking, lol. (viewed)

-rpg game about trying to save the world, only making progress during your office job's lunch break. could maybe have some gameplay where you kind of set up your character and get ready, then do some "boring" minigames to simulate work, and then finally leave and try to progress further every break. since you'd always walk out the building, overtime you'll have to find ways to go further and further under your time limit to progress further. this game seems a bit like minit but more elaborate if that makes sense. (break)

-2d one screen platformer where you battle enemies by throwing a die at them. whatever number it lands on though spawns that many enemies. keep doing this until you have killed all enemies and there are zero left. (perhaps)

-first person game where you wake up and have a minute to find and turn off all the alarm clocks in your house. bonus points if you add a mode that uses the snooze button, so you have to decide if you wanna snooze an alarm or try to turn it off then, in which in this mode it takes a bit to turn an alarm clock off. could be a fun game to try to get your best times in for stages or the best score or whatever. though i think a randomly generated house would be cooler. (stress)

-platformer where your player gets tired quickly, lowering the game's fps and stuttering the audio more. if you get coffees though, it'll boost your awakeness, and the game will run faster and smoother. if you get too tired though, the game will eventually crash. (coffee)

2022-09-08 (wasn't able to update the page but i wrote it on my phone)
-mobile game where you are supposed to turn off everything in your house, turning off your entire power if you can, and going 24 hours through it. every hour though, the game will ask you to record a short voice memo or even video of what you're feeling. after the challenge, you'll have a short edited audio or video of your journey through boredom. it could even result from a challenge to a relaxing meditation thingy, lol. (nothing)

-game where you are in a room with a phone, computer with emails, etc. just a bunch of things you would do tasks with. then, you have a voicemail thingy, so the goal of the game is you listen to voicemails, and without writing stuff down, do the tasks that the voicemails tell you to. and the voicemails go one after the other automatically, so you have to keep up. maybe the plot is you work night shifts so you sleep through the day when people make their messages so you have to go through them all at once. so with that then you could have each level be a day. would be a pretty neat and potentially stressful game, in a good way, lol. (missed)

-shmup bullet hell game where you shoot rapid-fire dice, and whatever number a die lands on is the number of enemies or bullets that will fire. (chance)

-vr game where you can make stone sculptures. once you make them, you have a polaroid to take photos of it. but that is the closest you get to saving what you've made, as you can destroy it with a sledgehammer after. the idea is to bring a bit of temporary-ness to your art. everything should be tactile and satisfying, especially the destroying bit. i mean if you're gonna have to destroy your art it should at least feel good to do so, lol. (cookie)

-jackbox-like game where players put a thing they did recently. then, one of those prompts are picked two random players are picked, one as the defense, and the other as the prosecutor. in a turn, each "lawyer" explains why the prompt that was picked is good or bad (depending on their role), with the other lawyer making a counter-argument. after each turn (the argument and counter-argument) the rest of the players, or the "jury", votes on the lawyer that won that turn, with the votes being hidden. after a few turns (swapping which lawyer does argument and counter-argument), the votes are processed to show the verdict. (empathize)

-horror game that constantly sets up a jumpscare but never does it. not even at the end. until after you close the game, 2.4 minutes later a jumpscare will occur. (horrible)

-vr game where you have gas tanks, like the orange ones, and you have to try to throw gas at other players to lower their hp. you can fill up gas at the pumps since this is all at a gas station. it's just a fun multiplayer game. and maybe there can be different stages but are still of gas stations, which i think could have a lot of cool looking maps. (pump)

-first-person game based off a video i watched (only remembered the video as i thought of an idea for this) where you are in an empty room with nothing to do except a boring task. they might be counting a large number of things, writing an essay about a boring thing, reading a long boring thing, doing an easy but very long and boring jigsaw puzzle, etc. after you do each activity, the door opens up into the next room with the door closing behind you. the game would have physics like the long drive or suchart, where they're interactive. idk if this would be more fun with the doors not closing, idk. but the point is to see if you would do a boring thing if you had nothing to do (and wouldn't quit the game, lol). (waiting)

-game where you sing happy birthday into the mic 5 times, with no reference note or metronome. then they are all layered together and calculated in the wellness of the singing and pacing. this would be pretty fun and it's a kinda unique way of telling the "people are bad at singing happy birthday" jokes. probably phone or web app. (birthday :D)

-game where it's an 1000 question form with different types of questions about you, from multiple-choice to short answer. the questions are random, with the goal being a super long form that is an achievement to complete. bonus points if you make it the world's greatest personality test, lol. (application)

-web game where you are given a topic, and you must put your opinion on it. then, it will look for people who have the opposite opinion, and you enter a chat. the goal is that each person will have a turn asking things related to the topic, that the other person can agree with, aka common ground. if you don't have common ground, whoever asked the question gets a strike. so the goal is to try to get the other person out, basically by not losing. this would be really hard to set up correctly but it could be neat if it was. (agreement)

-game where at the start of every week you are shown two new youtube videos from two equally popular channels. you pick the video you think will perform the most well with views, then next week you're shown your results and pick from the two next videos. (viewing)

-this is kinda weird but also kinda cool and unique at the same time. game where it's basically cellular automaton (conway's game of life is one for example) that's created to simulate battle royales, and you bet on who you think will win. the game should be color and vibrant, and i guess add some way to make the cellular automaton not boring to watch, lol. maybe use cool sound effects and animations or whatever. (only one)

-vr game where you explore a room blind by hearing your hands. your left ear is for your left hand, right ear for right hand. the closer to a surface a hand is the louder and higher (but not too high lol) pitch it is. the goal is that after exploring it for a bit, you can then press a button and try to draw the room. maybe it'd be better to do like a sims building mode kinda thing? idk. anyways, once you do that you then check how accurate you were, and get to explore what you were walking around in. stages get harder as you progress. bonus points if you have a mode maybe where pitch is equal to color so you have to take that into consideration. i just used high pitch cause it's easy to sense than volume, at least i think it is, lol. (see again)

-game where you dig a tunnel towards you like in minecraft. this is based off that one gambling meme, there is one point in which you will come across gold (or diamonds if you really wanna go with the minecraft theme lol), but it's randomly set how long. until then, you must keep digging that two block tunnel. you can't pause, you can only quit. bonus points if you can't tab out without quitting either. it could last from a minute, to an hour. and maybe everytime you find gold, you then start a new tunnel with 2x the size of the tunnel. so 2 blocks turns into 2x2, which then turns into the circle you can make with 4x4, etc. although i guess mathematically it's like going up exponentially, but whatever who cares, lol. (tunnel)

-small quiz game where you try to guess how many notes are in the chord that is playing for each question. (chords)

-game that's pretty much a joke on the robot finds kitten game where it's a horror first-person game, where you sit under a rock as you hear the scary robot search rocks around, until it eventually walks to you with its heavy footsteps and picks you up with a nice jumpscare afterwards, lol. (rock bottom)

-game that's basically like if minecraft mining combined with spelunky. try to see how low you can get until you die, facing many different levels with different themes and stuff. would combine minecraft and spelunky mechanics. (low)

-fps game where you are in a war battlefield. at first, you can only punch. but everytime you kill an enemy, you get a badge, which you can grab and throw to kill other enemies, earning you more badges. but if for example you miss all of them, then you have to manually get the one badge again with punching. could be a realistic style but it'd probably more like a bit more realistic textured ravenfield, and wouldn't take itself that much seriously, since the idea is a bit silly or goofy, lol. (badge)

-game where you're shown an amazon review, and then must search and pick the amazon item you think that review is on. kinda like heardle except you don't really skip through (maybe you could add that but if so make it a mode) you just use the search bar to find the product you think it is on amazon. the game gives you a score on a 1 to 10 or 1 to 5 scale based on how close you were, by checking brands, product types, departments, etc. this would be not such a unique game since there's other games that use data like this, but unique in that amazon is large and guessing what product a review is on seems easier than it probably is. this would be cool and very fun to play i bet. (disappointing)

-really hard game to make lol but facade (that talking game) but it's two players (and the npc or npcs like the couple or whatever) and they have to try to make the couple or however many npcs side with them in an argument that all the characters have. (dam)

-3d skiing or snowboarding (maybe surfing but the first two would be cooler) game but the map is a wavetable made procedurally from your mic. (tremolo)

-game where it's kinda like darts but you put a sticky note on a pin and then throw it at the bulletin board. afterwards, the game connects the different notes with red tape to generate a conspiracy from where the notes went. (pin)

-vr game where you are in a house with people sleeping, and must do various tasks as quietly as you can. (can)

-vr short game where you play as a character who for one day can't smell. since vr doesn't have smelling technology yet, this seems fine. but your character will have to go through a busy day, constantly changing their face to go with the smells that they can only guess are happening. so the game is kinda a giant cutscene of a guys day, but you must always change your face to go with the smell. you tell what kind of smell is around by paying attention to what's been said, your enviorment, and people's faces. i imagine the style almost similar to jazzpunk, but being able to see their face. this would be a pretty neat and unique game, and also the idea kind of forces the in-universe character to immerse into the player, rather than the other way around, lol. (smell)

-multiplayer game where the commentator has to try to commentate on the weird soccer game some other players play, trying to mess up the commentator with the audience watching making sure they don't mess up. should be a funny game. (bruh)

-game that picks random photos or videos from your device and quizzes you on the dates and time. this would be both a nice trip down memory lane, but also perspective on if your sense of time for particular things is good or not, so the presentation of the game should be similar. (good)

-vr game based on those companies that make the sound design for films. you have short scenes (as levels or options to do) where you have to record sounds and put them over the scene to make the sound design. the goal is that players will experiment playing with different things to make different sounds, recording it with a mic (that's also sensitive to position affecting volume and reverb and stuff) and editing it into the video with the simple editor. players should feel accomplished as they slowly build the sound design, and have fun experimenting and thinking of new cool ways to make sounds. this should be experimental enough that there will be many things that not even the devs thought of. would be a unique game too, and interesting to see what different people do. (feeling)

-gta but it takes place on a kids playground with bikes and stuff, and instead of police it's teachers. obviously don't be stupid and make it violent or whatever, it's just a funny combination of themes. (motorcycle)

-game like minecraft except the goal is to climb this really really tall mountain. with different heights having different biomes and stuff, looking all fantasy and colorful. then when you reach the top, you plant your flag. bonus points if maybe this is either default or a mode you can play where you have to use the flag you got at the start of the game, and when you die you drop everything including the flag. this would actually be a really cool game. (diamond)

-2d skating game where you skate on a really zoomed in thing of your screen. so you can skate on letters, skate on graphic design, control panels, etc. like some typical skating games you can get combos and more points, but you mostly just play around. there's settings to change scale and stuff, but the game takes a screenshot of your screen (would be cool but hard and weird to do moving stuff) and it tries to make vector hitboxes from it. you could use soft (colored cause black looks too rough as shadows) shadows to indicate the hitboxes, overlaying the (probably upscaled but not blurry) image on top. (bracket)

-jackbox-like game where each person is given a statistic. either it is going lower or higher. then each person much present it in the best way possible, with the audience rating it. like mario party, some people may get lucky and get easy to do ones, making the stats that look bad becoming more of a challenge to make look good. this should be a funny game if done right, and perhaps could fool some people into thinking the stat is actually a good thing, realizing when shown what the presenter got, that's it's actually bad. (lower)

-game where you use a drawing table or touch screen, everyday you are given a block of text to write out. over the days, your handwriting should be getting better with tips and visual analysis, which would conveyed with a fun little character. now the only problem is you wouldn't be doing it on paper, which might be a big problem lol, but you could also see it as an untapped market, of improving your handwriting on non-paper devices ;), lol. (better)

-visual novel where you are hulk's therapist, tackling an emotional issue while trying not to make the hulk angry. (anger)

-first-person multiplayer game with 3 players. one knows the password and has to try to tell it to the other in voice chat. yet, the two players don't want the third player to know. so they must move around these maps, hoping that the other player doesn't overhear it. you could go a variety of ways, bruteforce, or sneaking, etc. this would have to be made by a good game designer though, for the good balance. but if done well, this would be a cool and unique game. (late)

-game where you are given a random amount of pennies in a big pile, and must count them all. you put your guess in and no matter if it's right or wrong, you are told if you are correct or not and then the game is over. lol (copper)

-.io game where you are a triangle. you can rotate back and forth as you move. when you collect points, you grow more triangles tessellating them to the closest area between the point and the base. so you might wanna rotate certain ways to tile your player a certain way. you can hit other players with a sharp point, removing that tile and bouncing a bit (so you don't just plow through them). this should provide a little more depth to .io games, as the rotation adds a lot of strategy, as well as being able to build your shape more purposefully. (point)

-web game that updates everday with a new question. the questions show the tricky stuff companies do. for example, one day the question may be "what is the average percentage of air in a bag of chips" or "regular cola uses blah mg of sugar, but diet cola uses blah, which is also bad. how many mg of it does it use?", etc. the site would almost look bad, using pictures of the products, with a pink background and black text. but the game would be interesting and unique, and i think would be really cool to check up on everyday and learn a fun fact while guessing at the same time. (regular)

-game similar to those press-when-green reflex tests. except, you have to be as close to it as you can, without being at or above it. there's two versions, one that will go at 10 seconds, and one that goes at random. bonus points if you ask to calculate the chances of you winning on each one, and which one would better, providing an epic math challenge!!1 (not yet)

-two player co-op game where one player walks around the house, and can lift furniture up at a corner. they can slide around as they hold furniture so you see the furniture tilt as they slide. the other player is similar to thaat of the splatoon squid, but instead of being able to travel and jump from ink to ink, it's the light spots on the carpet. the goal is to work together to get the light-spot player thingy to the end each of the levels. this game would probably be considered be a unique and creative idea. (carpet)

-game where you guess the age of random people's faces. there's different levels of difficulty, from easy, to nicely aging people, to celebrities, to athletes, and etc. might have to use the same ai 'this person does not exist' uses but that wouldn't be as cool. also i'd be neat to maybe know a bit about the people you look at. and in the higher stages, could feature people that were part of stuff from other countries, so you're exposed to new media and stuff. idk it could be cool and neat. (oldie)

-how this game works means that you can really only play it once but, first-person multiplayer puzzle game where you and friend solve physics puzzles. little do you both know, that one of the players will be given the secret message to troll their friend, and even provide extra ways to troll. this should provide a unique and very entertaining experience, but the very nature of this game makes it hard to recommend without spoiling. (dose)

2022-07-28 (power went out, but then came back on, but it was late and i didn't wanna turn back on my pc so i wrote it in my phone's notes app)
-multiplayer game where it is a party, and one person is the murder and tries to murder someone. afterwards the rest of the people have to find out who did it by looking for evidence. so the game would be advanced, as murderers would try to find ways to not make evidence, and detectives would try to find ways to find it. that means that this game would probably have a lot of small mechanics, but they work together to give the full, cool experience. (mixtape)

-vr game where it's pictionary but you use that sculting sharp thing at stone to try to make the object you get. (old-skool)

-game similar to rollercoaster tycoon when you troll the guests, but it's an office with you as the boss and the goal is to troll the workers in funny and entertaining ways to get them to work harder. (bad)

-first-person game where it's basically dr. mario but you get pills, and chuck them into a big hole, trying to kill the viruses, just like dr. mario. everything is physics also, except the viruses are immovable. or maybe they shouldn't be, idk. (medicine)

-first-person game with combat similar to doom eternal, but the game takes place in a sink. you fight enemies in waves, but the faucet drips. and you must not let a drop hit the sink floor. if it does, you lose. so you must fight the enmies while watchign faucet to see when you should go in and stop the drop. bonus points if you can throw enemies so you could save it from a far, that'd be sick. (drip)

-game where you bowl but you actually drive cars that go onto really slippery ice, so you can barely control it. you might be able to develop some cool moves from it though. the game can be played singleplayer with bots or multiplayer, which is the preferred way of playing. this sounds like some gta online minigame, lol. (wheel)

-game like typing of the dead, except all you type is this hard-to-type sentence. the idea being that as you play the game, you become a master at typing this one sentence. bonus points if the sentence is different for every computer/player. (crazy)

-game that uses eye-tracking. you are talking to someone, and have to look into their eyes as you try to play the simple handheld game you have in your peripheral vision. in later levels (or maybe as you go on) there are distractions that try to get you to look away and such. (bad habit)

-pretty much a gimmick but simple platformer game where you can only play a level at a certain time. so like the first level you can only play at 1pm, and each level has only a 5 minute time of being able to play. so there'll be some at 6pm, 12am, 9pm, 9am, 4am, etc. and if it seems like it'd be hard to work that within someone's schedule, that's the point. bonus points if you add a hard mode that schedules levels over a week, so if you miss one you have to wait an entire week to get to that day again. it might seem annoying, and it probably is, but it also seems like one of those things that'd be fun to look back on, and would be very satisfying to beat. this is a unique one. (clock)

-shmup game that takes place on a person's back, and when you shoot you scratch their back, so you can't shoot in the same spot for too long or else the bullets scratch the back too much, but you must still kill the enemies, so it adds some strategy (with a very weird setting, lol). (back)

-first person game where you play as a bear who has to sneakily obtain tools to get honey, as everyone is scared of you. (bear)

-game like parappa the rappa but it’s about beatboxing and you beatbox into the mix instead. (mic)

-vr game where you are a newspaper boy w go has to deliver newspapers to as many houses as they can. they have 2 minutes to do so and have to try to beat their high score, throwing the papers out while they drive a car. you can also do timed stuff for a certain amount of houses, so you have to improve your time instead, which might be better. (pizza)

-first person shooting game where you always move. no buttons make you go forward, holding left or right makes you go forward but also whatever direction you’re holding. the game is fast paced but also features level design that challenge the fact that you can’t stay still properly. (stay)

-vr game where you and a friend have to throw a cup full of water to each other. the one who drops it or spills a lot loses. though you both also want to get a high score. (water bottle)

2022-07-13 (i was gone for like 6 days but i did them offline, lol)
-sokoban but idle game. each solve of a level gives you points which you can use to buy upgrades to your character, eventually making them a smart, fast, automatic character that solves harder difficulty levels. these things you can upgrade individually. (baba)

-vr puzzle game where you have a box (or bag in certain levels, not sure what the difference would be lol) where you put objects into it. the goal is to find a snug way to fit everything in. the game should feel satisfying, only needing to push down something, feeling the little bit of friction from the snug fit, etc. (pack)

-vr game like superhot with the time mechanic, but you juggle a bunch of things and have to do tricks. (brush)

-multiplayer game where there's two players at each sides of a net. they are on top of a physics stacked fort. and the goal is there is a ball that you chuck, and you have to try to knock the other player's fort down. think angry birds but volleyball but instead of getting out, you just have a chance of it damaging your fort and potentially knocking it down. (huffin)

-you order this tiny box computer online, and when it's on, it'll (idk how it'd do it without wifi or anything lol) convey to a server that the computer is turned on. the goal of the game is to try to keep the tiny computer on for 10 years straight. for each milestone you get nice awards sent to your address, but the point is to tackle the seemingly huge task. if it even flickers a tiny bit, it restarts the timer back to 0. (ten years)

-party game like h.o.r.s.e, but one player makes a sound with their mouth, and everyone has to try to do the same. game uses the mic to record and then compare the sounds. this would probably be a little-played game lol, but would probably still be fun while it lasts. (jazz)

-game like night trap, but instead you are in a town full of hidden surveillance mics. you control the radio, allowing you to listen to any mic with the flip of a switch. the goal is to the keep the town as safe as you can, reporting bad things happening to police. bonus points if you include a cool story, like some characters knowing that the mics are there, and talking to you. (radio)

-idle game where you start a small town. you answer some questions like sort the court, which also involve what the town should focus improving on. as you do this the town grows, but every hour the game generates a random news article. the articles are bizzare and should be funny, but also randomly-generated enough that you don't see the pattern after like 5 articles. the goal is the game is like growing a plant, where you watch over it once and a while, and it's nice to see its growth, but you can also read the article if you're bored, and want a more closer glimpse into your town. bonus points if the game generates a cute pixel-art view of your town (or city :flushed:). (was wanting to play a browser game and then i thought of this)

-game where you install a program on a friend's computer that randomly jumpscares them once in a while. they have to try to figure out how to get rid of it, as it boots up on start-up and etc. when (or if lol) they figure it out, it shows them how many jumpscares there were, and how long it took to turn it off. (all-nighter)

-vr rhythm game where different parts of your body become drums, and you must tap them to what the beat and the instruction things are. so like imagine ddr but instead of arrows it's different parts of your body, and may have more than 4 buttons. (belly)

-you know that nick robinson video where he tried to go as long as he could without knowing what time it was? set of tools to help do that challenge. program that hides the clock on your computer, extension that hides the time on any websites, wallpapers that make the clock on your phone unreadable, etc. these tools would allow people to play the game easily. (clock)

-game that uses the camera to check how many push ups you do. the game is simple, do 100 pushups. that's the whole point of the app. so the idea is you would train however to conquer that challenge. 100 push ups is already a challenge people want to beat, but having a specific app just for that almsot objectifies it, which make a more rewarding experience for when you do beat it. (push ups)

-vr game where you go through stages about different containers. there are multiple in front of you, and you must interact with them to see which one has the most inside. for example one level could be jars you can't see inside of that have marbles inside. you must pick what you think has the most marbles depending on how it interacts. there could also be a level about chips and stuff. this is a pretty basic and honestly boring idea, but if you extended it to use stuff like weights or whatever, perhaps you could somehow make some strategy out of it and make it a cool unique game. (chips)

-game where you are a school librarian and students go up to your desk to sign in and out books. you must get the books they want, and also put back the books they give you and make sure it's all sorted. at first its easy, but later levels get harder and harder and more chaotic. something similar to overcooked pretty much but singleplayer. (yearbook)

2022-06-29 (couldn't update the page yesterday but i thought of it and wrote it down that so it still counts)
-2d side game like qwop but easier where you are at grad and are getting your diploma. each level your character having harder and harder to use shoes. (and me a day later here, stuff like super tall high-heels or pogo-sticks or whatever are good examples.) (graduation [ayy])

-first-person parkour game, with jumping like clustertruck, where you're at different locations and must race back home because you left the stove on. bonus points if it's a race to see who turns off the stove first. (day before)

-game about time travelling to past historic (but fictional) events to try to stop them. what's neat is at the end, you see the history book get edited to be correct with you did. so this game would probably have some gdc-talk like mechanics about transoforming the actions the player makes into writing that flows well and makes sense and feels needed. (history)

-first-person game where you try to shoplift as much as possible without the security guard finding out, chasing you and catch you. (caught)

-two player game where it's basically mario, and one player picks a level and tries to beat it as fast as they can. then, it gets passed to the second player, who has to beat it without being longer than the first player's time (and maybe add like 5 seconds or whatever). so this is kinda like that h-o-r-s-e basketball game but for mario. (stress)

-game like tony hawk pro skater but you ice skate instead. there's still ramps and also you have to balance to make sure you don't crack the ice and fall in. though players could probably use the ice breaking thing to make some cool tricks. like making a circle hole and then grinding the inner edge of the ice hole or something, that'd be cool. (thin ice)

-typing of the dead but you use a piano. not as in the game helps you learn piano, the goal is to learn how to actually type with the piano. the absurdity is what makes it cool, lol. (piano)

-jackbox like game where two players go up. one has to write 2-4 sentences about a topic they're given. then, the other person has to paraphrase what they said. then both things are shown to the audience, along with who wrote them. and the goal for the audience is to guess who made the original text. there's a score system and stuff to keep track of who's winning like any jackbox game. (paraphrase)

-game that turns your recycle bin into a virtual pet. you feed it files that it deletes, and it can generate small cute files like randomly drawn pictures, or small letters to you, etc. it also keeps track of how much you've deleted, and optionally can remember a file you deleted to tell or show you in the future, depending on the user this might be a bad idea, lol. (sand)

-vr game where you wash windows on really tall skyscrapers. so this game could be a good way to get over your fear of heights, as you also have a relaxing goal to do. bonus points if you can see inside the windows and see office workers doing their thing, lol. (wipe)

-multiplayer first person game where you play as a cat that can jump really high and go really fast. there is a laser pointer pointed at a wall, and each player must try to be the one to touch it first. afterwards, the laser pointer moves to a different spot. keep doing this for 2 minutes, and afterwards, the player who touched the laser point the most wins. (cat)

-multiplayer word game where two players compete. there is a color in the middle, and one player must name an object with that color, then it passes to the next player, who has to do the same but can't say a previous word. there's a timer that gets shorter as the game progresses. the last player standing wins. every 10 or maybe 25 passes, the color switches. (blue)

-alarm clock app where in order to turn it off, you must stand in front of your phone and do a stretch, with the camera detecting your body. the game is basically that you have to do that to turn the alarm off, and it should hopefully get you doing some exercise while waking you up. (bacon)

2022-06-16 (no i didn't forget, i was at my friends house again. bars.)
-game like QWOP but you slow dance with someone. bonus points if you can do multiplayer. (prom)

-site that shows a button and how long its been since someone pressed it. it also says the record for how long it hasn't been pressed. the goal of the game is to trust everyone and try to beat the record. this probably already exists since it seems like such a simple idea, but i could also see no one having made it, idk. be the first i guess, lol. (button)

-first person game where you are bugs in a forest shooting at each other. you can pick up fungi which act like unbrellas you can aim, block, and throw. you can even do tricks like throwing it on the ground and bouncing off of it. but leaving it behind to add some cons to the strategy. the game should basically be a deathmatch or team deathmatch with cool umbrellas you can do cool stuff with. in that case idk if i'd want a bug theme but at the same time a futuristic theme would be cool but boring. (fungi)

-party game based off that infinite hotel thing where all the players are in a hotel room, but have to continually cycle rooms, moving everything to the next room. the person at the end will have to go to the beginning of the hall. overtime, the timer forswitching the room gets shorter, and checks with a rating how accurate the move is. if players dont match that after the timer ends, all the players lose. bonus points if you add a mode where individual players are removed until the last man standing. (hotel)

-jackbox like game where it's a trivia gameshow about shows, movies and games. the questions are true and false questions on if an episode, scene, part, character, location, etc existed. the players at the start are given a media (which they can shuffle if they don't know it) and then what type of thing to make up, like location or character or whatever. you have to write a very short description. then, these questions are shuffled with the actual built-in questions that are always true. it might be better is players might have to make up a real question so it's more unpredictable. or even just only have the player's questions. idk, lol. (intro)

-jackbox like game where each player has a turn typing the credits of a movie in real time, with a headstart. before the game though, everyone is asked 5 one-word questions about themselves to answer. the credit writer, will be given the questions and they have to write what they know or think the answer is. so if someone was asked "favourite color?" and they put "red", then the credit writer will be shown "blah's favourite color:" and they have to write it. in which it will be shown on the credits for the audience to see. the audience can point at what they think is wrong though. the goal is to see if you can get past the audience, with half or more of your questions right or unnoticeably wrong. (outro)

-site where you can play piano, but the sounds are made up of recordings from dogs and cats. you can submit a noise your pet made, and it will be added to whatever note it is. the game basically is that the internet has to try to make a whole piano with their pets, hoping they make the right note. of course it might be a bit off tune and low quality, but that's part of the fun. (bark)

-dating sim about trying to date as many people as you can without being caught as a cheater. maybe some arguments could have options that lead to contradictions or something, so you'd actually have to think when you look at the options. (multitask)

-vr game where you race people. you are given 3 lists of things, and you must drag and swap them into the right order. it goes from colors, to letters, to alphabetically sorting books, etc. bonus points if you make it complex enough you have to use sorting algorithms, but that would be at harder difficulties. (letter)

-clustertruck but it's sheep hopping over fences, and by the end of the level you have to put how many sheep there were in the level. (tired)

-first-person game where you try to set up this printer. there is a way to do it but it's kinda complicated and you have to figure out through trial and error. if it sounds and feels frustrating, then that's the point. (printer)

-marble blast ultra but you go up this huge tall map, that you can fall down and lose progress like in the game getting over it. i mean this could just be a marble blast ultra map but you could add some unique stuff, and make it in general more getting over it like. (float)

-game where you surf on horses on waves of hay. you can do the horse race stuff like whip the horse to make it go fast or whatever. (i think that's what they do, right? lol) (gallop)

-first person game like counter strike bhopping but you can skip by pressing the jump button quickly, and the game is you jump to the beat with the big jumps on the down beat. while completing the parkour shiz. (skip)

-game like breakout but it's a typing game. the paddle moves if you type what it says, and you control the direction by pressing one of the number keys. in which one half is left and the other is right. (rollout)

-game like smash but the levels are instruments so that after the game you can hear the song that was made, because players stepping or punching things or whatever will interact with the instrument. like walking on a piano or something. (piano)

-vr game where you taste coffee or wine, then you go through this weird psychedelic animation, and from that you have to guess how coffee or wine is made or whatever. of course at first you won't know anything, but through trial and error you learn more and become more of an expert. (coffee)

-jackbox like game where players are given a prompt, and have to draw it, but add something special to it. almost like remixing in a way. then, the art is shuffled, and people must give a presentation on why they think their item is the best. this means the picture might not even understood as what it was and became another. everyone ranks the other player's presentations, and the ranks are shown. along with some other stats like who drew what, and what they tried to draw. (towel)

-game where you control a first-person spaceship that shoots enemies. and the levels are giant blocks of cheese where you go through the holes of the cheese. the bullets can damage the cheese terrain, and make new holes or further them. (cheesd)

2022-05-28 (was out and couldn't update the page but i did write it down that day so it's fine)
-boxing game where the players are invisible except their boxers. you can see hit effects to help know more information of what's going on. call it "boxers in boxers". (boxer party)

-google street view like game but it's a first person game instead of node based movement, and the whole map is procedually generated, though it always uses the same seed. so the goal is to be the furthest playing the game. there is a leaderboard. and as you go further, things change and get wacker, like weirder more alien terrain and towns and cities and attractions and cars and whatnot. maybe it'd also just be cool if you could get in cars and drive, or go off-road or whatever. the game would be low-poly, and the whole area would be the same color, but the color changing as you go further out. the sky color also changes, but is more dependant on which cardinal direction you go in. so screenshots of the game should look varied. this would actually be a really nice relaxing game, and pretty unique since it'd have a sense of community because the map is all shared. make this game! lol (infinity)

-jackbox like maybe game, not really a fleshed out idea, but you are given a few words that you have to make a sentence with, but make one that doesn't mean the original meaning. so maybe like "tax" and "lower", and you have to make a sentence that doesn't mean that you wanna lower taxes or something. based off of the politicans talking but saying nothing kinda thing. (nothing)

-app where you go against a friend and send each other things, to try to make them laugh. when someone reacts, their face is recorded (which everyone knows of course), so the other friend can see their reaction and know if they laughed. the game also has a laugh detector, to check the face and voice and give another perspective on if someone laughed or not. (goof)

-vr game like soccer but you hit the ball like golf with a golf stick thingy, lol. (goal)

-bomberman but you dig holes in walls to make rat holes that lead to other rooms, and the game is first person. (rat)

-game where you watch a play and turn a crank with your mouse taht affects your emotion. and you ahve to go with the play to win, or you lose. (crank)

-top down roguelite game that's multiplayer where one player walks around with a laser pointer that damages enemies slighty, and another player that is a prism. if the laser goes through the prism player, the laser is turned another direction, and the prism has to rotate and constantly correct the laser direction. but when the laser is through the prism, it actually kills enemies instead of slightly hurting them. so the two players must work together in the fast-paced game. (bottled water)

-sorta jackbox style game (would be pretty complex), where each person is given an instrument. then a metronome will start, and you play random stuff (all in the same scale though so it can't really sound too bad, though maybe throw in one bad note just for fun (and call it "the jazz note" and warn players not to overuse it even if they will after hearing that)). then at the end, all the instruments are played at once to showcase the new song. you can save the song as an actual file, including the stems. there should be vocals (in which you on the spot think of the lyrics), different random instruments, different keys and scales, just enough so when you replay the game you and your friends basically make new songs. you should also be able to see the volume levels of your other band members as they play, but you can't hear them. so this way you can at least have a bit of coordination as you might notice certain volume stuff and go along with it. this might be a weird and "too complex for a simple thing" kind of idea, but it'd be really cool and fun to play with friends, even if they aren't really musically skilled in anyway. (dumb)

-weird game idea but game that voice detects you constantly, and if you swear it deletes a random file on your storage. probably more of a "cool game you play in a vm" thing. i could imagine videos testing what would happen if you just swore a lot could get some hefty views, cause i would wanna know myself, lol. (curse)

-2 player game where one player is in a soccer field and can't see, and has to shoot a ball into the goal past the goalie, and the other player spectates the player and tries to tell them what to do. after each try the roles switch until both players get it in. the goal is to have the lowest amount of tries, or the lowest score. (catches)

-vr game where you try to feel out an invisible object, as it'll make noise and vibrate your controllers a certain amount as you touch the mysterious object. after, you make your guess (with a family feud kind of answer system where it also searches the actual options you can pick as you type). (nothing)

-kinda random and weird game idea but minecraft-like game where you have to try to craft the most expensive and luxurious outfit from raw materials. you have 10-30 minutes in the world with other players or friends, and at the end is a runway that gets the value of each outfit, with the winners being ranked by price of course. (flaunt)

-desktop toy where it's a flower, you water it, and it hears the sounds of your computer, which develops how the flower looks when it fully blooms. (flower)

-game that makes trivia questions based on your files. so it might make questions like "what file name does this have?" and it may show a picture, text, or audio and a few file names where you have to guess which one is the right one. for text there could also be a fill in the blank. it can show two sentences and you have to guess what a missing word is. it's kind of hard to make up different types of questions, but i think this would be a pretty unique but cool experience. it'd be more replayable since you could try different folders, but also more personal, as it'd be of the player's files. though maybe have the player pick out different folders for different file types. and maybe even include presets for those settings, idk. (year)

-game where it shows you a picture of 2d objects, like algedoo (however you spell the physics sim). and you have to drag the objects, animating them into what you think will happen to them. you do it for each object and then run the simulation to see if you were right. at first they're really easy, but then get complex and almost become this weird unique puzzle where you predict physics. which is pretty much what it is, lol. (science)

-fps game but you shoot bug spray to kill giant bugs, and also hold a fan in your other hand. so instead of shooting bullets you shoot bug spray gas, and can control it if you need to with your fan. (released)

-game where you go on a music library and pick songs, then the game seperates the stems. so you can combine stems from multiple songs together. the game uses this to make a dj game where you try to be a good dj for the crowd. idk how the crowd's judgement would work, but maybe have hidden stats that the player must feel for. like maybe the crowd likes songs from similar genres, or maybe they're a little bit spicy and like more random stuff, whatever. i guess it'd help if you could also check types of drums or instruments. (speaker)

-game where you look at a 3d model of a phone for 5 seconds, and then must make a case that fits it and has the holes for the ports and everything. just a funny little game cause you'll probably get a lot of stuff wrong and it'd be funny to see. (case)

-rpg game where the battle system is you make up insults, but can't use two randomly selected letters. the game detects how mean a insult is to check the damage. (thought of in the middle of the day)

-3d jigsaw puzzle (maybe with vr support) where you put together bites of food to remake the original food. (piece)

-3d first person source-feel-life game where it's a story with 5 maps. but the maps are randomzied from the workshop. players can make their own maps, for one of the 5 chapters of the story, as long as they have the required elements. so basically what should happen is when you play it, you will get 5 randomized maps, with their own looks, challenges, etc, but following the same story. this would be really unique and i think really fun and replayable. :) (mod)

-vr game where you're rapunzel, and must both use your long hair to your advantage to complete challenges and puzzles to continue the story, while also getting frustrated from the hair that's always in your face, lol. (this was originally gonna be a vr game idea about hair that's just in your face all the time, so i guess you get two ideas for one? idk, lol.) (elliot)

-probably first-person but whatever, volleyball but it's with spatulas and you throw and catch pancakes. (spatula)

-game with 3rd person mario oddyssey like controls where you go on different breakfasts as a tiny hero to defeat the evil boss. so for cereal you have to defeat a spoon or a straw, for eggs you have to defeat a fork or knife, and other foods and stuff. you have swords, bows, and can jump around and stuff. (straw)

-game where it shows you the 3d model of a jar full of candy, and you have to guess exactly how much you think is in it. you can only guess once per day though, and the jar only changes when you get it right. so it might take you a week to guess, or you could get it in one day. i know there's math to do this but whatever, lol. might just be a cool passive game as you go on about your days. (accurate)

-game that uses a device to check your heart rate (could use a smart watch or whatever), and you have to play a really intense game, but also can't have your bpm go high. if it goes high, you lose. so you might be in this almost paradoxical situation where you're in a really intense area, and your bpm is rising, but it can't rise or else you'll fail, so you're stressing that you'll be stressing, so it'll be a very unique experience to the player. (breathe)

-game where you are a lawyer for a business, and you have to read new contracts. (ik i've been doing the kind of easy to hard stage game ideas lately but whatever) at first they're easy to get, and easy to tell if the business should accept. but over time get harder to understand, and harder to tell what the pros and cons are. if you want you could even make this game educational and provide helpful things to look out for in real contracts, or whatever. (business)

-game where you are a waiter at a restaurant, and you must deliver food to people's tables on a bike, later orders require you to do wheelies or do various stunts. the controls are to be challenging to balance, and pull of the stunts. the game is 2d, kinda like happy wheels. (motorcycle)

-rhythm kinda game where it's a platformer, and you have to progress through the levels with the music. so if the music switches sections, you have to be at the part that you should be at. so instead of the music going with you, you have to struggle to go with the music, lol. (han zimmer)

-game that makes your keyboard like those stenograph keyboards. the game helps you learn the system, and later has a court minigame where you have to write what people are saying, with some weird and wacky stuff happening to distract you and stuff, to make it fun and not boring, lol. (type)

-pictionary game where you can search for images on a search engine (without using the word obviously) and can cut out stuff in the pictures and assemble them into things. so it's kinda like pictionary but photoshop. (cut)

-based off a van neistat video. game where you get any pdf of any book you like, then have to type the entire pdf out verbatim. oyu type on a huge canvas, so when you're done you'll have a huge piece, a huge wall of text. there's multiple tools to mess around with these, make it a shmup, make it a hangman game, idea generator, etc. you can also share your wall with friends. the game is basically to see if you can do it, and show a cool wall of your progression. (press)

-first-person probably low-poly game where you explore a small decorative cute world and find notes, then you can go to the plaza and place your notes on a sign to make chords, and make chord progressions. each individual note you find, even if the same note, is customized. so when you see your chord progression, it should feel unique, and when you show to others will be unique to them as well. (chords)

-game where you join 10-20 random people. you each take a turn saying a fact about yourself. each player also can select players that they don't like. so maybe you say a fact about how you like to kill bugs, and now a bunch of players don't like you now. the facts have to be negative, and the goal is to see who can reveal the most while keeping the most people in. kinda hard to do without making it seem like a dating thing but whatever, lol. (judge)

-simple game where everyday you get 10 coins. there's also a slot machine that you can put in any amount and either lose it, double it, triple it, or even quadruple it. of course the rarity accounted for. but the idea is to see if people will build up over a few days and gamble it all, or if they'll gamble in small amounts and earn profit mostly through days. and to add an incentive, make a share button that like wordle, makes a cool cryptic looking thing that shares your profits and losses for the day, so people would play with friends, adding incentive to the game. (coin)

-game where you play as an isp that looks through a real-time log of your user's actions. you have to find users that are pirating, and report them, sending them that letter. at first it'll be easy to find in their logs, but later involve things like torrents, encryption, and etc, so the game gets harder towards the end. and if you want at the end say piracy never ends and give some psa about service solving piracy instead of stopping it or whatever, lol. (binge)

-vr game for people who don't know, where you have to tie a tie. the game sets a stopwatch and records your actions, so as you try to learn yourself how to tie a tie, you can see how you did. there's also a highlight button which basically takes a snapshot. there's a mirror, and the room is decorated with very hidden symbols of how to actually do it. this is a weird unique game, but i feel would be pretty funny. unless you know how to tie a tie, lol. (neck)

-game where you play as a main character who goes on a typical fantasy adventure, until you realize you're in a dream, and must wake yourself up. thus, the feeling of remorse goes away, or maybe you start to worry due to your connection with the world, and that it will all go away. this could be a pretty existential game, lol. (adventure)

-game where the battles are like turn based rpg's, except a god decides what moves you do, and you must perform the moves. you have a relationship with this player that controls you, and perhaps the story could be about that. so if you have to swing your sword at the enemy, you have to do so and try not to miss or whatever. (battle)

-platformer where you always jump, and have to find all the eggs to clear the stage and go to the next one. (easter)

-online multiplayer first person game where you parkour as an egg. you can bump into players to push them, and if you're fast enough crack them a bit. there's realistic crack physics, depending on where you may fall or get hit. the goal of course is to be the last player standing who isn't fully cracked and broken. (eggs)

-first person horror game where you are in a bakery with only a flashlight. you have to go around the room to do the steps to make cookies, but sometimes a step will be reverted and you have to do it again. but that's because the cookie monster is near. you have to make the cookies until the door opens, you can't see it but it will move and undo one of your steps. but if you move while it's there you die. you hear a build up sound that varies in length (so you can tell when it'll open but you can't remember the length of the noise). (cookie monster)

-game, where on a controller one joystick is to move, and the other is to aim your sword. the game is side view. you can point your sword at nodes and then swing on those nodes, like in a story about my uncle. but then when you let go you can swing your sword around. so you would have a very satisfying combat system. so probably make it a platformer game with very satisfying gameplay. (swing)

-game on steam where the goal is to beat the game in less than 2 hours so you can refund the game. the game has to actually be possible for a blind player to beat, as long as they're good at the game. (refund)

-first person incremental game where at first you hand make a pot, then smash it to get coins. after a while though you can make machines that make pots for you, move them, smash them for you, etc. you can also get powerups to smash pots more easily. this should be a satisfying idle game since breaking pots is fun, lol. (pottery)

-kinda jackbox party like game, basically everyone goes up on a stage as a stand-up comedian. you are given the punchline, and must improvise and make up a joke that leads to that punchline. if you're doing the device as a controller kinda thing, have it so you press a button to show the punchline text on the screen as you say the punchline. then people would probably rate your performance out of 5 stars and then that's used to rank players, maybe asking players what they prefer if there's a tie. (writing)

-first person game where you are in a house with random stuff, you have a microphone. you can make different sounds and record them with the mic, and then go to your studio room and make music with those samples. or maybe even have it so you have to record yourself playing it, and then it's almost like a band with each member playing an item rather than an instrument. (damn i was skeptical and yes i already made this idea dec twenty-ninth, so lemme add some stuff.) you then send it out, and get a random real person's beat back, and have to remix it. then afterwards you submit it and it goes to a gallery. and as you do this, you get points which you can use to buy more items and furniture. there's also different objects that provide different effects, like reverb in different rooms, mic feedback for delay, wind fans for tremolo, and putting it in different things like boxes, drawers, bins, etc, to change filters and eq. ok i think i expanded on it enough to make it a new and different idea, lol. (music)

-first person, but vr support would be cool, game where you are in front of an orchestra, you can point to different sections, and even individual players, and hum a melody for them to play (or if you select chord mode, will play them as chords). for chords, you can select different modes, even as you hum, to try to get the feeling you want. like happy, sad, jazzy, etc. the goal is to make it easy and fun to make orchestra pieces. you can export these as audio files, individual audio stems, or even midi, so you could use this for actual music. not a particularly creative idea, but i think it would be a unique and really cool experience for a lot of people. (art)

-not gonna be a very helpful idea, but jackbox like party game where players have to make different things, like logos, or clothes, or jokes, or whatever, that have a "hidden in plain sight" kind of thing to a theory that the person is given when they make it. so you know how some people will make their own theories and point out stuff and try to connect dots or whatever for some theory, with the idea that the stuff is just "hidden in plain sight"? basically make a party game where you have to make those kinds of things, and then everyone else has to be like that person trying to figure out the theory. i guess maybe if you're making the thing you could get some facts that everyone knows to help tie it into stuff? it's just it'd be really hard to make up a game idea that pulls the feeling off, but if you do it'd be really cool and unique. (triangle)

-arcade soccer game with speed powerups, and levels with speed pads, pinball bumpers, and even 3d terrain. a wacky version of soccer. would probably be low-poly, but still the same 3d view as other soccer games. (sphere)

-fps multiplayer escape game but as time goes on, members will be secretly killed. the escape rooms are more like multiple rooms, the game is designed so players will have to split up, and as the timer gets closer to zero seconds, random players will dissapear. there's in-game voice chat too, to make it more scarier when someone is gone. it'll have that feeling of worry and remake those types of horror scenes where someone calls out someones name a few times before realizing they're gone. (scare)

-rhythm multiplayer game with controls and ui like ddr, but one player can hit any of the keys, to the beat though, and only two at a time. then the other player has to play it. then the roles are reverse and keep going. the goal is to make the other player mess up, but have the game make sure you can't just spam or whatever, to try to actually make strategic with some maybe clever restraints or something. the game would call making up the stuff "improvising", cause it's a cool name that works in music, lol. (jazz)

-mobile app where as you walk around, it detects other players nearby, and if so gives a reward for the both of you to meet and maybe complete some challenge together. perhaps it's a puzzle that requires both devices present. the goal is to bring random people together to work on a challenge, in which they both get rewards. i thought of this as i was trying to think of ways to kind of make random events in someone's everyday life, like a real life journey. and i think this would be a pretty cool, and definitely unique way to do it. (journey)

-cooking mama but the stages are like warioware and later dishes need you to tend multiple things at once. (hot)

-fps game where you shoot by sneezing. you sneeze by shaking your mouse cursor to shake a feather in your nose, that will make you sneeze. so you have to kind of perfect the timing and method of the feather to shoot the bad guys. maybe the game is about fighting a cold, and as you progress through the level, more symptoms show up. like nose running, which you have to periodically sniffle or you lose. or coughing, which stuns your randomly. or headaches, which distort the screen. i feel like this game would be a pixelated demake style, but not too pixelated cause that gets annoying. and not empty rooms with 5 enemies, lol. (cold)

-game where you walk around a club. everyone is doing their own thing, some are dancing, some are having conversations, etc. each person also goes through their own routine, and all of them loop at the same time so you can have another go. of course the routines will seamlessly flow so you won't notice. the goal of the game is to try to assassinate all of the bad people by doing certain things. you might hear a conversation at a table, and that conversation reveals one of the people is a horrible person, so you might try to spike their drink. you might see one going to the back and stealing something, in which you might try to set up some trap. idk i don't want to make it too obvious or cartoony, it should feel tense and strategic. if you kill innocent people or exit the club property without killing all bad people you lose the game. and the game shouldn't be too violent, but not like cartoony censored or whatever. something like gta where seeing someone die isn't cartoony but isn't gross either. (throat)

-game that gives you tools to try to phish your friends. it wouldn't be actual bad stuff like passwords, but might just be a username. since if someone puts in their username then it kinda counts cause they might've thought it was a real service, therefore still being phished. so the game because you trying to prank your friends and pretend that a link is real. which can be pretty hard, but is why it's a challenging game. (fools)

-game like simcity except instead of a isometric top view, you are the mayor who has to travel to different spots to do things. go to the construction department building and then go to where you want something to be built, same for roads, go to meetings to start programs to improve police or whatever. just typical simcity stuff, except you have to walk in it. the game would probably be low-poly because of it, but would be really immersive, and would honestly bring a more realistic factor for players to consider. maybe they'd actually want to start making better public transport or whatever since they know themselves how hard something might be. i just think the idea of having the problems your citizens would face should be something the player faces as well, so the game becomes more immersive and personal to the player. this would be a pretty unique game compared to similar ones. (dystopia)

-game on a google maps kind of thing where you can pick any location, and walk off road, making you walk really slow but make your own visible roads. walking on roads, incluing custom roads, is a normal fast speed, but off-road is slow. these roads are shared with the world, so you can all make your own roads. this might be cool to see what roads are made, and some people might even try making some designs or whatever. bonus if you include a race mode where players start from one point to another and are able to use those custom roads. (roads)

-first person game where you are a waiter with a memopad that allows you to write with your mouse. you go up to different tables and ask for their order, and have to remember what they say, and/or use the memopad. then you go the kitchen and write what they wanted. at first, they're orders that anyone can remember, but soon get really complex, and force the player to try to think of different ways to remember these bizzare long orders. i feel like this would be a pretty unique, and clever game. and it'd be a very open and interesting puzzles for players to tackle, of the best way to remember and record these orders. (tab)

-jackbox party game where a spy on their device is told a secret scenario, with some secret information. then, the other places have to interview the spy, asking them different questions. the spy will have to make up a story to try to cover up their information, and the players must find what the lie and the secret information is. (actually maybe it'd be better if no one knew who the spy was, but i think that's just sorta spyfall, lol.) (radio)

-multiplayer party game where you control a wrecking ball and and must hit and destory buildings. there are other vehicles tho as well, which are your opponent players, so all the players might try to hit each other and stuff, which could be pretty satisfying, as well as destroying stuff in general. the player that dealt the most destruction and didn't experience as much damage (or maybe dealt the most damage, though maybe not so the emphasis is still on destryoing stuff) wins. (wrecking)

-game like getting over it where you have to traverse through roads of ice and hills and mountains of ice, and instead of a hammer you hold a pickaxe that can chip into the group and affect terrain and stuff. this would probably be a cool sequel i think. (chill)

-game that uses natural language processing, where you have to explain bad news to someone, but in as less of a bad way as possible. each level gets harder, from saying that you've sold out of a food, to saying that someone has a medical thingy, this would be pretty unique and interesting to see if you can do well. i feel like anyone hearing the concept would wanna try it out. (good day)

-simon says variant where each round, after it shows you all the steps to do, it'll "correct" one, something like "actually, the 4th step is green". so you have to do the steps, but remember which one you're supposed to replace. if you go really higher, then it'll start correcting more than 1. (simon says)

-vr game like hot potato but it's a cola can that each person tries to shake as much as they can. and make it so you can open it in different ways so if you're really good at using the cans, you can release more pressure to not make yourself lose. (open)

-pomodoro timer combined with progress quest. do pomodoros to have your character grind and level up, and between timers pick choices, buy loot, and upgrade loot. bonus points if you make loot crates a big component, since it can just be fun to have random loot stuff, and can be fun to look forward to. (also no in-app purchases, the game should be focused on pomodoro's, in-app purchases would be the exact opposite) (pomodoro)

-vr game where you try to get ready for the day and go to work, but you can't find your glasses. so you start off really blurry, and find other glasses that are better but still have strange vision for you. might be a niche game since this would probably result in a lot of people getting sick from it. (lenses)

-vr rhythm game where you're a barber and you brush and cut hair to the beat, with swapping tools needing you to do different actions. (brush)

-jackbox-like party game where everyone is played a song, except one person. each person writes a review of the song they heard, with the person who didn't hear it having to guess. the reviews are shown, and people vote who they think didn't get to hear it. (epic title idea: tone-deaf) (music)

-vr game with 2v2 teams. one player cleans the dishes, and the other takes the dishes and throws it dodgeball like at the other player. different dishes are good for different stuff, so you must be efficent at washing dishes, while also being smart with your teammate to strategize. (cup)

-game where you go into people's dreams, which are basically fps randomly generated spaces (mazes, open areas, towns, space, whatever) that look like lsd simulator. there's an objective in the dream that you must do, such as turn on all switches, kill a boss, get to the end, etc. each dream should feel weird but not too chaotic so every dream doesn't be the same noise. (dreams)

-game mechanic inspired by wordle's daily puzzles where it's a really fun and addictive web game that has a score. but you can only play for 5 minutes a day. so when you hop on, you have to try to beat your high score before the timer runs out. and yes, the timer can run out in the middle of a game. wordle's daily puzzles gives you suspense when you're close to losing, but this will give you even more suspense as it's time based, as you are always getting closer. (kind of like life :pensive: :weary: :eggplant:) (suspense)

-top-down (or first person) game that's suspensful where you try to do normal public things, like shopping or doctors office or whatever, but you have a baby that'll randomly cry. you'll notice some hints of when it's leading up to it, and you have to find stuff around the area to calm the baby down before it cries, in which you lose. the game should be designed in a way to where you debate on whether to do a risky move that could make you lose, and the game should almost make you scared, as it should feel really suspenseful. (public)

-game where you play as an ant (maybe with some fellow ants) in a flooded house. you must make boats out of the house's stuff and resources, to find food to survive. maybe there's a thing you have to save which can be the main goal or something. (paddle)

-online multiplayer first person game (that's probably low poly) where there's two teams, the teachers and students. for 1 in-game day, the students go through a basic lesson of the stuff they will be tested on. then the next day there's the morning for the setup of the test, and then the test itself. you can either do the test normally, or try to cheat. there's proximity voice chat as well. the game, kind of like the long drive, is very interactable. so the goal as a teacher is to catch any students teaching, and send them to the office if they are (and if they are maybe check if the student actually cheated or something), and for the students to try to pass or cheat the test. this game could be pretty cool and unique, since it'd be based mostly on social interaction to progress the story, which a lot of games don't have much of. (high school)

-first person fast physics game in a very cartoon-y world. you have rubber boots to jump high and bounce, and rubber fists to punch walls to launch yourself off. you can also time punching the ground just right to get an even higher boost. (cartoon)

-rhythm game where you see sheep jumping over a fence. you press the button for the sheep to jump. and they would need to jump to the beat. but different songs have different visuals, and might go geometry dash style and go crazy with wacky visuals, all while looking and knowing when the press the button for the sheep to jump. (sheep)

-jackbox party game where everyone is given a unique prompt and they have to draw it. then afterwards the drawings are shown to everyone and everyone makes their own list of their least to most favourite drawings. but then, the players must guess which one was the most mid, the one that most of the time in the middle of each player's list. (mid)

-online .io kinda game where you start the game, 9 people join (2 teams of 5). and the game is basically tug of war. where you have to spam two buttons alterating to pull, and you can have the whole team to help you. you can also make a room to play with just your friends. (push and pull)

-game for people with perfect pitch, or maybe for people without it just compare two notes for higher and lower, but show a note (or two), and as the levels go on for what the note is, or for which one is higher or lower, the notes get deeper and deeper, getting really hard to tell. (bass)

-sandbox game where you are a cat with your fellow cat crew members on a boat, and must fish for fish while not entering the water. you can go to islands to get materials, and maybe even find treasure. probably top down cartoony style, but also similar to (basically like) forager, but not pixel art. (cat)

-horror game where it's sudoku and other puzzle games but when you check if you're right, if you're wrong you get jumpscared, and if you're right you move onto the next, harder level. (sudoku)

-skifree but you're a tear running down a face. there is a end, in which you fall down the face. and if you wanna make it a full game, have the tear land on different stuff. and maybe after you beat a stage it shows the face that you went across and shows your trail making acne or something, lol. so maybe you could add an aspect where you try to make as much acne as possible? idk. (cry)

-first-person "shooter" where you throw really big dice at enemies. if it hits one, then whatever the die lands on is the damage they take, or maybe rather the size of an explosion that could kill multiple enemies at once so it's more satisfying. (thought of this while watching a video called "practical creativity", great video go watch it)

-online site that generates a random invention that would be created in the future. there is a public poll on if that would be a good product or not. the site is updated everyday, and has a gallery of the best and worst inventions. the invention descriptions should be written by an ai. to add some gamification, add a challenge where you have to guess if it is made by an ai, or is a random wacky patent from somewhere. (holographic)

-online site where you draw something, and then the site interrupts you as you draw it. so then you are switched to a different unfinished painting by another thing and you have to finish that. there is a gallery to show the finished duo-made paintings. (unfinished)

-game like that one stand-up game streamers or youtubers play, but instead it's a debate about two topics. they can go from duos, like cats vs dogs, or just totally random stuff, like computers vs saturn, or whatever. each player picks a sise and gives arguments and counterarguments to try to convince the audience that their thing is better, with the game being the referee, so to speak. (debate)

-first person game where you're a fox in a forest, noticed by a predator. you have be quick and either sneak out, or run fast as it chases you. each time you play, the forest and animals are randomized so you can play it multiple times. the game is low-poly, but provides a realistic and colorful atmosphere. the game should feel stressful, but exciting when you win. (swift)

-game that is a to-do list and a pomodoro timer. but the twist is it tries to gamify as much as it can. adding nintendo-like music for the menus, and as you work. adding sound effects for when you type and when you click. get the extension and for certain sites it'll try to add animations, like a cool little animation as you type in google docs. and it could even track certain things, like a word count, and provide a nice progress bar and some advice to keep going. the to-do list is also very polished to be really satisfying to check off something. the thing should just be fun to use, even if it's just a boring utility. (list)

-game where you are chased by police cars and can move around quick in an isometric view, you can get into other cars and start driving. but the catch is eventually (and randomly) the car will turn on the engine light and explode in 5 seconds, so you have to quickly adapt and last as long as you can, perhaps getting into another car, or trying to survive if you're not near one. hopefully this risk provides some challenge and strategy. (license)

-racing game that takes place on a backyard and you ride wide-wheel bikes. it makes a trail on the grass, and if you follow that trail you go faster, and that makes another layer of trail. so you'll have players fighting for these trails, and i think it'd add some cool strategy and be pretty unique for a racing game. the game would be 3d and maybe first person? (weed)

-i checked and i made a similar idea but it isn't the same. multiplayer vr game where you have to try to make your friends flinch with different things in the room. the things in those rooms change according to the difficulty of the stage. (touch)

-skating game but when you fall your body gets really hurt, and different body parts can come off and affect your skating. sort of a combiniation of turbo dismount and tony hawk, but combining the ragdoll and removable body parts aspect with skating. (skull)

-phone app where at the start of every week you are shown a random number between 10-99. as you progress through your week, you may notice that number randomly pop up in different things. so you take a picture of it. as weeks go on you can see which numbers showed up the most and stuff. this is kinda similar to the movie the number 23. (two's day)

-game where you work as a breaking news journalist. if an accident or incident is noticed, you have to get your crew and drive there, then get the cameras ready and report about the news live. the game is probably top-down, and has a 3kliksphilip style look. (news)

-first-person n64/psx style game where you have a grappling hook and have to hook onto falling missles (and other potentially wacky stuff in the later levels) to try to get to the plane dropping them. (missle)

-game similar to sort the court where you rule a planet, see other different planets and their species, and decide if you should invade or ally with them. there's different stats and info of each planet and species that all work together to make a "story" or just gameplay affected by your decisions. (universe)

-game like feeding frenzy but it's a platformer and you stand on and bounce on bigger mushrooms, and eat smaller mushrooms to get bigger. (mushroom)

-vr multiplayer game where you play catch with someone with a snowball, but have to try to not destroy the ball in the process, like catching it too hard or whatever. (snow day)

-horror game made of different stages that get scarier and scarier. after you do each stage, the game asks if you want to quit the game or not. to try to convince the player to keep on going, it provides the choice to quit right to the player. (quit)

-game where you walk around your house and town, and you can pick up any objects. the goal is you have 5 minutes to grab items to use for your band. so maybe you'll use a garbage can lid as one of your drums, or use a cardboard box for the shell of an electric guitar. then you and your bandmates can play songs and perform. (metal)

-game that's uploaded to steam or itch.io or whatever, where it seems like it'll be an actual game, but in reality is a forever loading screen. and if you wait an hour, you win the game. the goal is that no one should know that it's just a loading screen. (loading)

-mobile rhythm game where the moves you do in the beatmap or how you tilt your phone, like the direction. it should be a short swipe motion, but not too much. (phone)

-vr idle game where you peel bananas and eat them. you get points for every banana you eat, you can buy stuff that eventually leads the entire process to be automatic, as well as with upgrades. this might be pretty unique since i don't think i can recall ever really seeing a vr idle game. (monkey)

-weird game idea but first-person game where you run around a city. so instead of running outside and getting exercise, you do it in a game, lol. although maybe if it was a vr game then that might actually work. (headband)

-game where you have 1 minute to mark 10 tests your students gave you. the goal is to not solve, but correctly verify these answers as fast as you can. it's a bit different than other games, which might have you solve questions fast, as this requires you to verify questions fast. which could be a unique brain game compared to the majority of them. also kinda relates to the n equals np problem. (submit)

-multiplayer physics game where you're almost in a playground test-level kinda thing and you have to destroy and object as much as you can that every player gets. you have a physgun and shiz. this could probably maybe be a gmod gamemode but it'd have to have realistic destruction physics for at least the main object the players try to break. and maybe the last round or game or whatever you can to try to crack the floor as much as you can. i think this would be a pretty fun game to play with friends. and could be unique. (crack)

-mario kart but tiny motor boats in small bathtubs and hottubs, etc. (old spice)

-carnival game where you shoot cans but you're on a carasoal, thespinny horse tihngys. (can)

-relaxing game where you wipe snow off of stuff (thought of while wiping snow of a garbage can lid)

-minecraft mod that adds a slot machine. you can bet valuable items to test your luck. the bigger the bet, the bigger your potential reward. this could either be a small mod, or become a major gameplay aspect, and i think it'd be cool as a major gameplay mod, it'd definitely be something different and unique from other typical minecraft mods. (casino)

-game where every day you can take a picture of 5 objects, an ai detects what objects they are and gives you coins depending on how rare or valuable they are. you can add other users as friends to be on a leaderboard. as you look at the main menu you can see some of the objects your friends have taken pictures of. (objects into the game)

2022-02-03 (ayy!!! finally i went a full year without missing a single day!)
-twitch plugin to encourage chat where each message sent is a token, and when the stream gets enough tokens the chat can start a poll to buy a certain item, with that item being whatever the streamer decides. so maybe they're trying to play minecraft, but then the chat talks a lot and then buys an explosion where they are. it's still a game, it just involves a lot of players at once and is all a group effort. (streamer)

-roguelite game where you climb a beanstalk, with the goal of going to the giant in the sky, who is the final boss. (plant)

-jackbox party type game kinda where you and friend od a freestyle rap. the game decides who is going and passes it to the other player once in a while. the goal is to make the other player laugh, and if you do you win. (collab)

-vr game where you are a jester/magician/whatever who has to impress a king. (castle)

-game where you are a breaking news journalist who at night commits murders. for each level (which is a top-down 2d pixel art game) you have to try to kill targets, while reporting to the news as if you weren't the killer. the twist here is you can lie about what's going on, using that to your advantage to try to divert police or citizens or whatever. as well as making them do things that you yourself wouldn't be able to do (like breaking a gate or unlocking a door or whatever). there could also be a similar thing like in teardown where you can also steal valuable goods as you play the game. (press)

-i think this is already a thing but whatever, game as an alarm clock where when it starts you have 30 seconds to scan qr codes you set up in your house. if you don't do it in enough time then some punishment will happen. maybe you can set it up with ios shortcuts or something? idk. it'd have to be something you don't want but wouldn't be absolutely horrible if it happened. maybe your phone is locked out for ten minutes? but that's just a big privacy and security risk lol, idk. (early)

-sandbox game where you travel to and survive in other people's dream worlds to get resources to work on and expand your own dream world. (sleep)

-fps game where you shoot water guns and have to aim any water stream coming from waterfalls or sprinklers into the hole of your gun to refill. (bottle)

-cowboy game in the future where your whip is a charging cord that you plug in stuff to fling at enemies. (charge)

-game similar to minecraft parkour except you only get to see the map for 5 seconds, with a camera path going over the course kinda thing. then, if you fall off, you can see the level for half a second. the goal is to try to do parkour while almost not being able to see the map at all. (sunglasses)

-tetris but you put groceries in carts, in cars, in fridges, etc. they might be in bags or boxes or nothing at all. it'd also be 3d. (bags)

-game jam but it's for making movies, it starts every week with the theme being a word. at the end there is a premiere page where the audience can watch all of the submitted movies back to back and give ratings. you can make an account get stuff like badges for streaks, see how many views your video got as well as likes. maybe you could just intergrate this with youtube so more people might be motivated to use it because they'll know it can also help boost their channel? idk but i feel like this would be pretty fun and could make a nice cool community. especially if you made this open source so there could be different instances and small communities for this type of thing. it'd be unique and pretty sick. (movie)

-scrabble but words instead of letters (talk)

-extension inspired by jazztronauts where it's an extension you install in your browser. you can go to any site and then turn on the vacuum, then you hover your mouse around the page, and any element it hovers over gets sucked up. maybe youy can have to hold the left button down, and maybe bigger elements take a little longer to get? anyways when you do this, for each element you vacuum up you sell it depending on how complex the element is, both the element itself and the content in it. you can use these coins to buy better tools, and maybe unlock some cool little utilites or fun things to do on a site. like having all elements have gravity or whatever. the goal of this extension is to make web browsing, and not just social media, more fun to use because there's more reason to visit a page. some people might cheese it but whatever. (token)

-tron but the wall doesn't go on for infinite, and it's like splatoon where you also make a wide trail of your territory. and after only one team is left or the time runs out, the team with the most paint on the ground wins. you could also use the amount of kills included as well, though maybe just do what splatoon does and make a big splatter of your paint as a reward. basically tron plus splatoon. (tape)

-kinda rhythm game where you surf on the soundwaves from a speaker, and stuff like the bass can give you a jump, other sounds can do other stuff or something idk. but the goal is to balance on the speakers and not fall off. i imagine the game would be 2d side-view. (808)

-double pictionary game. think something like skribbl.io, except as one person is drawing, another person is also drawing, and they have to guess what the main drawer is drawing, and then draws that to show the audience. maybe the audience can only see the secondary drawer? but the main drawer draws their secret words, the secondary drawer has to guess what they're drawing and then try to draw for the audience to guess. i guess the secondary drawer could just copy the main drawer, but maybe have some copy limit thing? like your drawing can't look similar by comparing the lines or whatever? idk. i feel like it'd be a chaotic and fun game tho. oh and only the audience can guess in text. (words)

-visual novel kinda but more of a simulation game where you're at a different tropical country for vacation, and need to try to find a way to make as much money as you do your high-paying job, but in that country. cause maybe the main character likes it there better or something. so you might try stuff from a lemonade stand, to deeds and favors, to working up in a company. maybe the game would be better as a rpg then? it'd probably be way more fun like that, but it'd be harder to make. tho a top-down rpg of that would be sick. and maybe a little unique too? because games that usually do this kind of thing are just polished guis that do this basically. (vacation)

-first-person game about door ditching. first levels are easy houses, but as the levels progress, the houses get harder and harder to get in and out of. this game should try to get some adrenaline pumping. i mean you could even add a horror mode (tho as a biased opinion that you don't have to follow, i think there's too many horror games, so just have it as a mode). (light)

-mario kart but your car can't move on it's own. you can slowly roll to powerups to boost you, speed pads, roll down steep stuff, and etc. i feel like if done well this game could be very frustrating, lol. you'd be going at a satisfying fast pace and then hit something and go back to a very slow speed. but i think if done well this game could actually be pretty satisfying. and you could always have a boost when the race starts, lol. (dot)

-2-player pvp tetris game where when you clear a line, it gets the pieces you used to make that line and sends it to the other play to have to use. this kinda doesn't really work and is a confusing idea but whatever, lol. if you did it, it'd kinda feel like a hot potato sort of thing, and you might include strategy to try to make a line with as most pieces as possible. maybe when the other player gets the pieces they'll be faster than the other regular pieces you get? and it'd interrupt the current piece you're on too. (hold)

-jackbox party like game where everyone gets the same set of footage of a made-up sitcom, and everyone can edit it using the easy to use video editor. then, after the videos are done, everyone watches them to see how they look, and everyone ranks the ones they like, determining the points that people get. so you might try to make the sitcom seem like it's about something else, do some effects at the wrong moment (purposely), or whatever. the goal is to be a funny editor. i think this would be a really fun and unique party game, it'd be super fun! it just sounds fun anyways. (edit)

-game like night trap but it's the story of a murder that you watch from the cameras, and your goal is to figure out the 2 people who did it out of the 10 people in the group. (nsa)

-game similar to the escapists, with gameplay and the idea of "developing a strategy" feel of the escapists, and kinda similar to the game lucifer, if that's the game about satan's child or whatever. anyways, the game is you work at a job and you need to try to get other people fired. the "story" could just be you need to fire more people so you have less competition to be promoted and make more money. there could be stuff to that like time limits or whatever but idk, what i've said sounds like it'd be fun to play. (apply)

-blaseball but instead of baseball it's the stock market. (ik you could argue it's actually already sorta like that but idc lol) (number)

-small fps game where you pick up soda cans around a small japanese-neighboorhood-style area, then go to your shed to crush the cans, then can sell them at the recycling plant. then you can buy money to help you get more sodas, crush them easier, and travel between places faster. (soda)

-platformer game with two windows. one window is the main platformer game, and the other is a code editor with different tabs. at first you have to program the character to move left and right and jump. but as you progress you have to program more stuff, and then, if you hit an enemy, it will make a typo in your code. at first it's random letters inserted, but then goes to making beginner mistakes, like putting = instead of == or whatever. these subtle things will make the player really analyze their code. the programming language would be simple for anyone to play though. and for fun, make it so you can speedrun the game, with having enemies forced to hit you so you speedrun basically solving bugs in your code, lol. this would be unique. (braindead)

-this may sound creepy, but idk it could be cool. program that randomly records 5 minutes of your computer (or mobile but that'd be really hard cuz privacy obviously), it records the mic, cam, and screen. and then just saves it to your computer as seperate files in a folder for the date, all organized by year, month and shiz. you could configure how often it happens and how long it records, and other stuff, but the default would be at a random point everyday. because then, you can watch them with cool modes like a cool looking nintendo-polished theater where you can watch random clips. you could even have a gameshow type thing where you see the screen and have to match the cam that went with it out of the four options or whatever. and of course there could also be a cool memory thingy that presents it in a nostalgic way and stuff. ik it sounds creepy at first but i legit think this would be pretty cool and give a lot of people some really cool moments in their lives. it'd be very unique for sure. it's almost like you're watching twitch clips of your life, lol. (inspiration)

-game that studies certain sites and whatever to calculate when a meme is dead (abacada did something like this actually). the site is a game where it lists memes that are popular right now, and you have to predict when you think it'll die. you can sign up and stuff to make an account, and maybe people could even have leaderboards, so when it does die it rewards the closest player or whatever. i think it'd be a pretty cool site and would definitely be a unique experience. (meme)

-game that's a parody of "work at home" or "online school" stuff called "online waiter" where you have to point and click in different ui's for different tables and rooms and stuff, all in a win9x gui format to be a virtual waiter. the game is time based. (online)

-multiplayer platformer racing game where the level is infinite but always moves, but as the game goes the resolution of the screen goes lower in pixels. so you might die due to an obstacle, or you die because you can't handle the small resolution. i think this would be pretty interesting/unique to play and i think a lot of people would try it, curious of how it might go. (resolution)

-trivia game you play with friends where the topics are super niche and complicated stuff. stuff like "quantum physics" or "monopoly lore", "the history of knitting", etc. the challenge is to see who if you could try to make your way through these questions, as i feel like it'd be a great game to practice educated guesses on, or something like that. (idiot)

-vr game where you play as (kinda) giants where you use trees to sword fight with other giants. the trees that have leaves can be like the tip of the tree acting as a shield, or you can have branches also affect the tree, the type of wood can affect maybe the weight but also the power of the tree (idk how the weight thing would work but whatever, maybe like a stringy feel for heavy shiz? idk.) and the main game would be duels between you and, either bots for singleplayer (if there is one) or real online players. (wood)

-relaxing 3d game where you put things back together. like broken glass, tea cups, toys, etc. things have a satisfying sound to click into place, and in some instances (like the glass or mirror) can be a puzzle, and would have the nice feeling of rubbing the glass around to kind of try to fit everything together. i wonder if that's a real game anyways, jigsaw but broken mirror/glass. (beginning)

-site that helps you think more critically about your new years resolutions. first, you type in your new years resolution, then it tells you to break it down into 6 things you can do. then it tells you to remove 3 things from it, then it tells you to change the three of them, and then tells you to rank them in priority. this might help you realize how you might have to do your resolution, and make sure that you're not going too overboard with it. i also feel like adding some wit would also make the site funny and comedic to some people. it'd also help if every once in a while (every few days maybe, it'd be customizable tho) maybe it gave you a notification to check on if you've been doing it. (new years)

-multiplayer game that's maybe 3d with top down controls, where you drive a car that can satisfyingly and easily drift. and you play tag with other plays in a city. (tag)

-game jam where you make a bootleg of a preselected game, if the jam occurs multiple times the game can be a randomly picked itch.io game that everyone must use. or even use the most liked bootleg as the next game to bootleg, bootlegception. (bootleg)

-crazy taxi but postmates/uber eats. (answer)

-program or app that you can use as a dream log (that uses text), but also has a dream generator mode that takes random sentences from your logs and makes up a dream with them. though maybe some people don't do grammar for the dream journal just because they want to write it down fast so maybe find some way to automatically know what is a sentence. also maybe add some stuff to encourage streaks for motivation, and maybe even reminders for lucid dreaming, lol. (dreamer)

-omegle, except some people are infected. if you are not infected and go into a call with someone who is infected, you become infected as well. the goal is to see how long you can go in calls without being infected. you only have one chance to test your luck and try to beat the leaderboards. (maybe the site is ip dependant to check for unique people, but you'll have to block vpn ip's lol, though i guess if everyone is using a vpn they'd be infected anyways.) i don't think this would be too popular own its own, but would probably be a cool and fun feature on omegle itself. (omegle)

-game where you are santa in his sleigh above a town. you have to deliver presents to randomly picked houses by running over the chimneys to quickly place a house. but you can't do it while in the sleigh. so you have to get out the sleigh, run over the chimney, and jump back in the sleigh while it's moving, so it feels cool. it's like jumping out of a moving car and then jumping back in, so the game will be fast pace. if you crash your sleigh, fall off a house, or get too far away from your sleigh, you lose. (christmas)

-this is gonna sound really weird and complicated but game that's like a mud, except whenever you are in the same room as someone, you can access a port of theirs on their computer. so the goal basically becomes like, you can hack people instead of battling people. cause when you're in a room with someone, then their internet ports open up and you can have a go at hacking them. so people would get like vm's and try to protect them and shiz. it'd also be best to have it be old vm's so you can't be actually hacked, and it'll be easier to hack than more modern and secure systems nowadays. (cyber)

-this is more of an idea to add to a game but maybe you could base a bigger idea off this, but similar to mario party's boards, a party/board game that uses pepporoni on pizza as the spots for the players to go on. maybe include toppings along the map's route as powerups or whatever? (man)

-vr game for streamers where you are on stage, and the audience below is twitch chat. you have a whole bunch of random stuff to play with, like a whiteboard and marker, a wheel you can draw on, a mic with pedals to make cool voice effects, and beatbox looper, etc. there's also a feature that lets the streamer start a pool, where the twitch chat could go ".add sandwich" and then select a random thing from that pool. it'd also be hidden to the stream, so you could pictionary where the chat decides what you draw, since people could add their words and it'd pick from the pool. and you could obviously decline and choose another one. but that would be hidden from chat for stream saftey reasons, lol. though maybe you could have the option to show it, which would be cool. the twitch chat could also have commands for tts in the audience, cheer, boo, clap, etc. i think this game could be sick for certain streamers (like jerma, lol), and i think it'd be a very unique game. and it'd even be fun for the chat, lol. (bomb)

-olympic games but every athlete is a food that you can pick before the game starts (i swear this isn't smosh lol), but as the games go on, your food can get more hurt and damaged. like if you're a donut doing skiing, and you fall, you might make a dent of yourself that will stay with you throughout the event. i think there'd be surprisingly a lot of good strategy here, and if there's multiplayer support could make for a great party game. (food fight)

-pictionary game but you have to use gifs from old geocities sites. the database of gifs could use gifcities. the prompts are more of phrases since you could just google the objects if the prompts were just objects. the game would be online multiplayer and probably a browser game. (you're)

-you know how in rhythm heaven's remixes, they get like the past few minigames and combine them into one remix, switching to the different minigames as you play? something like that but for atari 2600 games. i guess it'd also be something like warioware, but more focused on the rapid changing and maybe just trying to play the game instead of doing a goal in a short amount of time. you know what i mean? (retro)

-first-person frog game where you can jump across lily pads in a swamp. there are also flies that fly around, you can stick out your tongue and go to them like a grapple hook and launch yourself, eating them in the process. this can allow you to get a combo and eat multiple flies in the air. i feel like this would be a very fun and satisfying game. (frog)

-game where you try to go through different regular things in life, like walking down a city, or going in the subway. but every 5 seconds you always have to cough. the game is top-down, and the goal is to get through the level without spreading your cold as much as possible. there could also be things like you cough at random times with a 1 second warning on your character. this game would be tense but i think also very fun. and idk why but i imagine everyone looking like the 2d pixel art rectangle people like in the minecon video for some reason. (cough)

-mirrors edge similar game where it's multiplayer and it's a race from point a to b and everyone can pole vault, it'd be chaotic but fun. :) (car)

-game where you are a software security person and a hacker is hacking a server room. the game is first-person and you need to track down where the hacker is inside one of the computers in the server room to try to damage and destory the virus. the computer room is a room with a whole bunch of computers, and as you look at the computers to try to find it and damage it, you can see where it might go, or even some clues to find a pattern and try to corner it or whatever. the game would have some cool movie-like music to make it more suspenseful. (left)

-vr game with full body tracking that replicates the hole in the wall gameshow that was a popular type of gameshow for a while. (stand)

-game where you control the wind with arrow keys or a joystick (or maybe even mouse?). and you use your wind to tilt the trees in a forest to let birds pass by without hitting the trees. (bush)

-game where you are shown a random sentence from a (not completely) random wikipedia article and for your first 2 guesses have to type what you think the article title is, and on the third and last guess have to choose from 4 options. the game is structured like a gameshow. (unfair)

-strategy sim game about running out of oil. so you have to repower the world with other ways. (power outage)

-kind of done before in different ways but whatever, first-person game where the main character, you, is stuck in a time loop. the loop starts as you leave your car to go to a party, and ends around the time that this one person is killed. your goal is to continue to time loop to find out how to save the person, and find out who the killer is. you can talk to people, change the enviorment and move stuff to prevent things or cause things to happen, etc. i don't think this game would stand out much really, but if done well could actually be a very cool and fun game, and could probably be popular if it has really good writing and stuff, and makes the player feel like they're smart, lol. (party)

-game like agar.io but it's like that mario paint fly-swatting game. swat flies to get bigger, and swat players to steal their size. (flies)

-first person volleyball game except instead of using your hands to hit the ball, every player holds a big fan that's always on. so you can run around and jump, and aim to control the ball. i could see this game getting very fun and competitive. (fan)

-first-person, experience more than a game i guess, but where you are a package. you watch as you are driven to a post office for you to be put in the bin. then the mailman picks you up and drives you to the airport where you are loaded onto a plane. one thing after another you then end up at the front door of a house, where the person opens the door, picks up the package, opens it, and enjoys their gift. maybe the game involved here could be that the game, while really relaxing and wholesome, is also really long. i wonder if it'd be a good stream game, at least to have in the background or something, idk. (recieved)

-vr game where you shovel driveways in winter for money. then, you're able to buy other shovels and equipment, allowing yourself to become the best snow-clearer in the world. the game would be satisfying to play, with satisfying sounds, a calming ambience, and maybe while the first few levels are just town, you shovel in beautiful places. the late-game could even involve shoveling sand, thick lava, or even alien planets. it'd also help if the game had mod support, lol. (snow day)

-game where you try to make social media posts that get popular on the fake social media in the game. the game has a built in algorithm that boosts and recommends certain content in the feed, and the goal for the player is to find out how the algorithm works and try to get their account to a million followers or whatever. (teens)

-vr game where you have to go downstairs, get yourself a glass of water with ice, and cook yourself a hot pocket, all in the late of night without waking anyone up. the game offers some creative ways of doing things, you could microwave the hot pocket, or get a match, burn the fireplace, and cook it there. though hopefully these cool things are more of the player's combining different ideas together, instead of each decision a player can make hardcoded in. y'know what i mean? (tired)

-lemmings but a tower defense game. use points to buy lemmings to build stuff and build turrets and etc to fight against the enemies. (kingdom)

-game where you try to catch bugs in your house without killing them. when you catch one, you can put it in your bug collection. the game is first-person, and likely semi-low poly. you can use different objects around the house to help you catch certain bugs. (tissue)

-game like marble blast but you're a snowball that grows as you roll down a skiing hill. you get more points for stuff like air-time, hitting people, speed, and etc. you can also jump. there's some marble blast levels that are like this, just going down really big hills, and it's really fun, so a game based off of that would be fun. :) (actually idk if you should grow as you roll down, idk.) (december)

-3d 3rd person volleyball game where all the players are on pogo-sticks. so you can jump into the ball to hit it hard, tilt yourself to tap or hit a bit, etc. all while you still have to jump a bit all the time to keep yourself balance. (volleyball)

-4 player 2d-side jousting game where one player has to balance a plate on a stick, and their teammate on that plate holding the knife to try to get the other team. the games are 3 or maybe 5 rounds. the game is simply fun. :) (mushroom)

-plants vs zombies and clash of clans mixed together. you manage your lawn by getting suns from the sky and sunflowers, buy more plants to kill more zombies that spawn naturally, and buy packs of zombies to send to other bases to try to defeat them and get more suns. ik this wouldn't happen but the game would be way more fun if it was designed without micro-transactions in mind. it should just be like plants vs zombies but more large scale. (zombie)

-first person game where you try to calculate the time in a natural world using your resources, and stuff like shadows and etc. then, you have to go to a place at a certain time, and if it's not that certain time you die and have to make a new world. so this game would probably be very spooky at some moments, because you'd be hoping that your plan goes right. but if it does, it'll be really satisfying. i could see this as a very unique but cool game. (time)

-super monkey ball but fall guys. (monkey)

-2d game that uses powder simulation shiz. you are a digger and find treasure deep in the ground. so you can get your shovel to grab the things and bring it to the store to sell to get better and more efficent and wackier tools. the ground is like sand in powder simulation games. (powder)

-game where you are a dj performing for an alien crowd. the keyboard becomes your dj dashboard, and you can play with the included samples and make your remixes and jams. the crowd gets more excited or less excited depending on how "good" your song is, however you measure that. i could see this being a game people play normally, and then make youtube videos of their remixes and stuff, for that case, include a sandbox mode where you can just jam out without interruptions. (electro)

-rpg game about you falling in a hole that leads to a world full of rabbits. you start stealthy as for them to not notice you, but you slowly get costumes, learn their language, their history, meet new party members, and etc, to be able to blend in with the bunnys and learn how to escape. (rabbit hole)

-game like that mobile game dune by voodoo except you can load your own songs into it and it makes the level the waves of the song. this would be pretty cool and neat. (genesis)

-game where you dive, the game uses qwop like controls. the game would be first person, with you controlling your body with the keys. when you dive, you get a replay and the judges holding up those signs determining your score. maybe each judge is for each variable to measure and score. (great)

-first person game where you and your friends join as a party (no pun intended) and start the game. everyone joins in a multiplayer party where they can walk around and talk with text. however, one of the members of the group are swapped with another random group that's also playing online. the person who's from the other group has to blend in with the current group of friends. the rules are that the group can't quiz each other on personal stuff, and can't reveal who they are. after the 5-10 minute party, everyone votes on who they think is from the other group. this would be weird as you'd start the game with friends, and have a chance to be with an entire different group of people. you can talk after the game ends tho so if you actually enjoyed talking to them, you can add each other and whatnot there. (party)

-fps or vr game (idk) where each level you have to make and pack lunch. each level gets harder with different food, more ingredients, more packing stuff, etc. the goal is to go as fast as you can. you first start with an apple, a pb&j sandwich all in a brown paper bag, all the way to almost dinners just for lunch, lol. (smooth)

-puzzle platformer game where you travel across the brain. the brain is like a map with it's wrinkles that you follow as paths. and different parts of the brain have different puzzle elements that it uses. the map's progression is similar to mario, and should feel nice to move in the actual gameplay. (brain)

-simple game where when you start the game for the first time, it shuffles the cards and then shows you. your goal is to slowly memorize the entire order of the deck. you can look at it, then go into remembering mode and try to transcribe what the cards were from memory. there'd be people who'd cheat, but there'd also be people who actually do it. and you know what this would be the craziest game to speedrun, lol. (cards)

-game that uses satelite images and depth maps. you control a small rc plane, and can fly through the huge city. the plane is about the size of an head, so you can go really low and stuff. there could be some different minigames, like explore (just fly), rings, dogfight, and etc. (landed)

-first-person game where you go into elevators and meet random people online. you'd see their player and stuff, and maybe at the start of the game you can customize it. however, there's a rare chance that the elevator will get stuck, and you'll be forced to talk to whoever you're with. (the game uses proximity voice chat btw). and there's also a even rarer chance, that randomly as the elevator is stuck, it will fall, leaving you two at your final moments. i think this would give players a really unique and weird experience. not knowing when the elevator will get stuck, and not knowing the fact that it can even fall with just the right chance. all while talking to a completely random person you're with. if the elevator gets stuck, you can just walk out to the other elevator and continue. if the elevator falls and you both die, the game automatically closes. and if it's stuck, it'll most likely (unless it falls) just take a while until it gets unstuck and continues properly. (beans)

-game where you are a waiter giving drinks to people in a restaurant. you use the wasd keys to move around, and use the mouse to balance the plate. as you move, the plate gets more unstable, yet customers will get mad if you're too slow. each stage last 10 minutes, with each stage becoming harder with obstacles, moving people, different layouts, and maybe even more steps as a waiter, like filling up drinks and such. i think this game would work 2d rpg-like-top-down (where you can see walls and stuff in perspective), with the left side of the halved screen as the gameplay, and the right side a close up of the plate with the drinks on it. i'd imagine the game would be a cozy pixel art game. something like paper's please but more cozy and restaurant-like. (tea)

-game where you are a time traveler, able to reverse time. you're at the scene of a murder (basically an in-game cutscene) that's about to take place, and you have a camera to take photos with. your goal is to, within 10 minutes of real time, take good photojounralist pictures that describe what happens. the game will kind of check if you note different things in your photos, but all in all, it should try to make the player try to capture a story in photos. afterwards, the photos would be shown afterwards so you can look at them and follow the story. now if this were a full or bigger game, the coolest thing would be to maybe make this a party, and have it so each person almost does their own thing with their own story. because of this, players will always come out with their own captured stories. it should not just be the players following a story, but taking what's happening and turning it into their own unique story that they'll have afterwards. i think this game would be pretty unique, pretty cool, and probably super cool for photojournalists or videographers. (movie)

-vr chat like game but like omegle. this might already exist but i feel it'd be a very popular thing if it was. (talk)

-educational game where you learn how different machines work, and then are tested on that by having to fix different issues. i guess this would work best as a vr game. you'd be fixing stuff like tvs and stuff, and would be fun to be open and let you experiment with stuff. (fix)

-vr game where you are a make-up and costume designer for different actors in different plays. after you do your design (which you're just given a rough description with no system checking what you made, so it feels more open) then you can see the actor perform as you sit in the audience. this could be both really cool and i bet also really funny. there'd be different plays that the actors can perform and stuff, so those could count as different levels. and you could make this even more fun by adding multiplayer, each player taking care of one actor. that'd be fun and probably funny. (face)

-game where you and your friends plan to all start on a day. the goal is to scare as much people as you can, if you get scared, you're out. the winner is the last man standing. this means that on that day, everyone will be high alert, and trying to make plans to scare them. this could use an app to explain, keep track, and gamify the process. maybe, maybe (i'd probably have this be optional or experiemental idk) have an alliances feature, that simply connects two other players. with this, it might signal to the players that they can betray each other, and even work together to betray people. and overall have a last man standing against two friends kind of thing. i could see this being a viral and very unique game. like i could see this popular on tiktok. (scary)

-game similar to twenty questions, where one person is given a role, like an officer, or Michael Jackson, or whatever, and then the rest of the group asks that person any questions. maybe it can be like twenty questions where there's a limited amount of questions they can ask. the questions usually go like "are you tall?" or "what's your favourite food?" if the person doesn't know, the question doesn't count, and the questions can't ask anything about the job the person does or specific stuff about their workplace. so you can't go "where do you work?" although i guess there's multiple jobs at different places so maybe you can do that, idk. you'll have to balance the game to make it more both interesting but also fair. (same)

-interactive fiction game where you are a hobby scientist and accidentally discover the cure for cancer. the game follows your journey of trying to release the cure to the masses to save millions of lives, while being called crazy and accused of being a fraud by even your own family, with even the government getting into the picture. (cure)

-game where you try to draw and forge signatures on different documents, to continue a short story. the game checks if your forging was good enough to pass as real, and if not, you lose. (petition)

-vr boxing game except the players are cats and you have to pet and rub each other to fill the happiness bar, the player who has their bar filled up loses. (fighting)

-3d (at least just visuals, not in gameplay like a fps or whatever, maybe like top-down or something like that) low-poly curling game that takes place in the mouth (but doesn't look gross, it'll look cute), and you brush with toothbrushes and toothpaste. as you brush, you can brush into one of the puddles of different types of paste, which will affect the puck in different ways. slowing it down, speeding it up, rotating it, etc. so you're basically manipulating the board as you spread different pastes and stuff. you wouldn't be able to mix it tho, that'd get too complicated. (brush)

-game like minecraft spleef but with powerups, like speed boost, big jump, big missle, etc. competitive game with a similar art style to ARMS for the switch. (stuck)

-multiplayer jackbox party like game where everyone is given a topic, and has to write a 300 word essay on it. the thing is, it's a race, and you can't backspace. meaning after the race is over, everyone can look at each other's essay and see how funny it might be, or even impressive it might be. (essay)

-3d almost-top-down perspective game with two players fighting agianst each other. the game is about different types of peanuts fighting each other. you can spawn peanuts with different jobs to do certain things. like make a ladder or make a trampolien or build up or shoot guns or use tanks or cannons put around the level, etc. the last team standing wins. maybe the different types of peanuts show what job they are? that'd be neat. (peanut)

-multiplayer party game where you go door to door trying to get the most candy before the 5 minute timer ends. if you bump into kids you'll both drop your candy and have to run over it to pick it up. that means you can also bump into your competitors and try to steal some of their candy. the game is similar in art style to overcooked, and has the same perspective. (halloween)

-multiple marble race with controls and 3d camera like marble blast, except you are a die. and whenever you land, whatever number is facing up determines a powerup you may have. idk if you can jump (might break a lot of marble race type levels, and could be fun to run off or knock off walls and shiz just by running), but the powerups affect things like speed, weight, bounciness, size, etc. (chance)

-game where you sculpt a giant block of stone with a pickaxe. you're given a 3d object that you have to recreate. the game is first-person low-poly. after you submit the game checks how similar your sculpture versus the object are. (pick)

-based off this one mobile game i played, which i might've also done an idea inspired by the same game. 2d fighting game where you draw your fighter, and the colors you use determine it's stats, depending on the ratio of colours. if you're advanced, you could do some shape checking to factor in as well, like rounded characters versus sharp characters, tall characters versus wide characters, etc. the art style is doodle like, but not like "oh it's on paper" cause that's boring. it's only doodle so even if your drawings suck, they'll still fit in with the game. maybe it'd be cool if you can make different fighters, and then pick one to use when you play a game. online play would be really fun for that, lol. this could be a cool unique game. (costume)

-jackbox party like game, similar to broken telephone. first person freestyles with the computer using voice recongition to transcribe the lyrics. then the lyrics are shown to the next person, who doesn't know the flow, yet still has to perform it with the voice recongition software listening as well. repeat for everyone until you get a very weirdly different rap. since maybe for the last person, they'll be recorded, so everyone hears their performance. which i think would be really funny. i guess in this game it'd be better in voice or video calls or whatever, since you can just deafen or whatever. i think that it's not like the lyrics will be totally different, but the flow will definitely be different, which could change the words indirectly. as well as picking up times someone says a comment if they're messing up or whatever. this could be a fun game. there'd also likely be multiple rounds so everyone can try every role. (rhyme)

-clicker game like cookie clicker but you flip coins. if you get heads or tails you get a coin, and if not, oh well. if you get 10 coins, then you flip 10 coins every second, which may get you more. i guess the game is randomly exponential, which i guess would be really hard to balance. but if you could recreate that feeling while having a balanced game then it'd be a great feeling game. (cash)

-game similar to katamari where you're a character to stands on a roll of toilet paper. you use the joystick to move around (the game is almost top down 45 degree perspective) the roll, and you see the toilet paper slowly unroll on the ground. you can't stop though, at least not break (maybe you can use the joystick to balance or whatever idk), so you have to avoid the obstacles so you don't get knocked off. you have to completely unroll the toilet paper roll to win. each level could be a room in the house. and maybe at the end you get a nice little picture of the family walking in on their room trashed with toilet paper. (toilet paper)

-simple platformer game where you have 30 minutes to beat it, afterwards you can't play the game again at all. so if you don't beat it, that's it, and if you do, you win. maybe the game should be like cat mario? i'm not sure. since i don't think a simple platformer would be that good to play. cat mario at least makes you realize you need to notice the traps as they'll waste your time. (hours)

-racing game where you also have to "ghost ride the whip" basically to move stuff like cones and chickens off the road. could be first person?? idk. (car)

-that wii sports biking game on the big wuhu island, except it's online multiplayer like a battle royale game. (game)

-rage game like mario cat or iwbtg, and it keeps track of your microphone's volume. if you go above a certain threshold, like hitting something or talking loud or whatever, the game will restart from the very beginning. meaning you have to stay completely composed as you play. i feel like this is a very similar game idea to another i did, though i think that one was about a horror game that would do that, which now that i remember it seems a sick idea, check it out. (rage)

-city sim game where the pov is you at a dashboard managing the city. the buttons are randomized though and have no labels, so you have to make sure you don't cause any accidental problems, and if you do you have to know how to solve them. eventually, you'll learn your button layout and you'll be able to beat the game. (there could be some goal for population or whatever.) (affect)

-game where you are at a cliff, which part of it is crumbling, making many rocks fall. you have to jump on these rocks as they fall and get to the top of the cliff. the game can be like a platformer, but has to make sure you get the feeling that you're jumping off falling rocks, yet still going up. the game would probably be side 2d, but if you can pull it off otherwise that could be neat. i could see 3d fps being cool. (rock)

-game where you are at the bottom of a well, and have to run on the walls around to slowly get up. it's a short game so it's probably on the web, and is just a little hard to keep going, but once you do it feels nice. maybe you spin the mouse or something? something like that game similar to qwop but you climb a mountain? made by the same dude? it'd be like that. it's easy to understand the controls, but hard to master. and you beat the game once you get to the top. i guess one way to describe the ideal feeling would be similar to spinning a fidget spinner, and feeling the weight spin in your fingers. (pringles)

-runner game (like geometry dash) that goes with the music, but then sometimes goes blind and mutes the music, making you have to tap with your internal rhythm to see if you got good tempo. i think it'd be satisfying to tap for a really long time (maybe the rhythm is defined before the mute?) and then your final tap syncs with the music coming back and the drop and the visuals coming back and etc. maybe you just see your character as a white silhouette inf ront of the black background? idk. either way i think this game could be pretty cool. (spooky number)

-game where you get up and go to your work, which is a boring minigame. then you go to sleep, which increments the day. the game has an online leaderboard showing the players with the most days. this game basically becomes a leaderboard of endurance for a boring minigame. making fun of stereotypical boring jobs. (grindset)

-battle royale game except the winner isn't the last man standing, but the first one to reach the center of a map, making the game like a race where everyone starts at the edges. this could be similar to the premise of jojo's steel ball run. (moon)

-game where you are a writer, you use a typewriter (that uses the keyboard, and the mouse for dragging the sliders and shiz), and have to do the manual stuff like whiteout and stuff, all this is 3d first-person btw. then you can sell your work to get more supplies and upgrade your stuff. the game could be similar to suchart in which there's commissions that guide the player, but don't directly check if they are good, letting the player be creatively free. (essay)

-fallout-type game about propaganda, of one group trying to convince its people that another group is bad. one goal would be to see if players actually do believe the propaganda, and that should happen through interactions between npc's, and even stuff like manipulating the media. this would make it another cool thing to go against it and join the other group, which is why it'd feel open and fallout-style. this game could probably be a futuristic game but idk. maybe 1920s theme? idk. (propaganda)

-speed typing typeracer-like game but you get more points if you type on beat, even as 1/16th notes. the music that plays dynamically changes according to your rate, to sound as seamless as it can when you finish it, as if that song was made in the amount of length that it took you to type the text. the game has a musedash and taiko like appearance. (beat)

-pixel jrpg game about the y2k scandal. (y2k)

-fps game similar to bhopping, in terms of fluidity. you move really super fast, and jump really high. you have to parkour on top of buildings in a city, with the buildings having to be huge since you go so fast. each level is a point a to b stage, getting harder and harder as you progress. with also different themes and settings as you play. there is also a speedrunner timer for every level, with an online leaderboard. (sonic)

-that old game where the mouse couldn't touch the walls or else you'd get a jumpscare, but as multiplayer races. (focus)

-vr game about carving a pumpkin. you take out the seeds, cut stuff out, and even put the candles in the pumpkin. then, you can put it on your lawn and make some more pumpkins. (pumpkin)

-spot the difference but you have five seconds for the entire game, looking at the stuff and clicking on stuff, etc. the drawings are cute doodles, sokpop style, but still get challenging as you progress through the different levels. (five)

-game where you are a fish that can move around a fish store quickly, by jumping in and out of tanks, and swimming through the really big ones. the movement is fast, smooth, and fun to just move around. the main gameplay is tag, with online multiplayer. (splatoon)

-online party game where someone is the anchor. they text someone, and have a conversation, the game providing an icebreaker to help them. then, randomly, the person the anchor is talking to switches, and the new person doesn't know what was being talked about, but has to try to blend in as if they're the person from before. this keeps on happening, and the goal for the anchor is to tell when they think someone switched. if their guess is close, they win, but if the anchor gets it wrong by a lot, or a lot of people are switched without the anchor noticing, then the anchor loses and the rest of the players win. (join)

-online browser-based racing game where you try to be last. you can crash and push cars. the game is a little top down and a little mario kart view. (last)

-game like hypnospace outlaw, except you are the writer for a news site that exposes fake news. you can research on other sites, and at a few points interview people. the fake news goes from facts about food that are wrong, to how the universe will end, which relates to its weird and wacky story, maybe you save the universe, lol. (stan)

-3d 2 player multiplayer game where one player moves a laser pointer around a room, and the other player, a cat, can move and jump really fast and has to try to catch it. the game is first person and is made with low-poly 3d models, kind of like the game who's your daddy. (lightsaber)

-game where you try to do that test the eye doctors do where you select from a or b, but you do it yourself and try to do it as fast as you can, while still getting the correct and clear perscription. the pov would be your eyes as you look through and at the wall with the letter test sheet. the game would probably be 3d, but you could probably just make them 2d since you don't move around, it can just look 3d. (pears)

-fps dodgeball game that takes place in zero-gravity space, where you throw the planets at each other. you probably have jetpacks or whatever to help you move. (earth)

-vr game of catch with another player where you hold those red party cups to catch and throw the yellow ping pong ball at each other. try to get the high score on the online leaderboard! each time someone catches it, a point is earned. and the points are shared, so you both work together. this could probably be easily cheated but idkasd. (cupping)

-game where you have to make a burger from scratch. getting and making each ingredient from scratch to make the best burger. the game can be a silly short low-poly open-world first-person game. (big mac)

-vr game where you tan in the sun and make sure you don't get sunburnt. (red)

-sandbox game where you mine materials to make modules to add to robots to program their behavior so you can make bigger bots to do cooler and bigger things. (life)

-game where you play as the yeti from skifree and try to eat skiers. (snow)

-fps low-poly game where you chop down trees by pushing them. then they might bump into toher trees in the forest like a domino effect, giving you a combo of points. you have 1 minute to get as many points as you can. (tree)

-2d side game where you hold a button to surf up the waves. but as you hold the button, it makes a bigger wave that approaches. so you're basically playing the level, which is increasing the craziness of the level, as you play. (influence)

-site where at the start of every month, you can submit a new comic ip. then, every day of the week, people can go on it and draw the next panel. basically a community will grow and continue that one comic series. but there will be muiltiple series since people submit their ips at the start of the month. then at the beginning of every week, that issue is finished. maybe change the ip submissions to the beginning of every season, so then you have lots of room for the comic series to grow. (issue)

-vr game where you are in the middle of a city block that is empty. except sometimes police will try to check up on it. you have to try dancing without getting caught by the police. (september)

-game where you have to use alien machinery. you only know how to work it by looking at the alien's face as you do stuff, using their expressions as guides for knowing how to do certain things. as you progress, you learn more and more of the common modules used, making a very unique feeling puzzle where your learning starts to be a core part of the gameplay. the game could be a story puzzle game like that one colorful fps game where you did puzzles where you had to draw lines or whatever. (aliens)

-game like clustertruck except you are at a farm with a whole bunch of sheep that you jump on. you are also holding a carrot which they walk towards. they can move really fast and can jump over fences and shiz. the game is similar to clustertruck, but you control the sheep basically, since they're attracted to the carrot you're holding. (sheep)

-game kind of like a roguelite where you loot and get stuff in dreams, and fight stuff in nightmares. the nightmares level you up and give you coins, which allow you to get better loot, and the cycle repeats. with this, your numbers become higher and higher, making it as fun as something like cookie clicker. (nightmare)

-vr game where you have to sneak items through the tsa. this game would feel like some spy movie or whatever. (pocket)

-survival game similar to minut, where you respawn and die every 60 seconds (as you are in a desert and die of heat). you have to build a helicopter. every time you die, you can upgrade different parts of you, and buy new recipes. the game is 2d top-down. (desert)

-vr game where you have to do different tasks while its late at night, while not making any sound. including, doing the microwave "opening before it beeps" thing. (microwave)

-jackbox-like party game where everyone writes a beginning joke line, like "why did the chicken cross the road" for example. then, the lines are scrambled, and the people have to continue what line they got to make the punchline. then, each person is given a joke, and then has to perform it, trying to to make the players laugh. scoring is based on if the joke was effective, who laughed, who told it, what wrote the punchine and setup, and etc. (give it up)

-fps game where you are in different rooms. from bedrooms to living rooms to mansions to malls. and there are holes everywhere, in which you play whack-a-mole. (controller)

-jackbox-like party game called "seeming smart" or "book smart" or "wit smart" or whatever, lol, where a fact is presented to all players, and the job for each player is to write the reason for that. for example, "why is the earth slightly tilted", or "why did the field of quantum physics develop", these questions are stuff that'd be pretty hard to know the answer to. then, once everyone is finished, all the answers are shown, including one answer with the actual real answer. then, every player picks what they think is the real answer. the scoring system would be like drawful 2. (discriminate)

-racing game where everyone sits on office chairs and shoots shaked bottles of pop to propell themselves. you use a joystick or keyboard or whatever to aim where you're shooting, pushing you away into the direction. the game is 3d with a mario kart type camera. (boost)

-game like lemmings except it's like a security cam desk where you see the different povs of every lemming, deciding what to do for each from all their povs at once. it's basically like lemmings but hardcore, lol. the povs would be fps btw, and could maybe still be the 2d levels but just with 3d assets. (eye)

-party game similar to whiplash in terms of format, but everyone is shown the same word, and has to make up either a synonym, opposite, or whatever word of phrase for that. with the 1v1 battles and the audience deciding stuff. (dumb)

-game where you have to commit arson to a random house in the "open-world" neighboorhood, making sure you don't get caught. then, after that, you have to quickly get to the firefighters station, switch into being a firefighter without bringing any suspicion, and successfully put the fire out yourself to earn coins and get power-ups. (fire)

-3d third person skate game where in each level you skate from a to b. however, you are using rollerskates which use ice, that slowly melts from friction. you must either grab more ice which gives you more ice on your feet, or go on ice floors, which are more slippery but let you regenerate ice. if you executed this well with speedrunning, this could be a pretty fun game. (ice)

-game like sort the court, except about running an ethics board, allowing or disallowing different quirky science experiments. the experiment descriptions are randomly generated and quirky, and increase or decrease certain stats that you have to keep balanced. (counsel)

-two player game where both players have two fists. each player can push their toggle button. basically, one fist will stretch and punch out, while the other fist blocks their side. if you toggle, the hands will start to move. the goal is to punch your enemies fist to get a point, and to block their attacks when they try to punch. this is a bit confusing so it'd probably be better with shooting or whatever. maybe make a silly game called "shields and bullets", lol. the game either needs a player to get a certain amount of points to win, or have some 60 seconds countdown with the player having the most points winning. idk, you decide what would be more fun and work best. this is a bit of a weird game idea anyways. (eventually)

-party game with three players. everyone learns about the scenario "a murder on a plane with a unknown murder weapon", etc. but only the lawyer and the suspect learn the secret, "the murder weapon was a rubber duck". the interrogator has to ask the suspect questions, and can only talk in questions. the suspect must always answer honestly (perhaps the card could give some more info for the suspect to tell about? maybe even given clues? idk, i guess they could just make it up? (actually i got an idea, have the card be a comic strip that everyone can read, with the secret being hidden to the interrogator of course)), but the lawyer can intervene to give a lie if they need to. however, the lawyer only has 3 chances to do this. the interrogator can't ask easy questions, like "what was the murder weapon?". and also has only 3 chances to guess what item it is. perhaps it'd be better if there were multiple clues so the interrogator can actually make a good guess. as you can guess i can't really fully think of how to get to the cool interrogating feeling and the intense strategy the lawyer has to think, but if you get it right i think this could be a fun and clever game. with the clever part being on the clever idea and execution of the game, not just player performance. (questions)

-really basic singleplayer fps shooter, doesn't even have spray patterns, just basic recoil. quake style basically. except, you have a 1 second lag in what you see against what's actually happening in real-time. based off that william osman video (probably spelled his name wrong, sorry), the game would be very weird to play. and in a lot of cases would be better to play with your eyes closed, as the lag really mess you up. but of course, that's the whole point and fun of the game. (vision)

-game that looks like a fake os. you are a office worker who works at an office job in the year 3XXX. you are given multiple tasks in the excel-like software to do. as you progress through the levels, you learn of new functions, learn more about the world. but as the company begins to trust you, they start to give you tasks that reveal the evil, and morbid things the company does, including taking lives. as you progress you learn about two sides, and at the end of the game, are forced to make a decision to choose a side, maybe by having to delete one of two spreadsheets or whatever. i could see streamers play this, or at least be a "really underrated game" in its steam reviews, lol. (spreadsheet)

-(based off a cool youtube video i watched about reading books) program where you pick a book you want to read. then, when you boot up your computer, it'll show you the next 1-5 sentences. you can choose how much it shows you (1 sentence, a page, etc) and when it shows you (when you turn on your computer, random times, have it ask if you want to read, etc). the goal is to make it so easy to read that you can't not read it. like you can read 3 sentences, so if the program just did that maybe a few times a day, you'd be reading the book basically. though this would probably work more for self-help books rather than fictional stuff where you need to sit down. though maybe you could just adjust your settings for that. (disappointment)

-fps open-world "probably low poly cause you'd have to make a lot of assets" physics-based (and can be silly or silly-realistic with it's physics, think the long road or suchart) game that simulates throwing a surprise birthday party. the game starts with you texting your friend saying that tommorow is their birthday. then you go to bed, wake up, and tasked with setting up the party. time in the game is always passing, and you can go out in the (maybe very) small but open city. you can follow your friend where they go even, as they do their thing. you can also just enjoy the city. but you should probably get stuff to help yourself (like eating food or going to the bathroom or whatever), and also buy stuff for the party. you can also go on the fake facebook (fakebook) to see your friend's friends, and see where they live. then you can go to their place in the city and ask if they want to come to the suprise birthday party, in which you also tell them what time to arrive at. basically, the goal is keep the birthday party a surprise (if they see you with birthday stuff the party will be spoiled, so maybe there could be some suspenful moments because of this), and make the party as best as it can be, which is tested and scored when your friend arrives at their place with the surprise birthday party. i guess you always have his keys too, lol. but anyways i think this game idea is super cool, and would be a very unique and clever game. i could see it being a game a lot of streamers would play. (because of that, make it for my bday, jk lol.) (birthday)

-3d fps game like scribblenauts unlimited, where you go to a world with people having their problems. you can then use your notebook to spawn objects. however, in order to gain letters, you must absorb different objects to gain their letters. for the animation i guess it could be absorbing or it could be breaking them, idk. while it seems like it'd just be a clone of scribblenauts, i think the extra dimension, the different perspective, and the new letters mechanic would really make it different. kind of like how valorant is very similar to counter strike, but has enough differences to where they'd be different experiences. but the similarity wouldn't magically disappear because of those differences. you know what i mean? lol (h)

-game that generates a random silly app or game (can be either a game or "tool"). the goal is to literally go to a stranger and convince them to try to download the app as well. of course, you shouldn't be a dick, but you should try to basically sell the app to the stranger. and since the app is likely weird or even dumb, it adds challenge. you could also do this with friends assuming they don't know about the actual game, but then you can't really do it again. (sales)

-non-scrolling (room based) pixel-art "platformer" (you just walk you don't jump) game where you go about a regular day, going to work and such. except you have to spot anything that's just your imagination. the game has a story, the main character imagining an exciting life as they live their boring one. as you point out these things, the player learns more about the over all theme. and the very end has three endings depending on how much you noticed were from the character's imagination. the game, is a sad game. (cry)

-multiplayer game with the prank team, one to two players, and the players team, usually 1 but maybe in certain levels you can do two. the levels for the players are just basic physics-based puzzle levels. except, the prank team gets to add contraptions and gadgets to try to prank and mess around with the players. after the prank team finish playing with the room, or run out of time, then the players have to try to play the level. the players have to complete the level as fast as they can, so the prank team has to try to confuse them or just slow them down. each level (bonus points if generated) has an estimated timer for how long it'd take. that would be the gold medal, the silver and bronze medals are worse times. if the players can't beat the bronze time, then they lose. if they can beat the bronze time, then they win, but they'll naturally want to get the gold medal. so i guess that team can kind of decide if they feel like the won, lol. (prank)

-cute 3d low-poly rpg game where you play as a bug who has to save the world, aka a dirty dumpster. (bug)

-party game for online voice chats, where the group is given a question, topic, or just a general ice breaker to talk about for 1-2 minutes. except, one of the people are tasked with playing a game as they are in the conversation. this makes it difficult for them to focus on both the conversation and the game, because if they lose the game, they'll be exposed prematurely. after the timer is up, everyone discusses and votes on who they think was the secret gamer (idk about the name, lol). every game has like, 3-5 rounds and the person with the most points wins. (too fast)

-game where you are the tech guy, like the tech guy in the vans in spy movies. the game uses voice commands, as you look over the spy, tell him what to do, and warn him of any threats as you try to help him reach the goal in the level. bonus points if you make this a multiplayer game where one player is the tech guy and the other is the spy, but that's also like a seperate game idea. (moving)

-game where the screen is divided into two parts vertically. the bottom is a bunch of sliders you drag with your mouse, that controls a hand as it moves around in its world. each level is an everyday action, and as the hand moves by itself, you have to control the rotation and fingers of the hand. i guess a bonus idea is to have the ability to record your mouse sliding one slider, and then in the end you'll have like 5 mouses at once controlling different sliders and stuff. but that kind of turns it into a different game, but whatever, two ideas in one day i guess, lol. (hand)

-fps stealth game where you try to sneak into places to steal stuff. the game is very physics based. you open doors manually, you can do stuff like break and pour out vases. you can interact with machines and move them. the game makes these very small interactible things that might usually just be one button in other games. but when they all come together, they feel weirdly realistic, but also can provide clever solutions when they all work together. like making those doors traps, so when a guard opens the door, something on top of the door will fall on them. the game can also have a level editor and a workshop if on steam too, and maybe mod support for more objects and mobs. you can also distract guards and go in disguises from citizens also. the game is in a low-poly art style. (stealing)

-simple site where you are given three comic panels that you can draw on, with a random panel in one of the panels. then you just fill in the blanks. at the start of the site it can use panels that were drawn by the site creator, but eventually it'd just use panels that other people drew. and once you're done you can save it and/or publish it. the panel that is already there can just have a blue border or something. (context)

-clicker game like cookie clicker. except the different buttons are placed in a first-person 3d room. the things you buy are robot parts, which you can use to make robots that push buttons. you can also buy buttons to get more stuff, but with catches, like moving around and whatnot. you can buy sensors, contraptions to make arms and legs, etc. there's no inventory, you just grab and place items. so you can also buy chests (and to open you'd have to drag the lid up, just for fun) and shelves to put the places in. you can also buy prints or label guns to make labels, which you can also use to name the robots. lol. i think this game would be very unique and i think would be really cool, and could be pretty successful. (automatic)

-game similar to blaseball, but just more boring i guess. marble races with different teams and players. the game plays on its own, simulating seasons with each player having their own stats, like size, density, gravity, material, softness, buoyancy, etc. players can bet on games with (only) virtual coins, and can buy tickets to encourage their favourite team to do something. like try to have the marbles be smaller, or heavier, etc. each game has different courses, that could be randomly generated per season but switched through each game. you can see the marble runs do their thing, with each marble visualizing their stats. for example, their size being the size of the marble and stuff. the game could just simulate using some physics engine. i feel like this game wouldn't be competition to blaseball, as i feel they're pretty different. but they would probably compliment each other nicely, i could see the two games having crossover events or whatever. it'd be cool if it even happened in the ui. :eyes: (balls)

-game where you have a book about different fictional drugs, including different side effects. you are a police officer who pulls people (probably taking place in some weird quirky planet so it'd be cartoony aliens) over and checks if they are under the influence of any of the drugs. you can talk to them and ask them to do certain tests. once you arrest someone and drive them to the police station, you'll see if you were right or not. the game is sort of open-world, there's no menu or specific levels. just you get money if you do the right job, and don't if you do something wrong. the only menu really would just be the main menu, the focus of this game is kind of immersion. i think it could be a cool and unique game, and could be different enough to where i'd want to play it more. (cocaine)

-game like tamagotchi, except it's more fast paced. the creatures' graphics are randomly generated, which can also depend on certain factors. these factors are actually very important. because once it grows up to be an adult, it'll live it's own life as you take care of other pets. and what's cool is you can check up on the status of your older pets. and those pets, depending on their interests and their personality stats, how they're doing and etc, can affect your life as well. (didn't mean to sound so dramatic, lol.) for example, if they become a chef, you might see their meals in shops that you can buy from. or if your pet is really good at business, you might notice the prices of things going higher or lower. your pet might even become a pet-carer as well, doing the same job as you. it'd basically be tamagotchi, but with 100x more simulation stuff. lol (born)

-game where you try to take down pc scammers. while you can follow with the scammers, of course being scammed afterwards, you can also try different ways to hack and get into their systems. then, you can see their files, camera feeds, etc. the goal of the game is to basically hack them and take down the scammers, jim browning style. (cyberpunk)

-game where you are shown two randomly generated monsters/gods/warriors/heros/whatever with randomly generated gear and stuff. you bet on which one you think will win. then, since each randomly generated being has a whole bunch of stats, the game simulates and shows the battle and what happens. almost being like an intense sports game. eventually, one of them win, and you either get more or less points. if you run out of points, you have to wait 2 days to get back the default points. and during those two days, you can't play the game. (maybe if you made it a little more like blaseball but still graphical then this could be a super fun and unique game to play.) (else)

-game like an eye test. the game tells you to sit a certain distance away from the screen. (or to be at the distance to where some object on the screen is the size of something idk, just to be more accurate.) then, different things will be very much in the distance, slowly getting closer to you. the goal is for you to type what it is, with you getting more points if it's further away. it starts with just objects, but then gets to actual eye tests and sentences. then there's distractions, like being in the middle of a busy city where people walk by you and such, with the objects still in the distance coming at you. bonus points if in the final level you can look around like an fps, and you have to look for the object coming close to you as people try to talk to you. it'd be the ultimate eye test, lol. i'd see it being one of those games where people just say to play it, and don't give an explaination to not spoil it for you. this would be a fun browser game i think as well. (far ahead)

-game like surgeon simulator but you fly a airplane for an airport. (bonus idea, you could add weird vr support by having the hand controllers almost feel like it's dragging the hand in-game. kind of like an elastic is attached between the player's actual hand and their hand in-game. you know what i mean?) (wing)

-3d fps physics game that takes place in a movie studio (so there's multiple sets like construction site or sitcom indoors or whatever) where you have to try to open a jar of jam. you pick up stuff like in source games. the game is a little bit sandbox-y, and each "level" is just different types of jars, including big torus jars with the lid in the walls of the hole area, etc. the game encourages you to problem-solve similar to how teardown does. (jam)

-game where you put your face to the screen and watch different animations. with the goal to not flinch. i guess you could test this by having the player grab their mouse and slightly hover it, so if they flinch they'd probably move their mouse a bit. it'd be cool to have some leaderboard (or even a "last person who played this game performed like blah" which would actually be a pretty cool thing, i don't think i've seen that done before) but it'd be pretty easy to lie or cheat. (close)

-game that's styled like a gameshow. it picks a random text from a random contact, and gives you four people that message could be from. you have to pick the answer that is right. the questions alternate between messages from them and message you sent to them. in the settings, you can disable and enable certain contacts if you don't want certain people to be picked. (inb4 this game is made and five-thousand "phone game cheating exposed compilation" videos pop up.) (phone)

-game like mario bros 1. you have 60 seconds before the game ends. you have to get a high score. when you beat a level, you get another 60 seconds. these levels however are randomly generated. many pipes allow you to go into them to go into another level. the levels generated have wacky and weird colours, so the vibe of the whole game is this weird lsd-like mario rom hack like game. when you do things that give you a score, like getting a coin or killing enemies or breaking blocks or whatever, they'll give you a small tiny bit of time (depending on the action) to help you continue. the game also tracks your time, so maybe that can be your score you focus on. the game then kind of feels like tetris, where some people just try to test their endurance, and some people try to get a higher score number. i'd really like to see this game, i think it'd be very unique, weird, and fun. and probably memorable too. just prey you don't get a dmca strike, lol. (mario)

-game where you hear a randomly-picked note, and have to type in the box (that has autocomplete so you don't have to worry about fully remembering) a song name where either the verse or chorus start with that note. then the game checks (by checking its midi) to see if you are right. while usually people don't have perfect pitch, you might be able to sing a note, and then remember a song that starts with that note and continue on from it. when the game picks a note, if you play multiple times it'll try not to give you repeats from at least 2-3 games ago, so you might be able to have "fake-perfect-pitch" by always attaching a song to each note. bonus points if you add video game music, since those are almost all instrumental and very memorable. (808)

-text adventure game about a game of baseball. how would a text adventure game work in the middle of a baseball match? that's why it's bizzare. (bizzare)

-short visual novel game with multiple endings where you try to break up with someone with a good ending of being friends. bonus points if you use ai to make it a text-based input instead of dialogue trees. (love)

-fps game where you are an employeer in an office job. you have to do several tasks. however, an evil spirit took partial control of your mind, and will kill anyone on sight. because of this, you have to make sure you don't look at any other employers. this includes if they try to talk to you. (looking is basically if your crosshair looks at their face.) (look)

-game where you have to solve as much captcha as you can. each captcha has their own timer, which makes you lose if it runs out. when you beat a captcha the timer resets, but gets faster as your score gets higher. and the captchas get harder. the types of captchas can vary for variety and fun chaos. (L)

-game where different companies reach out to your to draw and display a billboard for them. each company is basically just a new level. you have to draw and add text to the billboard. then, it'll be displayed on a highway (or in different locations based on the company), you'll see cars pass by and stuff. then the game measures how effective it was. how good it looked, how eye-catching it was, and how well the advertising was. and maybe on some random moments, or maybe when you (which is very rare) max out a stat, that an accident will happen because of it. like eye-catching causing cars to hit each other and stuff. it'd just be fun and interesting. the billboards can both looks silly and also actually really good, both work and let the player have fun. :) (billboard)

-jackbox party like game where each person takes a turn drawing a face according to a weird description. stuff like, "complusive liar", or "really loves dogs". you can only draw the face, and have to draw someone that looks like they would match the vibe/tone/energy of the term. then, the rest of the people are given the picture and 4 different options, including the correct one. the scoring would just be for any typical pictionary-style game. (younger)

-simulation game about high school. you can work on various stats that affect your reputation with different groups in the school. there's also events and special days that you can take advantage of, like prom or theatre, etc. you can also get relationships and make new friends and stuff. bonus points if it's kariosoft style. ;) (august)

-game where you are a plant that has to move around in the forest to get sunlight. this is because the trees above move and block the view in certain areas. you have to move to the sunlight to keep your health up, while avoiding the poisonous plants that stay or even move, depending on the enemy. (solar)

-vr futuristic game where you have hover-skates. the skating is fast and about dodging things and a little bit of parkour. you can also go on walls, basically changing the gravity only for you. there's a sandbox mode where you can just do tricks in the skate park. but there's also levels, sorted in categories of their difficulties, like marble blast. in the level, get to the end as fast as you can. this game would be fun to speedrun each level, like marble blast. (australia)

-2d top-down game about a time traveller who sees the state of a village in ruins, and has to go back in time to stop it. there is a digital clock in the top right of the screen with the time moving. you can talk to people and interact with them, interact with stuff, grab and use stuff, etc. the game uses many systems, as well as time based ones. for example, kids may get out of school at a certain time, or someone might be sitting at a tree thinking of ideas for their new book, and think of one and run back to their home to write it. everybody talks about what they feel at that moment, which makes it feel cool when you connect the dots. like "oh they said they were blah, so that makes sense that they're doing this now." with these real-time events, the game is pretty unique as you can basically make some examples of the butterfly effect. of course, with the overall goal to stop the secret antaginost (or maybe just an unlucky series of events) from burning down the village. and since the game goes on a timer, there'll be very intense and suspensful moments that'll make you feel like the hero in a movie. (alt)

-fps game where you wake up in your bedroom. you have to look around and check if you're dreaming by seeing if things are off. if you realize it's a dream you go back to bed to sleep and wake up, and check again. if you believe you are dreaming then you walk out your bedroom. before the stage (which is basically a different bedroom) starts you can check the bedroom and how it actually is. if you go to sleep when you were actually awake you'll be late for your meeting and you'll lose. if you go out when you are dreaming, you'll also be late since you're taking too much time, and the game will do some really super eerie thing when you go out, something similar to the hypnospace outlaw page with the cards and the email and the tentacles thing. (dream)

-game across a football field where two baseball batters stand on each side. one throws the ball up and bats it into the air, it'll fall down and the other batter has to hit it as well or they'll lose. the game is third person, and has a ball cam (so you see it go up, but also at an angle to where you can see your player as you run and stuff). (baseball)

-game that is weirdly realistic like The Long Drive (which I actually just found out is also a roadtrip game lol) that's multiplayer. the game is fps and you and 3 other friends go on a roadtrip. the game is also like the oregon trail though however, where as you drive, events start to begin to happen and whatnot. because of this, the game would provide a pretty unique experience where you really feel the distance (you don't just skip to the next turn or whatever, since you drive the whole way), and these events (that would feel natural happening it wouldn't be at once) would make the roadtrip feel like an adventure, since these memorable plot points happen. players might also get bored (one player has to also drive the vehicle), which is why when you stop at towns or whatever, you can grab random stuff like board games, video games, toys, books, etc. i think this game could actually work super well in vr. and over all i'd actually love to see this game be made. i think it'd be a super unique experience. if you're reading this and you're able to, make this game!!! (roadtrip)

-2d game where you have 60 seconds in a top down section in a random city to grab as much materials as you can. so you might grab metal from cabinents in buildings (since you can go in buildings), or grass, whatever. then after, you have to pick what materials certain components will be for a product. then with each material having their own characteristics (incluing crazy and wacky alien ones at the end of the game) you get to see how the product performs in a fun and cool and neato simulation test of the product that's 3d low-poly (think low-poly 3d ds graphics). maybe each material has a cost in mass production so have you to have a balance of quality and cost? but that sounds like it's just limiting and annoying and not fun and not encouraging the player to try wacky and fun mixes. though i don't know how else progression could be made. maybe a score on how well the product did, and earn money based off that? maybe the game takes place in different stages, and you have to play many games in that stage with any products you choose to get money to buy to pass that stage into the new one. (cheap)

-top down 2d shooter about a business man who flies through space doing deals with gangster aliens. (expensive)

-game where the goal is to close the program. the game is always on top so you're forced to beat it (though on launch it lets you know so you're not surprised). the game does stuff like trying to close task manager (by moving over to its close button and playing some animation), it'll try to cover your whole browser if you're trying to search. and it basically just does a whole bunch of stuff to try to stop you. with animations and stuff so it feels more like a game and less like a virus, lol. the solution to close it, i haven't thought of. but it'd probably be cool if it was a mix of an external and internal solution. btw SuperF4 is a program that the game could combat. as well as cmd. just giving techniques that the game could block. it'd also probably be cool if the game had some like personality or something, like a bratty kid or whatever. (get up)

-game where the camera focuses on a music box. the music box is one of those ones you put paper with the dots with through. the music box plays the notes from bottom to top to give you a reference. but then, it's similar to guitar hero, but instead of hitting a button for a note, you sing it. just a staccato (i originally spelled that as sticatoo lol) note. harder levels have more keys and/or more notes. (music)

-mobile game where you are a soccer player that starts at one side of the yard. you have to run and dodge the players that try to stop and steal your ball, so you can kind of like deek them out. then, at the end of the yard, you have to aims and shoot at the goal, going past the goalie. (ball or soccer i forgot the word i used lol (ok i think i might've actually used mobile))

-top down 3d chibi style game that takes place in different hotel rooms (basically the different levels. it's just one room for each level.) the goal for the kid is to make a mess, and the goal for the maid is to clean it. the controls are fast and party-game like. at the end of the minute, the person who did the most (most cleaned or most messy) in the room wins. (maid)

-game that could use gpt-3 or github copilot for the code generation, but basically each level is a windows 98/95 like screen with the windows. you have to do something, but can't do it because of blah. you have a pencil, and can draw buttons, fill in sliders, draw new windows, cursors, etc. these then come to life, and can actually perform what they are supposed to do. for example, the first level could be a window that says "close me!" but can't be closed because the x button is greyed out. so you can just draw a button on the window that says "close", and then click it to close. (gui)

-game where you are a parkouring bear that has to make it from one stage to another. the game is fps and is hard to make it through as you are big and heavy. you also have to avoid bear traps and collect any food you see along the way before you beat the level. (bear)

-first person game where you are in a very big and nicely design city at night. you start off at your house, and are given a list of max, 4 locations to go to. you don't know where these are but have stuff like maps (not dynamic, just on paper), street names, etc. you walk a dog through the relaxing city with relaxing sound design, including the chance for it to rain. the game is low poly but still artistic. i'm thinking the colour pink for this game, or more specifically #ffadb4 for some reason. this would probably be kind of the colour scheme with the dark but relaxing street. maybe stuff like the rain puddle reflections, moon light and the sky could be a nice blue, or more specifically #3363ff. though i do have f.lux on at 35% rn with the standard range, so the colours were a bit more warm for me. (vibes)

-you know that thing where you can't put earth on a 2d flat surface without distorting it? there's also a picture showcasing that with a head, showing how distorted it can be. the game would showcase that same effect. you'd be tasked with drawing different things on a 2d plane, and try to account for it being into the 3d shape it is. for example, you have to draw a 2d projection of a head, and after it puts it on a head model to see how you were. i feel like this game would be pretty unique (also hard to explain lol), and could also be pretty funny. (2d)

-vr game where one hand is the tongue and the other is the bottom jaw. you move your hands to control. each level has you trying to eat different foods while staying safe. (5 gum)

-tony hawk like skating game where you skate on different and weird objects like office chairs or cars on your feet or basketballs or whatever. (chair)

-desktop program where everyday it opens up with a new word. this is so everyday you learn a new word. then, you record yourself saying that word. eventually, you'll have a collection of you saying random words, which you can use in the "text-to-speech" part which just plays the words you type. it'd probably suck but it could be interesting. you could also have a calender mode with a list of all the words you learned, their recording, and the date you learned them. you could also have a mode where, maybe you record you reading the definitions too, and then a random one of those is picked and you have to guess what word the definition is talkinga about. idk, i feel like this could be really weird but fun and interesting. (mic)

-game where you are the lights manager for a play. you control the spotlight. the game is really short and is probably just a free short game. you move the spotlight and try to do a good job moving it to the main characters talking. at the end you get a percentage showing how accurate/good you were. (owl)

-game with a one screen level and a video-style slider bar at the bottom. you are the time police who have to stomp on and stop a time traveller. the slider goes to different time periods of this one-screen level, which both you and the time-traveller can move between. bonus points if you make a local multiplayer version where each player has to stomp on the other without being stomped themselves. i guess maybe the time traveller is destryoing time crystal found in the different time periods, so you have to stop them before they break all of them. it also gives you an idea of where they might be. for example, if there's only one time crystal left, you'd know where the time traveller is gonna go. (time)

-3rd person 3d game (kind of like mario 64) where the main character has a numchuck made out of a pair of shoes tied together with their laces. you can use this as a weapon against enemies, but also the main character can go into the shoes as it's being thrown to throw themselves into a certain direction. so you can go onto a high-up area, or launch across a long gap. i guess you could just like, press a button while your joystick aims where you want to go. (shoe)

-fps game that looks like TABS with ragdoll physics. you are in a decently big world with a farm. you have to get in your pickup truck and drive to the animal farm to transport different animals inside of your pickup truck. and since it's ragdoll it'll be funny cause it'll be funny to try to get the animals in there and they might fall out and stuff, it'd be funny. (sheep)

-2d game. there is a crowd of people which you can hold the right mouse button on to stop talking. the crowd is not just a line it's 2d. the talking people make is directional. there is a monster that makes monster noises, and you have to shut up people to see who it is. however, if you try shutting up the monster (who's blending in), you'll lose because it'll bite you (you shut people up with your hand covering their mouth or closing their jaw/mouth). you can also left click to shoot your gun, which is your final guess of who you think the monster is. the goal is to use audio and shutting up people to try to kill the monster. you have two minutes to decide before the monster acts out on the people. this game actually sounds pretty fun and would be definitely intense at the end. (shut up)

-game where you a space trader. you buy goods and try to sell them for profit, another main thing is trading. you have several tools like tools to check if a mineral is real, or history books to confirm if a contraption is real and goes with the history, etc. if you fail to detect these things, you'll lose a lot of money for buying expensive fake stuff and only being able to sell them for low. however, some stuff like the blackmarket allow you to try to make fake things yourself, to try to fool other buyers. that part is just a feature though, more like a semi-main mechanic. (diamonds)

-roguelite in space with mini planets and asteroids. jump across them to travel. get to the wormholes to go to the next galaxy (aka the higher level) and defeat the black hole boss. (stars)

-2d stardew-valley-like-top-down pixel art game where you are a detective. each level is a different crime scene with different evidence you can find and examine. then, once you think you know what happened (regardless if you found all the evidence or not), you then pick who you think the suspect was out of the suspects. then, the game goes back to the crime scene when the crime was actually happening, and you play as the suspect. you play as the suspect, and try to do everything you thought happened that would go with the evidence. this means you can have some strategy and mystery, but also action since you'd have to play what you think the criminal did. (case)

-game where you combine different chemicals to make different fireworks. you can play around with the fireworks but also do a mode that's similar to angry birds. (fireworks)

-game using gpt tech to make a salesman simulator. you are presented with randomly generated products, and have to go up to people and talk to them, then try to convince them to buy your product. this game would be i think really fun to play, and very unique of course. (guy)

-fps game where you have a health bar. the level has lots of platforms so you can jump around. the game is two player. if you look at the other player (with the left mouse button down but you'll just always have it) then they lose health, even if they are just on your screen. you can halve the rate of their damage if they're like half of their body is on the screen. 16:9, assuming that's the most popular screen ratio, would be the standard, and would use letterboxing for other screen ratios. (actually made from a joke my friend made)

-simple at first 2d game where you control the character left and right at the bottom of the screen as white blocks fall down. you have to dodge those blocks. as the game continues though, you go faster and faster. the graphics start improving, even going 2.5d, different music plays leading up to heavy electronic music, and you go at incredible speeds, making it a little hard to control to convey that fast feeling. the game is fun because it feels cool to go really fast, and the game aims to give you that "really really fast" feeling. of course, if you hit one of the obstacles, everything falls apart, and the music slows down like a tape machine, and you lose. (speed)

-cute rpg about a rat that has to go through a wacky and colourful sewer adventure to get back to the surface. (actually I think that's like what undertale is, but I never played it so lol) (sewer)

-game where you work with your friends to spike a volleyball high enough into the sun. (summer)

-qwop style of game but for the joints of fingers, hands and wrists. the goal is to do different sign language without taking too long or messing up too much. (five)

-vr game similar to surgeon simulator where you use a knife to try to shave the chocolate off of different chocolate bars, without damaging the bar. (cause not every chocolate bar is just solid chocolate.) at the end, it gives you a grade based on how clean it was. (kitkat)

-game where you play as a tv show host. this game would be way better in vr, but you have to read the teleprompter as you do stuff. the game use voice recongition software to hear how you're doing. from easy stages like news reports, to hard stages like cooking as you read and talk. at the end of each stage, you can watch how you were, and the game even has fake cameramen, so when you watch it, it changes camera angles. you could also bundle this with the script to make the cameras feel really real, since it is scripted after all. (presents)

-third person cute game where you play as a bear in the park. you have to scare off people and eat their picnic food. other bears are trying to do the same thing though, so you have to get picnic food fast, and swipe at bears so they might drop some food. (maybe the bears could be holding a basket in their mouth that collects the food, that'd be cute.) (bear)

-lemmings type of game, but the goal is to build a catapult to throw into the other side of the level to destory a building. the goal is to destroy the building. (vikings)

-web browsergame with different songs that pick a random speed to play. you can turn a knob to speed it up or slow it down slightly. submit your answer of what you think the real rate is and see how close you were to getting the original rate right. then, just move onto the next song. (slow)

-game similar to that "what do you think is more popular on google" game. you are presented with a song, artist or album (you would probably get to pick what categories you want), and you have to rate what your thoughts are on it, and then what you think the total rating is. it'd probably use rateyourmusic for this. then, you submit it. it shows you what the rating really is, which determines if you win (probably if you're close you'll stay). it also has a feature though that tells you how many users had near the same opinion as you, and how many of them got the other question right. the goal is to be on your longest score streak. (taste)

-first person game where you can interact and grab stuff with the mouse button (similar to portal's grab feature). you can plug stuff in this way. the goal is to try to make the closest electric guitar distorted sound you can by using objects that aren't electric guitars. so you plug them in the amp and do stuff. then once you submit it shows how close you are (probably using some math to check the similarity between the two sounds). i'd actually think this would be better if you didn't submit it, but like on the wall behind the amp it would just show the current score and highest score. i guess the score could be a percentage like 100.00%? (amp)

-phone game. you sign up, and have your own qr code. the goal of the game is to convince people to also join the game, and scan your qr code for you to increase a point. there would be a global (and maybe national) leaderboards showing the top players. i could imagine people going up to people asking if they wanted to try the game. or maybe even meetups of those players to help each other out. i think the game would be a really fun experiment. (volunteer)

-mirrors edge but you can throw hammers at buildings and break them like teardown. stages where you get from point a to b as fast as possible, and each stage is pretty replayable in of itself. (window)

-more of a game mechanic, but a top down car game where you can drift. when you drift, fire shoots out of your tires due to the friction. you can use this to attack enemies that are after you. maybe cars chase you around the city, and you have to survive as long as you can or collect spawning collectables? and then you can attack the enemies? idk. (burnout)

-bomberman, but the players are spiders on spiderwebs. the bombs can blow up the connection or string it's on. (web)

-vr game like fruit ninja. except you have paddles. you have to keep the fruit up in the air by bouncing them up in the air. when you click them, they split into two. the more fruit you have bouncing at the same time the more points you get as you play. the game ends when all your fruit are gone. (blade)

-vr game that takes place in a lab with a whole bunch of random stuff that you can do satisfying things like ASMR and other stuff. (headphones)

-3d third person game like qwop but you run down those fashion show runways. the clothes get sillier and sillier as you progress. the goal is to make it to the end of the show. (sexy)

-you know that game where you press the button when you think it's been a minute? the ultimate version of that. click when you think it's been 1 second, then 10 seconds, then 30 seconds, then a minute. then it shows the graph of time and when you hit the buttons vs what the times actually were. the game would be a webpage. (ratio)

-game where there is a ecosystem with animals. you must work on the first generation of your own animal for it to evolve. it's kind of like plague except you can only customize it at the beginning it it's evolution. as it evolves and accomplishes tasks you get points which you can use for other upgrades. the simulation is top down simple graphics (probably vector-based) so you can see the animals and the simulation. it also has a time speed changer. the goal of course is to make the superior animal, and as you take over ecosystems, you unlock bigger and harder ones with more biomes, animals, etc. in the end there could even be "thinking" upgrades which use neural networks for giving logic to animals, which other animals can also have. the other animals also evolve with yours. there might be stuff like one upgrade and another upgrade after multiple generations fuse or go into effect or whatever. it would be cool to be strategic and/or mess around. there would also be a sandbox mode for fun. (also maybe steam workshop support?) (animal)

-relaxing game where you are in a city. everyday you have randomly generated tasks to do. you go do them. as you progress, you get money and can buy upgrades. you also can do side-quests to get more rewards. the game is simple vector art style, top down 2d. upgrades include stuff like cars. there's also lots of fun and silly cheat codes. :) (friday)

-game that uses gpt-j (;]) where you interview a celebrity. then after the interview, you have to write a headline about the interview to try to get as much clicks on that article as possible. you could be sincere, or take things out of context just for clicks. (interview)

-you know that little game that used to be popular on youtube, where when you talked a pc would play your voice in your headphones with a delay, making you stutter? game with an audience where you try to debate with someone else, while both people have that. the game would be chaotic fun as people have difficulties talking. (duet)

-game where you are a home renovator for ants. it's similar to that animal crossing game about designing houses. you design houses for ants in their tunnels, caves, boots, etc. idk if the game would have a cute style. maybe like a realistic but cute as well style? so not just like a doodle artstyle? idk. the game would have a small story and i could see it being like on the front page of itch.io for a bit/while. (boot)

-platformer game where you have that paddle with ball on string toy. you can't jump, as your only method of going up is using the toy. it's also how to you hit enemies and such. (paddle ball)

-visual novel detective game where the culprit of a horrible murder is someone the main character loves. the visual novel would have have great storytelling to really make you feel like you're at a crossroad. the game would have two endings, both bittersweet (relating to jailing or not the culprit). (detective)

-3d skateboarding game (like tony hawk) but it's like tron where you make a trail. the trail is just deadly graffiti (lol) on the ground, so it doesn't go up. this would have typical skateboard gamemodes but also modes where you battle against bots and friends to try to get them knocked out. maybe that should just be the focus since there's other (and probably better lol) alternatives for just a regular skateboarding game. the game would have a similar art style to that popular cel-shaded skate game that people want a sequel of or something I forgot what it's called. (ok the game is focused on rollerskates but whatever, the game is jet set radio.) (honk)

-2d one-screen paltformer game where there are enemies coming in from the sides. you have to dodge them (or could be more fun if they were like goombas and you could jump on them) while the top tells you what to do. so for example if it says go left, then when it's small timer goes down (which is to a beat) it checks if you're going left. down could make you crouch and fall down faster. so you'd have stuff like the directions, jumping, falling, maybe bouncing (would have leeway so it's not frame-perfect lol), ducking, etc. bop it with your controls while you dodge and bounce of enemies. (the enemy behavior could be like goombas for a type of enemy, and the next type of enemy as the game gets harder would be like bullet bills) (bop it)

-top down 2d dodgeball. except instead of grabbing and throwing the ball, someone runs into it so it starts bouncing. each player then has a paddle they control that can go 360 degrees around them. so you would bounce the ball with your paddle into your opponents, and defend yourself by blocking the ball with your paddle. the game would be fast paced and could get intense with some good players. could just have "cpu or friends mode" but online would be cool too. the game would be pixel art. (cream pie)

-experiment where there's this really fun arcade game (you the dev decide what it is), but in order to play it you must work for 10 minutes. then you can play the game for 10 or 20 or 30 minutes max (you the dev decide the time) and after that you have to work again. the work is basically a fake work simulator where you do boring work. the experiment is to see if the reward of doing the work will make the game fun, or if it will make it boring, or anticlimactic, etc. (work)

-3d third person racing game (in a city) where instead of drivers maintaining and racing their car, superheros maintain and race with their capes/wings/etc. (superhero)

-game similar to telephone. someone is asked to draw text their answer of a question in black marker. then it's passed to the next person, who draws with red marker marking it, also writing what they did wrong. then it passes to the next person with a blue marker doing the same thing to what the red marker and (maybe idk) black marker did as well and it goes on until it's the ultimate marked paper. (highlight)

-game where you watch a timelapse of art being drawn, however, there's a point where the artist keeps and keeps drawing, eventually ruining it. you have to say when to stop. idk how this would be judged. maybe make it a party game and have everyone try the same timelapse, and then rank each others picks? have the artist pick a spot which they were actually done and compare how close they were to that spot when the player said stop? idk. (done)

-pachinko but ragdolls. (fall)

-site that picks 10 random words from the dictionary and puts them as buttons. anyone that goes on the site will see the same buttons as anyone else. they can pick a word and it'll be added to the text. basically overtime people will have contributed to make a long story or whatever. adds some rules like no spamming. the game would also keep track of stats, like when words were added (could have a cool graph that has each word's x position depending on what time it was.), how many words there are, etc. could be called "1/10 word game" (one outta ten word game) like the "one word story" game. (essay)

-online browser game where you go around a forest and pick out plants. the goal is to find 5 plants that are edible, by looking at the plants up close and looking for the details to indicate different things. this game would be for educational purposes probably from some university or company. i was thinking the game would be cute top down with pop ups for looking at plants but idk if that'd be cooler than some other thing. i guess vr would be good but it'd ruin a bit of the "education" part since not everyone would be able to play. (mushroom)

-game like katamari, except you start with a ball and roll it in the house to put stuff in the house (so like reverse katamari), then at the end it shows the house with the furniture where it is and scores based on how good it looks. this could include stuff like the right furniture in the right room but that might limit how free you can be (you can't just roll the ball around and see what happens, but it'd add strategy, but could make it less fun) so maybe don't do it? (free space)

-rhythm game that uses the microphone to track your beatboxing. it'd be like ddr but instead of arrows it's kick, snare, closed hi-hat and open hi-hat. there'd probably be mod support for more and different sounds. (microphone)

-sandboxy horror multiplayer game where you have to try to make your friends get scared, and/or scream or jump or make a sound, etc. the game would be in first-person. everyone would use tools or whatever, maybe like garry's mod? idk, at that point i guess you could just make use gmod or make a mod for it. that could be cool, though idk how it'd fully work, though I guess that's what this idea is supposed to be, lol. (scream)

-two player game where one player has a red flag, and the other player has to try to stay on. the game would be top down, pixelated like binding of issac. there's also a 4 player mode with two teams. the flag people try to aim the bull to run into the other player to try to make them fall, while the bull players try to stay on even under collisions. (buffalo)

-hmm. web game where you and your friend pick a photo for your friend to look at. you can decide how long they have to look at it, but when each person gets a turn looking at the other person's image (or video actually) they have to wait the average of the two numbers (so you can't just do infinite). the photos/videos have you make you want to not look at it. idk how it'd detect this but I feel like this would be a gross game, like reddit's 50/50. (bam)

-fps kinda low poly game where you are the cameraman for different scenes of different films. you have to record the scene as they actors do their thing. at the end of the shoot your footage is scored (this would be the hardest part (felt like I said that before about a scoring system)) to determine if it's good, counting creativity into it. after you finish multiple scenes for one movie you get to see the scenes all put together and see your movie with your footage. if this was a jam game the shoots would all be for one movie that you'd see at the end. i just remembered this is kinda like that sonic dream game but you kind of just act as the cameraman. maybe to add some comedy to it make it so you can interact in the scene, like knocking stuff down or messing with the actors, which would all be included in the movie. lol (ending)

-vr game where each hand is a water rocket gun. you fly across bodies of water through hoops completing levels, shooting down at the water with your water rocket guns to lift yourself up. the game is about speed and satisfying aiming. there's also a sandbox mode where you can play around with different maps. there's also a level editor to make your own levels. (hydro)

-game styled as a gameshow where every contestant gets a certain amount of time on a random wikipedia article. then there is trivia about that random article. this game I feel would work great using GPT-3, seems like it has all the stuff that GPT-3 is shown doing well. (like answer a question in a large document, making up questions, and checking if they are true.) (game)

-game where you race with friends. you are given a fact, and your goal is to be the first one to google and find a website that is misinforming about that fact. the facts wouldn't get into politics for obvious reasons, it'd be more like misconceptions, myths, and stuff. jokes wouldn't count of course. (you)

-game where a stack of event cards are taken and shuffled (so maybe like 15 cards from a full deck or whatever), and everyone gets 20 actions cards. through each round, an event card is withdrawn and each person picks an action card to use. the game is like oregon trail but each person is fighting to be the last man standing, though the real goal is to make it to the end. maybe it'd be better if there were more cards? idk. it also depends on the amount of players. the game would have some strategy though, and lots of "damnit i knew i should've saved that card!" moments. there could also be money and shops. the setting could either be like oregon trail, or be more fun and be in space or something. maybe a literal space race? lol (cards)

-funny comedic parody of gta which takes place in a city that's flooded. instead of cars, you drive canoes, and instead of running you swim. the game is just a small parody so it'd be probably an hour of gameplay. you could buy expensive stuff like motorboats though. (flood)

-vr game where you balance stacks of plates with your finger. there are many levels where you have to hold it for a certain amount of time. at first the levels are just about balancing, but eventually they get into multi-tasking, making sure you maintain all the tasks so you don't lose, while balancing the plates. as you go on the levels get more creative with crossing the street and stuff, as well as more harder. (dumbbell)

-2d top down game like superhot (in terms of the cool feeling) where you use the toy that extends to grab stuff to grab guns and stuff to kill the enemies. it would be based on that grabbing thing, it wouldn't have the "time only moves when you move" thing. (reach)

-game where you bet on two ai's playing different games against each other. you could make this pretty cool if people were able to submit their own ai. then you could have devs trying to make cool ai, and everyone else having fun betting on which one would win. ai-sports is gonna be the next thing guys, lol. (ai)

-trivia game about different pronoucations, terms and etc for different words and stuff. like "which part of america says pop" or "which countries say po-tay-to", etc. (pop)

-warioware style game where you're presented different things, like buildings or faces, etc. each (some or all depending on difficulty/progression) feature are rotated, and you have to rotate them back into their orignal place. in the harder stages, you'll have stuff that's a bit hard to tell if it's the right way, like an eye only having eyelashes (which you might think should be on the bottom, etc). (rotate)

-multiplayer teardown mixed with the floor is lava (in a house, at least for the default map) mixed with spleef (from minecraft). (sidekick)

-fun "play for a minute every once in a while" 3d semi-top-down game where you're a superhero that can fly. around the city map are people woh need your help so you save them. stuff like cats in trees, people in burning buildings, purse robberys, bank robberys, etc. as you finish these small quests (there would be a lot of different types of quests though, maybe each have variation?) you get coins which you can use to upgrade different stats and get different powerups so you can get more money and do more quests more easily. would probably be a mobile and switch game, lol. (hero)

-vr game where you make food with powertools as hands. from pb&j sandwiches to gourmet dishes. (the powertools for your hands would depend on each level.) (jam)

-party jackbox-style party game where each person makes up a false fun fact, it's grouped with actual real fun facts and the rest of the people have to pick which one they think is the false one. maybe in the last round everyone has some time to make up a fact, then goes through each fact and people have to guess which one is false and who made it up. maybe half the people make up a false fun fact and the rest make up a true fun fact so you have to pick which one is false, and pick for all facts who you think wrote it. (university)

-vr game where you pick locks. it goes from standard locks to bank safes to crazy made up fantasy sci-fi locks. (door)

-stealth game where you try to go around your work place stealing people's supplies, lunch, documents, etc. once you get back to your desk you can craft new supplies to help you steal even more important stuff. the game is 3rd person with a simple artstyle, like octodad kind of. (approaching)

-game that forces you to exercise. you put in something that you wouldn't want to be sent to someone (you could select one person specifically, a whole bunch of people, randomly from a group, anyone, etc) as a text. you then whenever you plan on doing your workout, have to get to a random location around you in a certain time limit, after that there's another waypoint. if you don't get to those waypoints in a certain amount of time the texts are sent. after the waypoints your journey is done. this would be pretty hard to balance I think, but it'd be really configurable. like how many waypoints, time limit, distance, distance between waypoints, etc. also 500 game ideas woo!!! (500)

-fps bird simulator where you build nests, take care of your children, survive, and etc. (tree)

-top down game where police cars and bugs try to go after you. you have a ball and chain attached to your leg so at first you walk slow. but you're able to eat the ball, making you go faster the more you eat it. eating it takes time though, so you have to run away from the enemies (the levels are like in a dungeon, but maybe they could progress to the outside and stuff, maybe even with a story the end could be the top of the police building) so you can get some time to eat the ball. you win the level when you finish eating the whole ball. (burden)

-site that gives you challenges to use on omegle. stuff like make someone laugh, make someone say a certain phrase, win a game of rock paper scissors with someone, etc. there could also be a mode (that'd probably be more fun honestly) where everything has a timer, and disconnects you if you don't complete it in time. though i'd add a button to stop the timer if you like the conversation and just want to talk. :)
-originally the idea above was a site like omegle for people who are sad and people who want to make them feel better, you'd select if you're sad or want to make someone's day better. (happy)

-board game like oregon trail but as a card game. bonus points if you make it about space, and use multiple planet component cards to generate random planets (that could be an game idea on it's own lol). (freedom)

-fps game where you have to babysit many babies and kids for a certain amount of time (5 or 10 minutes, depending on difficulty). the game is chaotic as you have to protect kids, treat them if they need something, clear up and conflicts, and etc. there could be score just for fun. (check)

-probably one-screen side platformer game where you play as a parkouring sheep as you have to go all over the changing map (everytime you get a score the map changes), you have to collect gems (or maybe flick a lever just by touching it) to prop open the fence in the middle that you jump over. if you don't get the gem and jump over the fence in time, the level borders (which is like a tought bubble) will burst and the person wakes back up, losing and showing your score. hopefully you get what I mean, lol. (sleep)

-online physics battle royale game where you are a truck driver trying to deliver goods, if you crash into someone and cause them to lose some or all of their supplies, you get points (and maybe/probably bonuses/benefits) for how many supplies you took off of their truck. this one sounds fun. :) (ship)

-vr game based on that scene in now you see me 2 where they have to hide that card and do crazy shiz. one team has to do the security checks, the other team have to hide the card through the security checks by hiding it, and also saying bye to physics and going ham. (ace)

-tron, but while you make trails, you also make roads. there's a single ramp in the center of the map. so if you do a jump, you make a road going up that other people can go up on. the game would work like gta online's tron. your trail is limited (it isn't a infinite length of trail) but the roads are, so at the end, there's a whole map that you and your friends have made. (dead end)

-game that uses gpt-3 or some nlp technology to make the best rock paper scissor game ever. each person gets 3 random options with random items, they pick one (maybe with a 5 or 3 second countdown as an option or as permanent to force the player to choose one quickly?) and the two players get what items they got dueled. both players get their own different items. the ai or system would determine which one would win in that duel. i don't think this would be objectively balanced, but i think it could still be fun to see how it plays it. this would be like quick, draw but for rock paper scissors. (five)

-hot potato party game but when you get the potato you have to beat a warioware-style microgame. (waste on time)

-likely userscript game where you control a top-down character with guns and stuff and you go to real webpages to blow them up. you can click on the links if you go up to them to travel to that page. your guy is small and the camera is zoomed in and centered on you. the game would be fun cause it'd be really destructive with physics i guess. this is likely inspired off the jazztronauts gamemode for gmod. i wouldn't want to make it so you only have a limited amount of time to do it but idk what othe objectives there could be. (net)

-game where you are a flea trying to avoid the spikes on a mace that tries to hit you. game is 3d 3rd person. you're a flea so you'd be able to dodge the spikes. (mace)

2021-04-20 (ayy)
-bullet hell but everything shoots bullets like smoke. (smoke)

-qwop but optimized not for running but for climbing stairs. (stairs)

-vr game where you're in a zombie apocoalypse, traveling to a safe spot with your friend. however, something happens and your friend becomes unconcious. the goal of the game is to get to the safe spot while you have to carry your friend's body. all this while you have to shoot zombies and survive. i would imagine this to be campaign based, maybe with some environmental storytelling. i could imagine some tense moments like some subway door is gonna close and you just pull your friend in right before the door closes. (died)

-(porbably would work best as a vr) game where you're in a lab with a whole bunch of chemicals and tools. you're also presented with a line of liquids that all look like water, water being included. the goal is to use the chemicals, liquids and tools to determine which cup has the water. when you decide you drink the cup and see if you survive. (thirsty)

-full or maybe short game where you control the wind to help a leaf cross a long land. the game would have beautiful painting art, a relaxing soundtrack and a great story. the leaf would go from the forest, to the plains, to towns, etc. :) (leaf)

-game where you check and remove lice for as many patients as you can in one minute. uses the mouse for the tools or whatever. (lice)

-game where you learn different ways to format letters. from the standard lick to stick, to the red japanese wax, to using rope to tie a knot. could be fun to learn about different cultures. (stamp)

-fps low poly game where you walk around a randomly generated small island with a small town/city, and have to draw a map for it. (land)

-party game where people make furniture, then people decorate a room with random submissions from the first round. then each room duels against each other as people vote for their favourites. there could be some cool and funny things from this. (design)

-fps physics game where you try to solve problems as creativily as possible. uses a scoring system to decide how creative you were (this would be a interesting challenge). (think)

-game where you grab a big green ball, and other players can waddle around and try to grab it too. player with the ball at the end of the timer wins. (possess)

-game where you use the primary mouse button to breath in and out manually to make sure you survive. you have to keep up with exercise and stuff. (sigh)

-game where ti shows the beginning of a countdown, then at some point it dissapears, and you have to press the button to when you think it'll reach zero. depending on how close you are is how you win. (timer)

-game where you use a program similar to Cheat Engine to cheat in a fake "online multiplayer" game (really just using super good bots, they'd be really really good to force you to cheat). (cheating)

-game where you have to nail a nail in with a hammer made out of jello. (hammer)

-fps game where you're chasing someone in a city as you hold a camera. the goal is to take a good picture of them, using a scoring system to determine if your photo is good. (snap)

-game where you try to protect your gold coins, but ninjas try to run towards it to get it. what you have to do is throw gold coins at them, picking them back up since they're precious. (precious)

-breakout but in space, where the rocket curves (cause it's orbiting around the planet) to hit the bricks. (rocket)

-game where 5 npcs tell you what's going to happen, like "guy in green shirt will fall", or "gorilla walks across screen". then it plays a small randomly generated cutscene with stuff happening. at the end you have to pick who was the one who lied, and made up their statement. (i think i might start thinking of putting my mindset into thinking of warioware microgame ideas, might be easier and better and more room for creativity.) (post-fool)

-fps game where you try to speedrun falling for as many pranks as you can during the ingame day. idk how it'd work but you decide. (fool)

-program where you and a friend set each other a random payload, where it'll set your desktop wallpaper to a specific picture your friend picks, and play a sound your friend picks. you will do the same to your friend. you each get to pick any day that this will happen. so you guys will know you're pranking each other, and have no idea when it will happen. it could be a scary face with a scream, to being creative and picking their current wallpaper with fake desktop icons to confuse them as you paly a 15khz sine wave or something. lol (pre-fool)

-educational vr game where you take stuff apart and put them back together. stuff like microwaves, toasters, toys, toy cars, cars, computers, etc. (toaster)

-fps low poly with nice pallete like baby blue for living room walls, etc game where you are in a house with a cup and ping pong ball in your inventory. you can do trickshots which depending on how good it is will give you a certain amount of points. there are a bunch of modes for it, from timed, to getting the highest score, to just messing around. (bucket)

-game where you look at a face that looks a bit off, and you have to click what is off about it. there would be a timer that would go down as you play. (eyebrow)
-two player game where one person edits a face slightly and shows it to the other player, if they can guess what is off about it they win and the game restarts. if they can't guess what's off about it in 10 seconds, the editor gets a point and edits it slightly again. this would go from shaving a bit of eyebrow, to slightly moving the eye, etc. (eyebrow)

-top down game with that spinning ball thing. this game would be pixelated and quirky like ds games. you spin and drag the cursor in a circle to spin the ball with more momentum, when you let go of the mouse you let go. the goal is to play catch with a friend and do this. throw it at each other to catch it. the goal is to get a high score as you can. this game would have the same style as the dsiware warioware minigames, like pyoro or the paper planes one. (pull)

-game where you are being chased by people down the city streets, and you get points for pushing people, and small props like trash cans, mailboxes, etc. the game would be top down, probably 2.5d, and would be fun and satisfying to push over people, the game would probably have some good and nice sound design (hey that rhymes). (push)

-kind of game in terms of adding onto it, but site where you submit a url, and then it checks a whole bunch of stats like language, location, size, looks, popularity, etc, to put it on a vector map (like XO or The Infinite Drum Machine). the goal would be it would put similar sites together on a plane, and it could look pretty cool. it could also be pretty cool to see and watch it grow over time as people submit sites and links. (link)

-simple game you can play with a deck of cards, pick a random card, look at it and then put it away. then get another friend who doesn't know the card, and they have to try to guess what colour it is. the catch is if the number is odd, you have to lie and say it's the other colour. if it's even then you have to tell the truth. points are only given on lie cards, lying well means you get point, if they pick the right colour then they get a point. (didn't)

-fps parkour game in a dark place where you use a flashlight that literally only flashes light. so you have to do parkour, with some flashes to help you. each level has a cool duotone colour scheme, since I think if it was just black it'd be boring and a bit scary. maybe have a cool pattern over the screen as well? idk, maybe this game could be a cool demonstration of some cool shaders. (flashes)

-vr game that is pitch black, and you have to rely on sound. the game is an escape the room type game. i wonder if blind people would be better or worse at this game? (mono)

-game where you try your best to eq something as best as you can. after you submit it shows you what a professional did to eq the audio. could be useful for educational purposes on equalizers. maybe add some other effects like compressors or whatever. (nono)

-platformer game set in a bar where you try to collect and dirnk as much alochol as you can without dying, and as you drink you get drunker, so weird effects and harder controls. (alcohol)

-aw, i hate this idea. evil game where you pick a file (that's older than a month), and you do a level of this game (maybe a platformer or something), if you win, you gian a point (which can be shown on the leaderboards), but if you lose, that file you picked gets deleted. so you risk losing precious files to increase your rank on the leaderboard. this would be the one game where i'd respect the top people on the leaderboard. maybe have the number of files they lost to beside it? or maybe just leave it out as a mystery, that could be cool. (gotta do it)

-vr game where you chop as much food as you can in a minute without cutting yourself. (quick)

-top down (maybe) game where you have to get from a to b. there are enemies (maybe zombies?) that try to go to you and punch you, but you are holding to jugs. you can swing these jugs at them to hurt and kill them. but the jugs have water in them with physics, so you have to try to not spill as much to withstand the requirement to complete the level. also there could be another thing where the jugs have acid that hurt anyone who touches it (including the player) (jug)

-mobile game with short timer and score system. you have three primary colours, and drag one colour onto the other to mix it. the top of the screen shows the colour to reproduce. once you get the right colour, you drag it onto the top to add a score. the colours get more complicated, and the timer gets shorter as you progress. your goal is to try to get a higher score than your current high score. (green)

-vr game where you try to take cheese out of a mouse trap. (hesitate)

-multiplayer game where you have 1 minute to swing around the jungle, grabbing ropes in first person, trying to grab and collect the bananas. if you drop, you drop 2 bananas and then respawn, which other players can take. player with most bananas at the end of the game wins. could also add a team mode, and maybe even more game modes if it's really fun. (monkey)

-game with marble blast camera where you roll a cube. you have to try to get to the goal. the catch is that there is a certain side, that if you land on it (so it touches the ground), you die. you could do some cool stuff like flipping and stuff to try not to touch the side. i could imagine super mario 64 half-a-press explaination type videos for this game, speedruns could be really cool and be technical. this would be a interesting game to see the reception. (side)

-trading card game where the cards you collect are components to make your own characters. so take pokemon tcg for example, there would be cards to define their stats and attacks, as well as name components and character designs (using different features maybe with clear plastic, or different sections of the art). if it was simple you could just stack the cards in a way to see all of them, but it'd probably be better to make special sleeves that hold each card in place, and you could swap. this would incourage creativity, be really strategic, and have the "even a noob might have the chance to beat the pro if they have a good strength against their weakness and/or is just good" kind of thing. (odd)

-jackbox party like game where a game template is picked, (platformer, shmup, etc), and people are given 10 seconds to draw what the game tells them to draw. like the player's head, or a bullet, or a coin, etc. then they have to make a level in 30 seconds. then, some players can work on making the text (like game over and stuff) in 8 seconds, while the other players have to place some random notes down to make a song in 15 seconds. afterwards, everyone gets their own sort of game. where each asset came from instinctive creatitivty due to the time limit, and if some assets combine together, can make some cool stuff. (triple)

-two+ player game where you pick a popular thing in media (like batman), and are given either the instruction to read a fact (like ex, in batman issue blah, there is a character named blah. or, in the show sailer moon, the villain's name is blah. or like, in 1986 nintendo tried to sue blah for blah or whatever), but there's also one where it gives you a media, and you have to make up a fact. the other players then guess if the fact was made up or is real, the winner is the one with the most points at the end of the game. this game would have a lot of "wait that's real!?" and "i thought that was real!" (lol) and stuff. (mario)

-game which is a site where you generate qr codes, you then put these qr codes somewhere hidden in the real world. people can then find them. they can also read the text underneath that talks about what the game is and how to play it. when scanned the user get's a point, the goal is to find as many qr codes as you can. it'd be cool to have it so you can hide as many qr codes and you'd like, but i'm not sure how to combat abuse or cheating. (travel)

-jackbox party like game where everyone writes a line, some people will write a line that rhymes with a word, then after that, people get a list of random lines from other people, and stitch them together to make a rap. then it is demonstrated and people vote for if one side one or the other, then going to the next match. this is similar to that rap city game and i hope i didn't just copy it, lol. (mashup)

-game with stages where you have a grappling hook and fly through space, trying to get to the goal while avoiding hot stars, you can ride one some moving stars. the game is focused on being fast, and kind of similar to clustertruck. (star)

-game where you have a list of ingredients but you don't have the porpotions so you have to decide the numbers yourself and make a balanced meal. (peace)

-vr game where you have a bucket and try to collect as much gas in the air as you can. (gas)

-clicker heros but the whole site is one big multiplayer thing. so everyone who plays contributes. the enemies obviously increase in difficulty so you don't get a seizure from the enemy pictures changing. the game would have ms paint like graphics and could use randomization to generate random enemies using different parts. (double click)

-platformer game with different stages where your mouse cursor has physics. it can fall, it can go on conveyors and trampolines, you can literally drag it across the floor, and if you fling up you can almost pull it up with an impulse. you can't like drag it and hold it up though, just like throwing it up. the goal is to dodge any harmful stuff and get to the goal. if you want, you don't have to, but making the game windows themed would be cool. (idk why i said that like i was talking to someone lol) (mouse)

-game where you try to look for bugs in the game to break the fourth wall. the game's story would be about the character realizing they're just living in a game, and could be a long game with an emotional story, using intentional bugs as puzzles. i think that game could be a good hit. :) (climax)

-party game where you text your friend as people watch, the goal is to tell your friend something like "zim the lizard passed away" or "i am sad" or whatever, just random stuff that could be true or not (but most likely fictional silly fun). the twist is that you have to try to make sure the audience watching doesn't get the message. idk how you can have the audience submit a vote, you could just have each person guess after some timer, and have a human decide who won. if the person doesn't get the message then they lose and everyone else but them gets a point or something idk. anyways the goal is to try to tell a message secretly, in public. (keyboard)

-site where you are told to make a melody, chord progression, drums, bass, etc using the piano roll snapped to a scale. then after, the site will pick random submissions, making long melodys, making arrangements to make a community-made song that is put in the gallery. each song has its own key, scale, tempo and even instruments. you'd be able to hear the note you placed when you place it. could be a fun experiment. (generated music)

-game try to make the other person do something in 30 seconds. both people have their mic on, and one is told to make the other person cringe, laugh, annoyed, or even cry (probably hard mode). the goal for the other person is to be silent, and not succumb to the other player's sounds. (sound)

-fps game with 3 players. on is a security guard in the middle and has to look on two sides to catch a player trying to cross an obstacle course with a glass pane in the middle. the guys on the side have to try to cross without being caught. the players on the sides get to look at the security guard through a one-way glass. hope this made sense. (late)

-game where you match up with 3 random people (so 4 in total) and have to perform on a stage together. the stuff you have to do is random, so "musical", "barbershop quartet", "comedy scene", "psa", etc. it's the ultimate improv game. the audience is also real people. (note)

-experimental vr game. someone drives the car, having to pay attention, and everyone else has to sit there and can't take off the headset (or everyone loses). the road trip lasts 5 hours, and the goal is to see if everyone can wait, and if the driver can pay attention the whole time. the amount of players recommended is 4 players. (b)

-site where you can sculpt your own figurine and have an iframe to put it on your site. the site detects stuff and basically makes it so the iframe can only be on one page and site at a time. then, users can also have their own shelf, and when you see a action figure you can add it to your shelf, the figure is still there of course as well for othe people to collect. it just makes it so you can have a collection of cool creative figurines found by exploring the net. (action figure)

-3d fps chase game where one player chases another player with a satisfying swinging grappling hook, and the other runs away parkouring mirrors edge style with tight satisfying controls. the only game any player would play any team. (top of a building)

-you know those sites where it's like drawing telephone? like the first person has to draw "a helicopter dancing" for example, then the second person has to guess what the drawing is, with the third person drawing the second persons guess? well take that to the extreme. have random events that sometimes occurs, like flipping or mirror images, changing the words for synonyms, telling the drawer to draw the opposite, move and wrap the image, make the person have to draw upside-down, etc. this would be on a site where anyone can participate in an ongoing event. of course at the end you'd be able to view its history. this would be a collaboration of a whole bunch of people to eventually produce this weird image. depending on the website's activity would be how many cycles the image would go through, no point having 10 rounds if the site isn't popular at all. 2 or 3 cycles would be best at that point. though maybe when you start an event have the option for more? up to 10? i'm not sure. cycles would have both drawing and typing. (weird)

-game similar to warioware. you play a minigame, and at some point randomly it will switch to a new minigame. the goal is to not lose at any of the minigames. maybe you'll have lives? idk. (switch)

-vr game where you are a barber. you get to look at someones hair and what hairstyle they want, and then the screen fades to black. so you have to cut their hair blind. there is a mode that enables an outline of the person's head (but not hair). (hair)

-3d 3rd person game where you are a bug trying to avoid people walking, crumbs being dropped, etc. (footstep)

-rhythm game where you can hold up to stay in air for a long time, and hold down to go down quickly. the goal of the game is that you're platforming across music sheet notes, the camera is autoscroll. the goal is to hit the notes rhytmically. i'm not sure if it'd be possible to have it so you have to land on them when they'd play, or just on the beat of the song. the music would be nice jazz pieces. (jazz)

-game where a planet is being shot at, and you are a in space and try to protect the planet by shooting the bad guys, as well as catching any people flying out of the planet and nice-guy-ships. some of the people that you rescue can help you by shooting as well, or increasing your health faster or whatever. then some of the people you rescued might join your crew and help you save other planets. this is a bit of stretch but maybe have it so you can be the bad guys, catching the people who fly away and making them work for you, some might start to believe you and want to work with you. then you can fight against the bad guys in multiplayer as well, and not just singleplayer or whatever. also, some of your crew can have their own spaceship, each with behaviors, so some might stay close to your ship, some might just fight a little in the distance, being able to help you when you need it, or just doing their own thing taking care of the other side of the planet or whatever. the game would be 3d and 3rd person of the spaceship. and would be pretty fun. (planet)

-game where there there is a small neural network that tries to solve mazes, so it's human like but still can be fooled. the site (though i think it'd be more charm as a program) has a voting system, so you have to draw a maze (start, walls, goal) for the ai to figure out. it shows how long the ai takes, and you're also able to draw some cool stuff. so the top voted thing would be a nicely drawn thing that takes the ai a long time to solve, with a player with controls and stuff. it'd be pixelated like flipnote studio style. (maze)

-game where you are a god answering questions about your universe, questions you get are random and decide what your world will be like as it runs it's simulation. things will come up that will need you to answer more questions. the simulation would generate text entries on what's happening, as well as an "encyclopedia" (nested by orteil style) for your universe. the text entries would be stuff you could actually read on your own for a bit, and would be fun and interesting to see it run. as well as the stats of the universe. the universes would include galaxys, solar systems, planets, regions, etc. as well as unique people, plants, places, etc. basically almost a game that generates news and nested-style things by you answering questions to set parameters sort the court style. (why)

-virtual board game where you and players try to prepare as much as you can for a nuclear apocoalypse. at a random turn, the bombs launch, and everyone sits back as the simulation manages what happens next, and who survives the longest. this ranges from buying bunkers, to being the mayor your town or city, to the food you have, being a farmer, etc. the game is strategy and would have a few interactions between players, but also doing something that stops an opponent from doing something, giving them that "darn" kind of thing like in board games. (bomb)

-based of an old flash game. twine game, or maybe visual novel, or maybe even bitsy style game where you're a detective solving a case. there are many times where you can die, and if you do, that's it. it's impossible without clearing your cookies or switching to a different browser/pc. the whole point is that you would use the one chance you have to try to play it smart and be careful. you truly only have 1 life in that game. you win the game if you can find and get the culprit in jail without dying. (killing me)

-game where the tv doesn't work, so you can to mangle with the attena, other electronics, stuff around the house and ceiling and stuff. the game is first person. maybe it'd be better as vr so you can ould grab the attena and bend it or something? idk. (doesn't)

-3d fps game where you are a rocket trying to avoid stars to fly to a planet. you can shoot the stars and they explode into multiple pieces, almost like asteroid. you are just trying to get to one location, like in starfox you're just going in a straight path. (star)

-game where you try to do stuff like "go to coffee pot", or "talk to jimmy", as you walk around busy areas, trying to stay two meters apart from people. people might come up to you to try to talk to you, or you might have to go through a crowd of people. the game is almost top down (little bit of an angle) tilted, 3d, almost "corporate art style" with big circle bodies. you can move all cardinal directions (with your legs and arms being a little ragdolly and silly), and you're other button is "excuse me", which *tries* to tell people to get out of the way, but might not always work. maybe there could a random (out of a bunch of) voice line when you hit the button or something idk. (space)

-two player game where you have to try to solve as many questions as you can under a time. the questions are simple math stuff like additino and usbtraction, but you also have to read how to do the answer wrong (or right). so maybe it'll say "make your question off by 1" or "swap the first two digits" or something. so you can have more skill and chance to win than just being good at math. (number)

-vr game where you can only use one hand grabbing the handle of a shovel, and you have to try to bury a body. the game is hard like getting over it. (sand)

-car arena game where you can drift easily and fun, and you have to try to break your opponents car by ramming into each other. you could do cool drift swings and stuff. and make have some cool maps with ramps and stuff, and maybe have bits and bobs come off your car with collisions. this could just be a fun game to play. (car)

-two online multiplayer game where it's tag with your mouse cursors. you have a max speed though (that's still kind of fast so you don't feel limited, but is still possible to catch) and there's walls that the mouse collides with. (mouse)

-game similar to those "dark room but when you die you explode and show a bit of the light", but instead of you exploding you drop your flashlight. there could be a double-jump, but also a way to kind of "aim" your flashlight, or at least have it point left and right. the levels would be designed so you couldn't just not die once (unless you already know the level). (flashlight)

2021-02-03 (second time i missed a day damnit i was so close to a full year)
-game where you make dams to make the world rotate a certain to to get a coin, get points as timer for each point runs down. (double damnit)

-3rd person but almost top down game (or even have the camera pretty low, to where you couldn't see over the half of their head or something idk) where you're a cute creature in a cute city (full of other cute creatures) where you blow buildings up, the buildings then fall down so you have to make sure you don't die from them. either you have a limited amount of time to get a high score, or destroying the city gives you money to destroy more of the city. i'm not sure how to make an incentive but the game would be fun. (damnit)

-sort of open world platformer game where you can switch wearing different masks. these masks let you see a world in a different way, from spotting hidden treasures, to seeing hidden doors, invisible objects, etc. as well as no mask, which is just normal view. each mask has their own colour scheme, the whole screen tinted a colour (like red) and the highlighted objects in another colour (like cyan). each mask has a funky color scheme, but toned down a bit. the game is a little inspired off majora's mask, but is also a linear platformer, while also being a bit open so you can feel cool for unlocking masks. maybe it could be a metroidvania? i'm not sure. also maybe have it so you can buy masks, and maybe have a limited amount on you, so you have to be strategic. but i guess that breaks using the masks for solving levels and, idk whatever. maybe it's a speedrun game and that's how you be strategic and masks just help you or something? idk. (space mask)

-game where you grab branches to swing at saplings to knock them down. then you knock down big saplings with the small saplings, eventually getting to knocking down huge trees with big trees. the game would be fun to knock them down. the game is top down, and you would grab and swing trees in a circle like sm64. you could walk around knocking down trees, but if a tree is too big and you swing into it it'll just stop the momentum. you have 1 minute to get as much as a high score as you can. maybe 2 or 3, maybe even 5 minutes just to have some more time to have fun with it. (lumberyard)

-idle game where as you wait stuff collects in your couch cushions, you can get stuff to sell, as well as finding money directly. you can then use the money to upgrasde couches and upgrades and stuff. this game would be satisfying to wait, and then collect all your built-up rewards. (not found)

-game where one player flips a virtual coin 25 times, and another player tries to make up a random sequence of heads or tails and other players decide which is the fake one. this game shows how humans understand randomness. (dogecoin)

-pictionary but describing sounds with drawings. (wow)

-game where you run a simulation in a window, you can start new save and let it run. the world evolves and stuff. you can pause and save at anytime. you can then combine and breed two save files to make a new breded one. this is like ultimate prestiege. the original parents also die, so you have to decide if you want to use this current save file or let it run more and see if it'll get better or worse. the game would be designed like old visual basic 6 games, using windows ui, full reds, greens, blues, yellows and stuff, would have a cute doodly artstyle for any graphics that are in the game. the ui could also be like windows 98 or windows xp, i'm feeling like windows 10 running old programs kind of style though, though not the caption bar. (world end)

-top down game where you aim with your mouse, move with wasd. you are in the center of a mob with 1000 monsters (you're a yellow circle and the enemies are blue circles), at 1000 you have a submachine gun that blasts all the enemies in a fun manner. then at 250 you have a shotgun that kills chunks, then at 100 you have the pistol that can go through multiple enemies, then at 50 you have the glock that can shoot fast, then at 10 you have a sniper to do big satisfying shots at enemies with. the whole point is you downgrade your weapons, but for a more fun experience. i feel like this game would be something that's for some reason fun and kind of addicting. this could be something i make. (big number)

-game with scratch like programming, you see a bot playing a game, and have replicate that behavior as best as you can. i guess this is actually something someone could do right now, with scratch or even other programming languages. but this would be like trying to replicate an ai's behavior. pretty neato. (carbon copy)

-game where you run around a basketball gym with a whole bunch of hoops on the walls. random basketballs bounce from different sides and you can pick them up and slam dunk them into one of the nets. you have a limited amount of time to try to get your highest score. the game could be top-down or 3rd person. i feel this could be fun but is empty, so you'd have to play it right to keep its funness. idk. (slam dunk)

-game that i might do for 51/365, gives you the name of a random trope from tv tropes and the laconic, you the host sees both the name and defintion (which is the laconic thing of the trope page), and your friends have to try to guess it. they have 1:30, and if one of them says the right definition they get a point. (tvtropes)

-game where you run by typing to the rhythm. i went down a japanese speed typing rabbit hole and came across these cool japanese rhyhtm games where you typed i believe the lyrics to the beatmap (like with different rhythms). i don't think you can do this in english, at least not to the lyrics, because in japanese a character can be a single syllable. but you can't do that with english. but you could just break it down, so like "hello" could just be "h" and "o", or "l" and "o". forget the running thing, i just thought of the cool japanese typing rhythm game and would like to see it become a thing in english. maybe i could do it and make the next osu. :eyes: (run)

-game where you read scrolling text and have to try to click and spot the mistakes. includes stuff liek double 'the' on different lines, mispelled words, and could even have it so the text takes place in america (showing that before you read it) and having british spellings of words as a mistake. bonus points for a mode where you have to type it all before it scrolls by, as well as fixing all of the mistakes as you write it down. this game would definitely require soem concetration. lol (focus)

-two player or party game where you are a guy in a room (gang beasts kind of view), and you can grab stuff and make a mess. the challenge is, all players have a minute or two (should be a choice, could go up to 3 or even 5 minutes with a big map) to make as much as a mess as they can (each player is splitscreen in their own room), when the players press the big red button, that saves the messy status, and then the players have to clean up what they just done. after the game, people who failed to clean up are disqualified, and the person who had the messiest room when they hit the button wins. this would require strategic thinking, as you have to go as far as you can, but walk back the way you came. (mess)

-jackbox style party game where one player makes a 2 or 3 (probably 2) (actually probably 1) minute play with two characters. two other players wait, and then get their script (with only their lines) to memorize. they get to try to memorize it for a minute or two. after, the play begins and the actors have to try to act, as they try to remember their lines. the rule is to just go with it. the game tries to stress test player's memory for fun and laughs. maybe have it so all players write a script at the same time, and then they wait for the rest. the goal for each player, is to write a script that is too hard for you friends to remember (probably have a character limit for each line to prevent cheating) while being good at remembering and acting your lines, as the audience aka the other players rate it either during or after the play. (forgot)

-game that follows the drawabox lessons. you open it, it has a nice drawing program and tells you what to draw. then the next day you open the program you move on to next day's lesson. (augh)

-game where you 3d sculpt wings for a bird to fly through, with the goal to go the furthest distance. the game uses a accurate aerodynamics simulation. you can choose to sculpt one wing and duplicate for the other, or edit each wing individually. bonus points to have a mode to set the wind and weather to what it's like irl in your real location. otherwise there's the normal mode with no external forces, and a sandbox mode to mess around with the parameters. i guess you could also sculpt the actual bird model. maybe even have a paper airplane mode where you virtually fold a paper airplane. that would be hard to simulate i assume but whatever, it could be fun. (it would also be better if it was vr compatible, but i think it'd be cool to play it without needing vr.) (bird)

-platformer game where you have 3 lives. you beat this one one-screen level, and then restart. the path that you made is now made of coins which add to your score. keep going until you run out of all three lives. (again)

-vr multiplayer game where you and your friends can do band stuff. the instruments can be the regular piano, guitar, drumkits, etc. but there are also simpler instruments, like a piano with only the notes of a scale and such, this way, people can be easily introduced to making music and make something good. the game also allows you to record your songs, use your own samples, and make your own instruments. (choir)

-game where your mouse is a certain brush size. if you drag back and forth it makes friction and makes that section of the screen go from blue to orange. it then fades back to blue after. the goal is to have the whole screen orange, or warm. this would be a challenge, but possible. (warm)

-fighting game that uses chords, arpeggios, etc on the piano for combos. maybe have the keyboard as an option. midi.city and other sites can use the keyboard as a piano keyboard thing. (music)

-vr game where a line of cups on a belt move towards you. they stop, so you can take your time. except you have a minute as there is a table with coasters that slide across it, you have to put these cups on the coasters. different cups and coasters give you different amount of points. after the minute, the game shows you your points. maybe have some people walk by and you have to put cups on their coasters. maybe add liquid. etc, these obstacles could help make a full game. (coast)

-game where you bring a sword to a gun fight. you move your sword like in getting over it, but you can move normally (side scroller platformer style) with wasd. your sword can deflect bullets, and is how you "shoot". you can also just try to stab your enemies to get their hp lowered. the game is similar to nidhogg. (clash)

-game where you perform cpr with the right pace while other rhythms (at different tempos) play in the background. are you able to focus on your own beat to save a life? (pressure)

-two player game with a panel with a whole bunch of buttons, gadgets, levers, etc. one friend has to copy the other friend as much as they can. and the copyee has to try to fool the copier. game stops when copier messes up or is too late. (same)

-fps puzzle game. you can mute the sound with the mute button, which helps your character not blown by the audiowaves that speakers make. but the audiowaves (or wind) could be helpful. the mute button of course mutes the actual audio as well. (mute)

-multiplayer fps basketball sandbox game where you can invite your friends. you can either play actual basketball, horse (so have some cool stuff in the map to mess around with, maybe trampolines and foam pits or something?), or whatever game you wanna do, or even just mess around. (challenge)

-game maker thing with your friend. one friend picks the goal/objective, one friend picks the catch/enemy/"but", and both players make a level. at the end the two players play the game. bonus points for being able to save games, share them (could just have levels be files and let users share them themselves) and different modes to play the games. like racing, or point based, or both. (game)

-visual novel game about social engineering to hack a company. (cyber)

-game where you look at a randomly generated city top down pixel with random thing doing on like people wearing silly things or weird cars or whatever weird events like superheros of performances, your goal is to write in your journal as much as you can see what happened. game uses nlp to see what you got and tells you how many events you missed. the goal is to be able to document all the things that happened. you look at the city for like an minute. (update)

-had an idea for an fps adventure game mechanic i'd like to use. hold a button and nod by looking. this is how you can say yes or no. you could also do like "'sup" to start conversations or something. maybe an adventure fps game where you interact with npcs by looking (holding the button when you're doing gestures). (yes)

2021-01-01 (ayy)
-game where you press the spacebar. you have to try to press exactly when a new second strikes. the site tells you if you got it. you also get more points if you do a combo. assuming this is really hard to do maybe it saves your score so next time you go on the page your score is back? a leaderboard would be cool but idk if it could be easily cheated. probably. (new year)

-2d platformer game where you wake up and realize you only have 10 minutes until the world is destroyed. you have to do entries on your randomly generated to-do list in the sorta-big open world. like say hi to your neighboor, or jump on your bosses desk, get milk, etc. (last day)

-game where you are a giant boot that moves by jumping, and hopping. when you hop you do a full 360 degree flip. so you have to make sure to land everytime. when you crush something you bounce off of it too, like in mario. get to the goal of the levels. :) (crunch)

-walking simulator where you walk around a nice japanese styled town with a microphone. you can reocrd your footsteps, or put your microphone closer to objects to record their sounds more. like birds, wind rustling through trees, waterfalls, etc. then wheny ou get home you can use the samples you recorded in a nice music maker to make lofi beats. the game i guess would be a game with great sound design. (lofi)

-game that uses your mic and you have to see how long you can hold a note, both checking when you stop and also if you go off tune. maybe there's a mode where you can breathe out and get some air and return back to the note, but still checks if you're on pitch. this would be hard to do but i think would be a fun challenge (maybe have a delayed gate or something? idk). (om)

-game where you are presented a 16x16 picture that was scaled down to be 8x8. you are given a pallete, a 16x16 canvas, and 30 seconds (or a minute) to recreate the original sprite (you're only shown the 8x8 one). after the game will compare and show you the differences of yours and the true original. (scale)

-game where you are in a room with a vault and a door. you can't open the vault cause you don't know the password, so you go in the door. the door is locked from the outside though, and now you are stuck in the room the door led to. there is a note saying the password of the vault, and once you put it away, it vanishes forever. you use your phone and help is on the way in a year, in real life. so when you boot up the game after a real life year, then they open the door, and you can go to the vault, and if you remember the password from a year ago then you get to open the vault and win! (idk what the prize would be though) (also the password could be randomly generated so you actually have to remember it, and maybe it could be linked with your steam account if the game was one there so it stays when you switch pc's or something, unless you switch a steam account but whatever.) (and if you cheat, well then there's not point to the game then and you don't really feel any satisfaction from doing so.) (post)

-game like that tissue game where you try to get all the tissues out, you have to try to open all the layers of wrapping paper on a present. (christmas)

-game where you roll a ball of yarn and then you control the yarn, you have to try to get your rope around as many things as you can, without touching your rope or the obstacles (including the things you are trying to circle). (yarn)

-website where when you go on it or reload it picks a random number with the same odds as the lottery. if you win there'll be confetti, and it'll add to the text saying "X people have won the lottery!" (eve)

-game like minecraft. you start the game in a spaceship with other players, the games is rp based. you crashland into a random part of a huge planet, each region having random terrain and minerals, so each region looks really cool. you live your life as you explore other regions and meet other species. the game could also just be a minecraft modpack on a minecraft server. that could be fun if you actually got serious rp. (rp)

-fps game with warioware pace. you can pick up objects source engine style. you are given an objective on a tv screen as you are sitting in a room full of stuff. you have to do what it says in the short timer. so break a cup, or move the couch to the other side of the room, or gently turn your table and have all the stuff slide off of it without breaking. the game could have calming piano music playing from a radio, with a cozy atomosphere, and a relaxing tv thing, as you are stressing about holding cups and stuff. lol (do)

-roguelike but above ground so like overworld rpg. items are randomly generated with random stats, but also random enchantments. you can talk to people, who talk like they used tracery.io, then depending on how you talk (there can be options for how you respond, like being nice or an insult or whatever) and using the stats of the random npc determines how they will respond, so they might try to attack you if you hurt their feelings and they aren't afraid to hurt, or maybe halfway through they don't want to kill. maybe if you compliment them enough then their relationship threshold will be fuffiled and they'll give you a random present. monsters and dungeons are also randomly generated of course, but there are also structures in the overworld. the game generates a random world, with random key locations to help you on your randomly generated plot. things like the plot would probably be generated by something like tracery.io and parsed by the game. tracery kind of has its charm with procgen and also feeling the same, but it's different. idk, it's really weird but also cool, idk. (gen)

-rhythm heaven but with friends. you could have it so for example with two players, if it was like a game of catch, then it's not like each player presses it at the same time, but only when they catch it. so there could be some variety in there. idk. (march)

-chat program where you can only send a message to a contact per day. to make this a game idea include a streaks feature like snapchat. (break)

-game like clustertruck but with airplanes and a grappling hook. (fly)

-website where you register and gain access to a list of files hosted. okay so like, it's a file host. when you register, you have to upload one file per day or else your account gets deleted. when you're logged in, you get to see the hosted files by most recent. and you can only see the files of today, or maybe if your account was made 2 days ago, you'd also be able to see the history 2 days ago, though the only per day seems more easier to host, though maybe it should be forever but it's the just links that are toggled visiblity? idk. but it could be fun, and maybe a little weird. O_o (free)

-game where you swing hammers at targets by using your mouse first person to grab and throw them like you would in Garry's Mod with one of the physics guns. (hit)

-game like collab-vm and also parsec (so multiple people control it at the same time, maybe with different cursors for each player), perhaps one player tries to do something simple as the other players try to mess them up. and/or you have the ultimate game where a team of people try to protect the computer and a team of people try to destroy it. that would be pretty fun actually. i mean the collab-vm code is open source so it can be done. (game)

-game where you have to try to focus on something like a video and either there are artifical distractions or other players try to distract you. maybe this is like first person for the watcher and 3rd person for the distractor? idk. (squirrel)

-game where you are presented a sentence with a word that has different spellings, like "hay how are you", and the player picks if there's a misnomer word or not. so the example I gave with be wrong, so if you picked that you'd be right. the game would have a timer so you have to do this quickly and quicker as it progresses. stuff like "your welcome" and "their on their way" would show up too. (also "to", since I just mispelled too, lol.) (hey)

-fps fast paced game where you have a ball and you have to get to the goal. there are enemies. to kill them you must throw your ball at them, then the ball bounces off them into the air, and you have to get it throw it again. the game is supposed be sastifying and bonus if you add parkour. (this one i made up during the day and not when writing the idea yay) (throw at)

-game where you have to drift around in a busy city avoiding everyone. the gameplay is made so anyone can drift, and it feels really satisfying to do so. you do tight maneuvers and stuff while still being easy and feeling satisfying to play. (neotokyo)

-puzzle game where you assemble glass tube pieces to try to go around (have pieces make a loop around it or at least 270 degrees) maybe electrical balls that have static to them? and then you have to make the tubes all one loop. and when you do it the tubes fill up with the cool red neon and glows and shows the brick wall behind it with cool lighting and stuff. (fun fact penny's club was named after thinking about a neon sign like that.) (neon)

-relaxing (kind of) vr game where you are in a square, and surrounded by a whole bunch of stuff like hoops, slopes, tromplines etc. you stand in the middle square and have a ball you can throw. you can just mess around. maybe there could be tools to play with, like a counter or stopwatch, maybe even paint to coat the ball with traits (maybe even allowing stuff to happen on only one side of the ball, that could be cool, and even a game all on its own O_o). (baller)

-game where there is a random audience and you are given a characteristic and must count heads in 5 or 10 seconds. after it checks if you missed anything. this could be blonde people, people with hats, etc. the game would be nintendo-level polished with nice cute graphics. like thick black outlines and like a cartoon, coloured. (miscount)

-game where you are given a task to make a ui based off of something and are given an editor with elements and stuff. after you submit an ai determines how easy and good your ui is. maybe it could even give you the html and css code for it? idk. but either this could be pretty fun and neat, or actually useful if it goes ham, maybe even companies will use it. ooo. (design)

-game where it's a small application that is an infinite grid of pixels. everyday you can add 1 pixel from the pallete. as you live your life, your pixel art masterpiece will slowly be built, one pixel per day. (maybe every 10 days or month it can show what it was like back then, so you can look back on it.) (update)

-mobile game where the goal is to open the two sides of the curtains, and have the motions of your two fingers be the exact same. so someone will do the action, and the two fingers are mirrored, and it'll be all cool cause they got it. the game makes it really easy to try again. (curtain)

-party game where someone is given a prompt like "you see cheese" and someone writes what they do. then everyone else writes what happens next, and a random entry is chosen. then someone else gets a chance to say what they do next, this goes on until there's a chaotic adventure. (sandbox)

-game that's a program on your computer. it will randomly beep at you and play an alarm clock ringtone until you press the button to stop. it'll do this either none, once, or twice a day. but then, it slowly gets worse, appearing more often, and even making you do small challenge to turn it off. the goal of the game is to see how many days you can go with it on. it can easily be turned off or uninstalled, to make it clear it's not some virus. maybe there can be a leaderboard? it'd be cool but probably invite cheating. idk. (insanity)

-game where your cursor is a big block. hands the size of the block fly by the screen. your goal is to have as many as you can go across the screen, but you must block any high fives. the game calculates if the hand was gonna have a high-five, and awards you points if you blocked it. idk if there should be point subtraction, idk. (clap)

-3d 3rd person or 2d top down game, or 2d side scroller game where you do missions of stealing haybales from procedually generated farms. you can try to be sneaky, but if they catch you all the farmers will try to shoot you. (haybale hijackers)

-game where each player on their phone plays a mario-kart like game. at the end, all the ghosts (previous runs) are stacked, and could be fun for betting. this would be different as you wouldn't see your opponent, but still feel the rush to want to win. (rush)

-party game where players make lines for a rap, only knowing the last word said from the previous line/player. (weird)

-party game where players have to decide of a fact, dialogue, or whatever is fan fiction, or canon in some franchise. (fan fiction)

-horror game that uses your mic. if you scream, the threat get closer (or whatever), so you have to hold in any sounds you might make from getting scared. if this was paired with a good scary game, this would be a crazy experience. (scream)

-online game experiment where an entire universe is made (like worldbuilding) and has an encyclopedia on it. everyday there is a question about some random fact of the universe, like multiple choice, or short answer, whatever. you make an account that keeps track of your points, of the answers you get right and stuff. basically, you have to study the encyclopedia to get the questions right. maybe you get less points if you see the question, and *then* check the encyclopedia before answering, idk. but it could be cool, and maybe each "season" it would switch the universe, so maybe worldbuilders could get a spotlight or something. and maybe if their wolrd is popular enough, have a subdomain on the site just for their universe? idk. it could also be cool to get a random fact for someone's universe, if you prefer not to answer them and just look at the cool facts. maybe it could help with writer's block? idk. (think)

-website where you are asked basic moral questions, and you answer if that is morally wrong or not. at you answer the questions, the questions get harder and become more harder to answer moral and ethic questions. at the end of the test, you get to see the percentages forthe answers of each question. (bad)

-game similar to the presentation game and that one improv game. you and a friend are given an improv scenario, at a random moment, you press a button, and the computer (or phone, which would probably work best since it's hidden) will give you a random line. you have to say this line, and since it's random it'll be funny. maybe try not to laugh? idk, it might just be fun for everyone to laugh and have a good time. (laugh)

-party game where someone gets picked to be asked questions. the game tells the answerer if to lie or not for each question. the answerer makes their response and everyone votes on if they're lying or not. each person gets 5 questions. (it'd probably be best to have pre-written questions.) (question)

-game where you're a ball and you bounce around in the levels kind of like monogolf, you control the ball as it moves in air. your goal is to go into the cup that may be moving left and right to go to the next level. (ball & cup)

-game where you try to teach a small deep learning ai by telling if it is right or wrong about something. like if the question was "is this odd or even", then the ai makes its answer and you tell it if it's wrong or right. you could say the ai is right when it's wrong, and it would then be flipped. you could also do digit recongition. and maybe custom questions, with the ai giving broad answers, like text (though that's hard) or drawings, or choices, idk. just teaching the ai something would be cool. (coach)

-game where you look at clouds, and you look at a specific reigon of them and label them something that they look like. you keep a collection of them, and can export as an html file to show to your friends! it's supposed to be realxing, has sunet modes and stuff, and could also be a music player. it's just something you'd use normally, and build your cloud collection as you use it. (sky)

-game where each person takes a turn writing a comic panel, except you only get to see a random quarter-square of the last panel, so you barely know what's going on. after this a chaotic comic will have been made. (video)

-game where you are given 5 seconds to guess if a calculation was done right, like 1 + 1 = 2, or 50 / 25 = 3, as you gain score, the questions get harder and harder. (calculator)

-clicker game, but you can buy upgrades and 'buildings' on ebay with an auction. either there are ai bidders, or real players bidding. maybe both? the ai when the game isn't as popular? idk. sounds cool though, and could be fun, and maybe addicting? :/ (ebay)

-physics toy where you can draw walls and rain. you can change the brush size (if it's with rain it'll just make more rain drops, not a bigger mass of water) and watch the rain flood or do whatever. you could have it so it wraps around vertically, so you can have infinite rain falling. (storm)

-game where you are shown a colouring book page for one second and then it goes away. you have to try to colour the page, remembering what the black outline was like. at the end it puts back on the black outline and you get to see how it looks. (color)

-game where to get to the goal in a platformer level you must configure every entity like you would configure a synthizier. this includes springs, the player, enemies, even the goal itself. (synth)

-vr game where you press a button, and you are put in a random scenario with someone. you must act along with that person. then once you're done you can save it and move on. however, your performance is still there, and someone might load into that scene with you and act along side you. the cycle continues, and community theatre in vr is made. (act)

-3d vr game where you're a barber shop. you are given a hairstyle to do and must use weird objects like barbed wire and such to cut the hair into that style. there can also be weird substances for it like acid or whatever. (barb)

-mobile game where you tilt your phone to surf. the tracks are like that 3d sonic minigame or those marble race half tubes or whatever. maybe they could be bigger or something idk. probably an open world game like the island in wii sports resort would probably be better and cooler, idk. (spiral)

-game where you have a whole bunch of 3d shapes and a 3d box dash border thingy. the goal is to assemble the 3d objects together to make the cube that goes with that white dash outline border thing making up the cube. the camera rotates around the dash cube and you can rotate by dragging around and stuff. the background is blured and has white objects, maybe like a location like a kitchen and everything is no texture and just white. the game would be relaxing. the 3d shapes would look rounded and very reflecty and glossy. they'd also be basic colours like red and stuff. maybe in the later levels the background is black and there's cyan for the shapes and stuff, idk. (cube)

-tower defense game where bad guys try to get from one side of a bath to the other (horizontally), you have to use special shampoo, bubble-stuff, and the quanitites of the liquids (that you earn from playing the game) to spawn bubbles and other stuff to fight the bad guys. maybe the bad guys can be germs or something idk. (bath)

-game where cookie dough is spinning and you drop chocolate chips. you have to try to time it just right so there's an equal amount of distances between the chips. you find this out when the cookie is in the oven and hardens. (chippy)

-multiplayer fps hide and seek game with your friends except when you hide you try to sleep, it takes you a minute to sleep. the game could be creepy as the seeker almost finds you as you're close to falling asleep. idk. (tired)

-online web game where people can draw roads, and also make signs with drawings (which would be icons or street signs) on them. you can also drive around. i guess it would be best if you could add houses, trees, water and stuff too. (icon)

-online web game where you fly an airplane. when you crash, the wreckage stays there for other players to see. the wreckage also has collisions. the game is an experiment to see what the result would look like. (exploration)

-typeracer but instead of retyping text, you're listening to audio and typing what they say. there are multiple stats, accuracy, grammar, etc. (write)

-game where you play with hoses, gears, pumps, etc to try to make power from water. (hydro)

-side scroller platformer game where your hand is in a karate chop position and always faces your cursor from the player. you chop enemies, walls floors and etc to get to the goal. (chop)

-fast paced game where you open your door and either it is real monsters or kids in costumes, you have to give candy to the kids, and pass the monsters. i could imagine after a lot of practice it'd look cool as you quickly go through each thing. maybe you could also have buttons for quanitites, so if there's half kids half monsters, then hit the button to only give half, so it's three buttons, give candy, give half, pass. though that'd be in the later parts, maybe levels? idk. also happy halloween! :) (candy)

-game where you make lamps on a site and people vote on their favourite lamps. there are leaderboards for best lamp of the minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, and all time. idk if you draw the lamp or if you use an editor. i guess drawing the lamp would be best. (lamp)

-game where it shows a product, its price, what it is, its stats on how well it does, etc. the point of the game is to have it go on sale with a 1-100% discount. the game already knows the best discount, and you have to try to get as close to it as you can. so the goal is to try to determine the best discount to get the most profit. probably a web game and similar to that kerning game, with the ui and such. idk. (sale)

-game where you join groups. you go on google street view and go around the world. as you explore it will track where you went, thus as the group walks around random places you start to "take over" land. you could have it so you always continue where you left off, and maybe having bookmarks if you like a place (to open in actual google maps). the game would have a leaderboard with the most traveled distance of groups. the groups themselves could also have leaderboards of the most travelling users. maybe there could be regions for the site, or maybe even allow have it so if you go to an airport, the game will try to check where the airport can fly to, and can take you there. maybe to fly you'll have to wait a day or two, or maybe even a week. idk. it sounds cool though and i think it'd be relaxing. (tribe)

-game where a random photo is generated of blobs of colours, you have to pick which colours takes up most space. you have a timer to do it that gets shorter as you higher up your score. the colours' quantitys also look more similar as the game goes on. (colour)

-leap frog but it's multiplayer mouse cursors with friends (each cursor a different colour). (frog)

-io game where you play as a man who can land on planets with his rocket. your player can get guns and grab loot from small planets in the space map. if you die, people can find your stuff and take it. the game is top-down and has a bold outline cartoony doodley? style. (rocket)

-game where you break peanuts by smashing them with a hammer by pressing the keyboard key that is the area. so q will be in the top left of the screen, since it's the top left of the keyboard. (nut)

-virtual game where you control an avatar and do improv games with your friends. there are props and stuff. i guess games like garry's mod would be good for this, but it feels rough, and doesn't allow much expression without commands or something. there could also be set walls, like doors or whatever. (door)

-game where you keep on scrolling down a infinite picture of a building. you keep going until you stop at the picture you were giving at the start. you can see your max speed, which is your high score. there are other pictures on the building. the placement of the picture is randomizd. the scroll may or may not be smooth to get that feel for speed, though it could backfire., idk. (scroll)

-game like getting over it but you're trying to dig to treasure with a shovel. idk if the shovel is attatch to a body or something but it would be hard to control. maybe like, around the handle your cursor? idk. (chuck)

-game where stamps of different letters scroll across a paper. click to stamp the one in the middle. the paper then moves a bit like a typewriter. the goal is to write something with every word being an actual word. bonus points if you make this a party game where each player takes a turn clicking. (press)

-game where you walk around a in game city. you are given a sound and have to recreate that sound in the city since your player is holding a microphone. you can walk around and also move your arm and microphone to put it in front of a speaker or something. once you submit your submit, it'll check how close it is. and give you a score and/or percentage, idk. (microphone)

-two player game where it is from the side and each player only sees themself. each player has a boomerrang which when thrown goes to the other player. the goal is to catch all the boomerangs and try to make your opponent miss one. (boomerang)

-game where you fill up cups of beers as fast as you can from the tap. the cups change sizes and shape and obstacles get in the way. the game is one button, hold to pour. idk. (ireland)

-game where you use a rock or other sharp objects to try to sharp household objects like you're sharpening a sword or knife. (handle)

-game like nes remix where every game you lose a coin, and if you win the challenge you get 2 coins. the challenges are like warioware format. (arcade)

-vr game where you try to zip up bags that have difficulty to zip up. (shut)

-game where you are a little cute doodle thing who is on a table. there is a giant nose trying to suck you up, you have to grab stuff and throw it at the nostril so it'll clog. then, it'll sneeze and you have to dodge the stuff it sneezes out. the game is one screen platformer, the nose is realistic. the objects are like stock photo assets. the game is silly. (nose)

-mobile game where at first you fold shirts and pants into squares, but soon fold weird clothes that don't exist with weird shapes into squares. the game is a puzzle game. (shirt)

-gmae where you paint bronze with silver paint to make silver, and paint silver with gold paint to make gold. the game is as relaxing as those colouring by numbers thing. as you play long term you can see how many gold bars you have. (gold)

-game where you are a ball and bounce on bounce pads and land on ramps to satisfyingly go down and up (kind of like the game dune on phone). (ball)

-platformer game where there is a big level with multiple goals. you have a trail that does not collide with you that you make. when you get to a goal, you spawn back at the beginning but as a new generation. the trails of the winning last generation are now solid, and can help you get to the other goals. (grandma)

-game where a boat goes down a stream. the stream branches off into different paths, one being the right one. there are also rocks and coins. you move the boat by moving the direction of water flow. but it can't go backwards. the game is a cute doodle top down game. (stream)

-party game like hot potato where each player goes through the alphabet and names something starting with the letter their own. for example, let's say it's animals. first player has 2 seconds to say a animal that starts with the letter a, then after that (either they get it or not) the next player says a animal starting with b. each player gets points. you can also have it randomize the order of the letters, so you can't plan ahead of time. there's also different categories of words of course. perhaps it's a phone app and you lay it down in the middle of a circle of your friends. if you get the word you tap the screen, else it just moves to the next player. the game is kind of a beige gray background with thick black doodles coloured with flat colours (like reaper 6 theme). (bee)

-simple 2d platformer with small open world with 100 easter eggs. the goal is to find them all, a timer is included for curiousity and speedrunning. (game-dev)

-game where a midi item is shown on the screen, either a melody or chord progression, baseline, whatever. your goal is to make the midi fit into the minor scale by shifting notes. you can also switch from a different scale to another. the game is supposed to help you learn and utilize your knowledge of scales. (minor)

-two player game whrre there is a straight vertical line. you and the other player take on side, you are a poking line and and moving up and down automatically. you can hold a button to push further, letting go will go back faster. the goal is after the 10 seconds the line reaching/curving further on one player's side loses. so during the 10 seconds, it is kind of like panic. idk. (curve)

-game like i spy but you have to look for any objects that don't have 10 of themselves. (10)

-two player 2d game where you play as a rolling cactus ball. you press the shoot button to shoot out all your pins. when you roll over one, you pick it up ready to shoot. your goal is to shoot your opponent 3 times. you can pick up your oponents bullets. you start with 5 or 10. (cactus)

-two player game where one player plays a platformer game, and the other player watches and has a trip button. when the trip button is pressed, the platformer will ragdoll and trip, and maybe even fall. the button has a cooldown of 10 seconds. the platformer gets back up after they fall. the game is meant to be funny. (trippy)

-thing that google or something would do where every week a minigame is featured. players who play the minigame will have the input data sent to a database for an ai to train. because of this, there is also an ai mode in which you can play against/with the ai. as the week goes by, the ai will get better and harder to beat. after the week ends, the source code and the trained model are put on github and a new minigame is selected. (maybe have the ai play one player games as well? those can be pretty fun to watch evolve.) (ai)

-game where you are a piggy bank and you have to waddle through the 3d level (taking place in rooms in houses) to get to the end without breaking yourself. you can collect coins which is your score. (pig)

-game where the game generates a article about a randomly generated fictional thing, be it a place, object, person, etc. the player has 30 seconds to remember as much info. after, the player has to try to write the article again from memory. you could also do a quiz for questions, or even do true or false questions. this could also be a party game. (knowledge)

-puzzle game where there's a lot of knobs that manipulate the values of other knobs. these knobs are for a shower, and you goal is to make the water warm by turning all these knobs. (shower)

-game where you try to perform simple office tasks but an annoying reptile tries to mess around with your cursor. (annoying reptiles)

-game where a ball rolls to its path like a npc. it is allergic to light, so you must use your negative-flashlight to cast darkness onto it. the game is first person. (night)

-top down 2d minimilstic-style game where your scroll wheel controlls the white barrel in the middle of the screen. scrolling down rolls the barrel down, scrolling up rolls it up. the goal is to see how long you last as obstacles come from the left and right of the screen. the game has physics, so it'd be hard to spin a spinning barrel into the other direction depending on the speed, etc. the background colour changes, and all the objects are white with black outlines. that's the minimalistic style. (roll)

-two player game where you can draw, each colour has a function. red is solders, blue is defense, black is walls, and so forth. at the beginning of the round, you have 15 seconds to draw a fortress (protecting the center core with health), the amount of ink you get for each colour is randomized (but the same for your opponent), after the drawing phase is the battle, all the fortresses face each other and then fight each other. the team to defeat the other team's core wins. (fortress)

-party game where each player controls a body part of a monster, kind of like a party game version of octodad. (monster)

-platformer game where one player plays as the player, and the other player make the boss ai. the player must defeat the boss. the boss-maker has some stuff they can do to help their boss, like give it a bit more health, although these could only be used if the boss gets hit points on the player or something. the bosses are made of components, including motors and sensors. people can then program their own bosses. maybe the game is 3d platformer, idk. the bosses could be uploaded to something like steam workshop. idk. (robot)

-game where you get from point a to point b and there are aliens as enemies. the game is a third person shooter (maybe first person? idk.) and there are different aliens with their own powers. when you kill an alien it will drop their power which if you walk into it and pick it up, you have that power as well. the powers are swapped (maybe you lose your old power) if you walk into a new power that an alien dropped. and these are more than just 3 bullets shooting at once, these include quick dashes, holding up temporary shields, and more. (area 51)

-game where you keep running to the right, running across metal buildings. you have a water bucket and can throw water onto metal. the water makes the metal slippery for a bit, but then makes it rusty, allowing the player to climb over it. the player can use this to their advantage, going faster by sliding across the water, and throwing the water at walls early to climb the rusted wall. either the game is two player and one chases the other, or the player always runs to the right like geometry dash. (rust)

-puzzle physics game where you blow air with your straw. puzzles might include moving objects, or even carrying objects in the air. the structure of the puzzles are like portal. (straw)

-game where for a minute you walk a small house. after the minute you must rebuild the house from memory. this game would probably be better as a party game, but could work as one player (maybe you could have it show other online's players houses from all the players of the game, like quick draw drawings.) (house)

-two player game where you can crank a wheel using the mouse. when you crank it, it slowly cranks the big wheel. the other player also has their own wheel that cranks the big wheel the other way. the player who can have the crank go towards the player's direction wins. (180)

-game that uses fluid simulations. you hold a knife with jam, and have to fling it at slices of bread and try to get it on it. you have a limited amount of time to put as much jam as you can on one/multiple slices. scores are calculated based on how much surface is covered with jam. (jam)

-game where a whole bunch of switches are on your screen. the game is two player, you are either blue or red. when you flick a switch, it will switch to your colour. all the switches are shared. there is a 30 second timer and the player with the most switches with their colour wins. (drawers)

-vr game where you paint a sword. each colour has a special characteristic so if you hit an object and the red paint touches it, it may burn that spot or something. the game is vr for maximum moveability of the sword. (assemble)

-platformer shooter game where you can find and use aid kits, but these kits contain nicotine, meaning you will get faster withdrawl from not having the first aid kits. you lose hp if you go through withdrawl, and the more first aid kits you have the faster the withdrawl kicks in, and the worse it gets (although only slightly). (nicotine)

-game where you bang and rubmultiple objects together to try to start a fire. (primitive)

-game where you play like a soccer goalie except you are bracing for a hug. (brace)

-platformer (or top-down shooter) game where after you beat the level, all the enemies you killed come back to life and all try to get you at once. the levels are designed so you can't just skip enemies easily. (care)

-two player game where a tree gets chopped down and falls. each player has a side and has to use a rubber axe to hit it and bounce to the other player. if the tree falls on the other player's side you get a point. as a round goes it speeds up to force a point to happen. (wood)

-hide and seek game where you can move around if you're the hider. you can go into apps and menus and hide, as well as changing your apperance to try to blend in, maybe like an icon or something, then the hider will try to find everyone by clicking or tapping stuff like you would on a regular phone. if the hider taps you, you are found and out. the rest is just hide and seek rules. (phone)

-game where you fall down a hole as a chicken, so you slowly fall. you have to dodge the obstacles, kind of like dropper from minecraft. there are powerups that will make you go faster or slower in your falling. (chicken)

-game where you mash the keyboard button it tells you to, it will then switch a new letter and you have to make sure you don't hit the wrong letter. maybe it could be a rythym game somehow? idk. (mash)

-game where you control multiple (3 or 5, probably 3) army solders at once, your friends do as well. the goal of the game is to fight the other team with their friends (maybe like 3 players) and having a war against them and winning. there are guns and swords. idk. (clan)

-top down 2d game where in the middle of the level, a fuse is burning and will explode a bomb. you have to walk around and solve puzzles to get objects to put out the fuse, therefore saving and completing the level. different types of rope are against different things, so a bucket of water might have to be used for the puzzle, rather than the way to put out the fuse. at the beginning it'd just be normal rope though.

-top down 2d zelda combat style game where you hold swords by the blade, meaning you slowly lose health. you have to kill enemies so they drop bandages to heal your hand, aka your hp. game is like enter the gungeon in that you fight enemies, and then a boss at the end. idk if it'd be randomly generated, but it could be cool to do so. though shooting in a rng dungeon is probably more fun than swinging a sword in a dungeon, idk.

-2d side scroller game where you can run and jump through glass. you also have a grappling hook. you are in a building with glass at the walls, your goal is to break as much glass as you can. grappling your way to higher floors quickly, or you can jump through the glass. (maybe onto another building? idk.)

2020-08-31 (my bday yay)
-game where you have to cut cake into as many pieces as you can without cutting candles, candies, bugs and more. either you cut the radius, diameter, or both. idk.

-roguelite where you go down a cave, you can mine ores, you can then throw these ores. some ores have special properties, like speed, explosive, three at once, etc. the game focuses on mining and utilizing your resources and/or ammo.

-game where you play as a sheep that can baa really loud, shooting baas. and you can shave sheep by baaing at them, you can collect the wool to upgrade your sheep. there are sheep dungeons and sheep bosses.

-4 player co op game where the players have to work together to pass the level, but one of the players is the betrayer, playersthe betrayer has to try to kill all the players, and the players have to try to figure out who the betrayer is. the game is either a platformer, or a kind of top down, it'd be 3d and the perspective would be like 45 degrees or something. idk if the betrayer decider would be during or after the game, like if all the players die or they get to the end of the level. i guess it should be the latter, since you could end the game early if you guess the betrayer right, and the betrayer still has a chance to win after, or maybe half? like if the betrayer kills all points but they are caught? idk.

-game where a random layout for a social media site is made, your goal is to follow as many people as you can in 1 minute. you can do this by clicking on profiles and clicking the follow button. some people might follow you back, which you can use as currency to get upgrades (more people following you, biggers icons, longer names, custom themes, faster internet (idk), etc.)

-party game where a random object is placed in a big white room, the hider of the object has to place the object, then add as many props/objects to the room. the objects have physics. then after the time runs out, the finders are unleashed and can move the objects and they have to try to find the object. the finder getting points of course. the hider also gets points depending on how long it took to find the object.

-game where you are a kid trying to annoy your parent as they go about their day to try to get them to buy something.

-game where you manually shove food in your mouth, chew it, and swallow it. the game is silly.

-game where there is a line that would like to collapse and fall down upon itself. the game is 2d. the line is physics based. you have to use your cursor to push the sides of the line to make sure it is balanced.

-game where you unwrap chocolate bars and try to put the wrapping around a different food, like a banana or other chocolate bar. the game is physics based and has controls similar to surgeon simulator.

-game where a whole bunch of stickmen walk across a road. the view is sideways 2d. you have to shoot any stickman in the middle of two other stickmen. maybe there's different types of stickmen that give you more points.

-game where you ride dinos as a dino. the game should is supposed to be funny, and maybe two player multiplayer.

-game where you play as a horse and hordes of people try to hop on and ride you. you can shake them off, or run them over. whatever. the people are kind of ragdolls, so it'd be fun to combat a whole crowd.

-game where the gameplay is similar to being a witch making chemical reactions, poisons, etc. but instead of alchemy, it is cooking. and you make them in a cooking pot.

-game where a dragon attacks a village. you play as one of the villagers, however, you can switch to another villager you see. this means you can play as any villager, with their own gear and weapons. the game is fantasy.

-2 player game where two players at each side of a box push the box. the goal is to push the box over your enemies' line. the game is top down or 3d third person as you can can try pushing the edges of the box to rotate it, etc.

-game where you break as many car windows as you can. as you break car windows you get money which you can use to by upgrades and weapons like sledgehammers.as you smash windows, the police will try to arrest you. melee weapons get you more points but guns are obviously more ranged.

-game where you are a pirate and you drive your ship to x's on treasure maps. the treasure you find there are upgrades for your ship, stuff for your crew members, and as you upgrade your ship, you are able to go to further lands.

-vr game where a wrist-watch contains many powers. like throwing ninja stars by sliding across the watch, or having the watch make a holographic sword to swing.

-mobile game where someone is on a swing set. you can quickly tilt your phone in a swinging kind of thing to make the swing swing. your goal is to do a 360.

-game where you assemble a pc virus on a pc, as other viruses target the pc you're trying to make the virus on. maybe it could actually be a multiplayer game where you try to infect the other team as much as you can. idk.

-gameshow where you spin a wheel until you get the winning option. the other options are obstacles that will make it hard to spin the wheel. play this game with friends and have a fun intense experience.

-game where you make a factory by putting engines into random things in your house. an rc car will move with an engine, an apple with produce seeds with an engine, etc. use these things to make a goldberg machine that produces goods that sell for a lot. then you can buy more rooms and houses for more items to mess around with. as the rooms and houses progress you get crazier and wackier items. maybe even have different types of engines in the mix.

-game where you jump on a trampoline, when you press jump as you land you jump higher. you have to time your jumps and get as high as you can. score-based.

-game where you set up traps in a forest. then you start and bears will roam and might fall for the traps. the ai is predictable enough to where the game becomes a puzzle game. you have to try to figure out how to make different animals fall for different traps.

-tetris but each block has a syllable that would be used in scat songs (like scatman), if you game over, then the game will play top the bottom left to right each syllable and play it in a random melody to create a random scatman-like song. :)

-top down game where police cars chase your car. you can drift, and have a ball attached to a rope/chain attached to your car. if you drift, you swing the ball. the goal is to get points by surviving, and hitting police cars with the ball.

-battle royale but hide and seek, findees become seekers until there's only one last hider. if you find a lot of people though, you can still win.

-2d top down game but from a side view. this means the player sees a line, and has to scroll to see the other layers behind it.

-game where two players have bombs. one player has a bomb that when explodes, creates a structure out of the explosion. the other player has explosions that explode the structures. the structures could either be physical or in the background, i'm not sure. the goal is at the end of the timer to be the person with the most material up or material exploded.

-frogger but you hop as the cars and logs, your goal is to try to kill as many frogger ai's as you can. 100 will appear all at once hopping all around as you try to kill them.

-game where you design flags by combining components you find as you explore cool flat 2d top-down lands. the game has a nice clean style, similar to those of flags. the game is peaceful, and allows you to export your flags to a picture.

-game where you water grass and a bucket or bottle, or whatever container, try to steal the water. you have to try to make sure no water or only a small amount of water go into the stealing container.

-game where you have to quickly do the job as a printer. someone will request a document to print, and you have to draw it as fast as you can. as you continue, you will see your recreations being used as logos, documents, wallpapers, clothing, skin, etc. this is in the hopes that it will be funny that you're the best printer in the world who makes bad quickly-drawn drawings.

-game where you merge existing songs to make baby songs. then you can sell those songs and try to get profit. each song has different stats about it, so each baby song will have combined stats from their parents.

-game where you are a teacher being supervised by those people that check how a teacher is doing. you have to both make sure children behave while keeping your cool. the superviser may look away sometimes, but that's not the whole point of the game. the point of the game is to disipline while trying to seem too nice to disipline.

-game where you are a dog that has to take care of a human. playing as a dog is hard, as you have to put food in the pet's bowl, throw a ball and play catch, and teach tricks, all while being a dog.

-game where you serve fast food to people in the restaurant at their tables. the problem is the food makes lots of grease that spills and cause make you lose your balance as you hold the plates.

-game where you play as a soccer ball that can roll around. your goal is deek out the goalie. you can also use other players to kick you, they'll face you and then kick when you run into them. there could be multiple soccer balls for some fun party action.

-party game where players how to assemble different machinery using random parts. one round could be to make a car, and someone could use a sponge wheel to make it. the parts they get are either random for the round, or for each player. the game is supposed to be both funny, but serious when you try to master it.

-game where you use a atm as a gun, the atm is roped to your car that you drive around. the atm continously shoots money, and shoots it very strongly. the goal is shoot the other cars with atms.

-game where you skateboard on a pringle as a halfpipe. as you progress things will fall from the sky and break the pringle making holes.

-puzzle game where there are conditions that are natural, such as what happens when water hits fire. you can then program actions, so the water can dissapear, or the water could turn into fire. the goal is to get to the goal as the player. as you progress levels, more conditions happen (not every possible condition is shown to you) to program and actions to use.

-game where you hire people to join your esports gaming team. you can choose the games to compete in, from an fps, to competitive minesweeper. you can also watch the players play in real time, so it can be intense as you watch the match to see if your team wins.

-game where you put into a can by using ragdoll hands.

-platformer game where obstacles are natural, so a person may block a door. you can change time to go forward or backward 10 seconds, so there may be a guy at a door, and you have to go back 10 seconds to where he's now just walking to the door. the game would be good for speedrunning, even though it's a main component. lol

-game with various cutscenes about random stuff. The cutscenes are customizable though, not in what happens, but everything else. You play with your friends, one of you customize the cutscene and the goal is make all your friends laugh.

-game where you can throw seeds that grow trees which you can climb by jumping on the branches. the goal is to get to the sky by throwing seeds on branches to grow new trees, if you fall, you lose and have to start over.

-game where are a homing missle going through different locations, dodging obstacles, as you try to get to the goal of a building. an example could be going through those fantasy kind of shop centers going around people to get to the castle.

-bank heist game but it's also a skateboarding game. you create a mess in the bank as you try to be serious and rob the bank. silly game but maybe have it be fun, so it's funny of how fun the game is. idk.

-game where you are in a room. a door opens, and beans slowly flood the room. you need to use your bombs to explode the beans and make sure you don't suffocate.

-game where you land on a randomly generated planet. the goal is to walk around to develop and finish the map. you must survive and make sure not to die to the randomly generated enemies. you can also discover towns with aliens, which have shops for items. including spaceship upgrades.

-3d game where you are on a planet, you can run around. the sun goes around the planet, meaning parts of the planet go to night. the goal of the game is to stay in the day, you lose hp when you are in the night. your score is dependant on how long you survive.

-you know that science experiment thing where you have to make something that protects an egg when it falls? game about doing that but you are given more obscure objects, like dressers and giants leafs. you are also given tools like saws though, though they are kinda clunky to use, which makes things more fun and funny.

-game like that sonic dreams game where you make movies but it's "more" serious. maybe not ragdoll, but definitely have that as an option.

-game where you can doodle random things. the game asks you to doodle at least once a day. you put your doodles into categories, like jobs, weapons, face features, etc. you can also play randomly generate games that randomly pick your doodles. kinda like draw a stickman, but probably more game-like so it's easier to generate.

-game where you go from a fantasy town npc to the strongest warrior in the land.

-ninja game where you sneak into places, you can throw shuriken. however, you can also throw shuriken that teleports you to where it hits. the game is fast paced, and very satisfying.

-open world game where you are given a minute to do as many crimes as you can. fast paced. different crimes give different points. from punching people, to crashing into destructible buildings.

-game where you collect recycle objects to make other objects, including tools to get those objects. objects are good for some things, for some not others. maybe using cardboard for a watering can isn't the best idea, hm?

-game where you are in a grocery store. you play as a vegetable that's supposed to be refrigerated. your goal is to grab your friends in the grocery store (like cereal, ice cream, and other foods). workers will chase you, and you also have to make sure you don't rot by going to cold places like refrigerators as you run.

-online mobile game where you play as a person who can walk in all directions. however, there are many people which create an army which are also controlled. the goal is to try to defeat your opponents army by avoiding obstacles, and damaging their solders. idk.

-game with many, many different endings. whenever you come across one, you can leave a sticky note to where you got the ending. you can write whatever you want on the sticky note. you can either tell players to avoid something to get the real ending, or to fool them and try to lure them into one of the many, many bad endings.

-game where you are god, you see many people claiming to be time travelers making predictions on the future. you decide which prediction will be true. as you select your options you see the state that the world has turned into.

-fps dodgeball where one player controls the main. they are blind but can see their opponents. the other player views the pov of the same main and is still blind but can see dodgeballs instead. the two must work together to try to dodge and hit their opponents with a dodgeball.

-not really a game but idc. site where you can record samples. the samples are shared for people to use for the song maker tool. you can drag and drop samples, make them loop, apply effects and etc. basically making songs only out of other people's samples. you can even sample other people's songs to use for other songs. songs are ranked based on a vote system. the same is applied to samples but it is varied to get more random and less-known results.

-platformer game that uses a color scheme. each colour represents something. like a solid, or coin, or death. on the bottom of the screen is the color pallete arranged in a rainbow order. you can scroll the bar, which will change the color pallete of the levels, changing what some stuff does. the game is minimalistic like n++.

-game where you battle ships by shipping ships to make ships that you can ship ships with. the ships can vary, from wacky colours, to wacky shapes, to even abilities that just blow away the ship into the sky. wacky fun.

-tron like game but as a 3d plane in neo toyko.

-game where you go undercover. you have to join different groups and act apart with them. the game is like facade in which you can talk to them. an ai could either manage how the people react or say to your message or measure how well you're playing your role. it could also be multiplayer but that's probably a game already. this could also be an actor simulator game. idk.

-platformer game where you play with random people. you have to cooperate in order to pass, which gives you co-op points. however, co-op points can be used to purchases competitive power-ups, which allow you to actually win agaisnt opponents. these could be speed boosts, to exploding players to far distances, including near the beginning. maybe the levels could be a race? idk. it should be fast paced too though, so it's a fun addicting game to play as you laugh with friends.

-based off an old game idea in this list, typeracer, but at the beginning of every race the game scrambles the location of the keys. no more qwerty anymore fellas, it's bvmjhv now.

-idle game where you download money to buy internet gear to improve your internet. you can also design your house to make the most optimized place. there should probably be some thing to have a reason not to make a one room house, maybe like technology that needs a range or something? idk.

-game with a open world, you can drive cars, do parkour, do whatever you want with npcs and such. what's the goal though? that's what the players decide. a quest creator allows users to make specific quests, from getting a npc from point a to b, to driving a jump in the sky. you can even make cutscenes and stitch quests and cutscenes together to make your own campaign.

-game using gpt-2. two players play, one is a spy, and the other is a detective. the ai will basically have a bunch of people having a conversation. this includes the spy. the detective has to watch the conversation (or could talk as well but that could go wrong very easily) and figure out who is the spy. it would essentially be like a chatroom, but when the ai is making a response, it can wait a bit to give the illusion they're typing.

-game where you are presented with a random amount of randomly generated ports. you are also given a whole bunch of cables. your goal is to plug all the plugs in the right port as fast as you can. things such as one way plug, and even plugs that need another to be plugged in will make this a challenging endeavor.

-short 3d game where you roll a die. if you get 6 you get another die. this repeats over and over again. you control a hand with the mouse, and you can pick up and roll the dice. the dice have physics.

-game where a games like tag are played by a group of people. your job is to look for someone cheating or not following the rules. this goes from 3 people tag, to 20 people in a complex game. think simple celluar automata, which would still be hard to supervise.

-game where you try to understand what someone is saying. if you're accurate within a certain threshold you pass to the next level. as you progress through the level the speech gets harder to understand and also gets lower in volume. for funsies the game could have a hearing age or hearing score like in brain age.

-game where you play different little arcade games. you can stream to other players, but other players can view your stream and press buttons as well. the goal for you is to beat the game, and the goal for the viewers is to make you lose. this should be less internet than streaming since you could just stream the input instead of video.

-game where a currency goes up and down very fast. you can buy an amount and sell an amount. there is a buy button, then an input field for the number, then a sell field. this is under a graph showing the price. you start with $100. the goal is to get a high amount of money in 30-60 seconds. try to beat your (and other's) high score!

-game where you connect with other players and are given actors, props, settings and one-line plot. each person takes a scene to do, so you might do the first, second, and-so-onth scene. however, you cannot see other scenes besides your own. you record scenes by clicking record, then you can drag the characters to move them and record voices. you have maximum 5 minutes to make a scene. by the end everyone gets to see the weird movie they made.

-game where you play as an autotune program. you are given a clip of singing, and have to adjust the singing to make it in tune. you select a part of the clip and then adjust the tuning via cents, at the end you are given the perfect autotune example, and how accurate you were. the game even gives facts on your version, like if you did it on a different key, or even if the key is a microtonal one. there is also a sandbox mode that lets you mess around with your own samples.

-game where at the beginning of the day you get to see a random message for an hour, then closing after. the goal is at the end if the day to remember what the message was, and maybe a daily chain combo or something. thus could improve memory, or not. idk.

-game where you do homework for a student. however, as you progress, you see notes that the student writes. the student is crazy, and eventually puts you in danger. changing from answering math questions, to answering the students questions. spooky.

-3d game where you play as a ragdoll character. your limbs can easily get knocked off and you have to pick them back up and put them back on. you can also put other objects on and use those for limbs.

-game where you walk around an office with numerous pieces of paper on the ground. the goal is to make a story by picking up random pieces of paper and making a story out of them.

-2 player game where one player sweeps and one player adds dust.

-3d game where you play a crate, the goal is to brake the crate to free the contents. there could be levels where you need to sprinkle a bit of the contents to start an explosion or something. idk.

-game where you play as a tomato with a tomato gun, which shoot tomatos than can shoot tomatos as well.

-website that lets you chat with strangers, whenever you chat your goal is to make them say a specific word, the other stranger has to make you say a word as well, but it's a different word. if you guess what word your opponent is trying to make you say then you win, and vise versa. you're also not allowed the say the word you got.

-game where you play as a firetruck, you can shoot water out of your hose. the water can blast you into the air, and this is how you move. you have to take out the fires with the hose as well however, and the level only clears when you have done so.

-game where you try to talk to people using a talkbox. the game is a rhythm game and your message is only fully conveyed if you perfect the melody. the end of the level shows how the conversation went, like at the end of a level in rhythm heaven.

-game where you make parts for contraptions by cutting out the shape out of random sized boxes. each level has a contraption you need to make in order to complete it.

-game that helps you write a short story (for the sake of writing one, quality doesn't matter). everyday if you log in you get points, and everyday you have to write at least a sentence. you get points depending on how much you wrote. if you miss a day, your entire story gets deleted! (this could probably have some setting to change the amount of days to miss or a different punishment like removing last day's work idk.)

-game where you have a dog as a pet, you can play with it and try to teach it things. the game tries to replicate actually teaching a dog something. this is for a dog show, and a dog race. as you are able to level up its stats. this could also combine some rpg kinda stuff. idk.

-game where you get a log of wood and a sword, you cut the log and try to carve out a sword. next, you repeat the process 9 more times (like telephone). then you have to defeat a whole bunch of enemies with your weird sword.

-tank game where powerups are placed randomly about the level, these change the gravity for all the players. the tanks are also my bouncy.

-lovely interactive fiction game where no matter what you choose you end up encountering and being in a relationship with "the one". :)

-3d game where you are on stage with random objects, you have to be entertaining for the audience.

-top down car game where you are in different scenarios and need to do a u-turn doing the least amount of damage.

-game where you play against another player. you tap a drum to a song, then after 2 bars you then hear each others beats. the goal is to me the most on tempo, you can try to purposely go too early to try to mess up your opponent, but don't do it too much or it can mess up your accuracy, or even mess you up in the process.

-game where you run away from your shadow that follows you. casting light will make shadows that follow you as well.

-web game that displays a counter. the goal is for the counter to go to a million. if you click add, it will add for everyone who is or will view the site, and the same if you click subtract (but subtract instead of add). if the counter goes to negative a million, then you lose. it'd be interesting to see who wins, the adders, or the subtracters...

-fps game with two teams. each player has a health bar, if you shoot a player, you gain a bit of HP. at the end of the game the team with the most hp on all members total wins. maybe you could have rounds? maybe buy stuff? i'm not sure. (also i really like this idea so don't steal it please lol)

-might've said this game idea before but juggling simulator with your one mouse cursor.

-game where you are given the choice to put money over someone and betray them. later it goes into a detailed story of what happened since then and how they were hurt. the player would feel really bad. this game could be a problem with spoilers though.

-game where you create tools from scratch, collecting the supplies to do so. you can create tools to help you in the multiple processes.

-game where you are a reverse firefighter who tries to put houses upon flames, the same way you extinguish them. this would be a satisfying game with cool destruction tech stuff.

-=you know how you can draw on the screen with a window in windows xp? game where you fill whole screen by doing that. make sure no enemies touch a window. maybe there could be two windows, and you need to fill have of the screen with the first window and vise versa, so you have to fill as you make sure an enemy doesn't touch the other window or something. i'm thinking a spider for the enemy. idk.

-airplane simulator but simplified, like how soko loco simplifies transport tycoon.

-game where you make jigsaw puzzles by ice skating on the board.

-game where you swing from vine to vine but your feet and hands are not connected. you can be holding onto the vine but your legs could be spinning 360s. you'd probably have to make it so the controls aren't trash but, idk.

-party game where each person takes a turn being the host. an object is given to the rest, like a car or something, then players are supposed to make the other side of the car. the hosts picks the one they like the most. the objects are 3d and low poly. i was thinking painting but that could be boring and if you made the 3d easy would probably be way more fun.

-game where you eat in a eating contest eating foods as fast as you can by controlling the food with the mouse.

-rpg game where you trade to obtain items, armour and more.

-side scroller platformer in a top down world.

-game that helps you memorize things you need help memorizing.

-mini chess, 4x4 grid, except every time you try to kill an enemy, you have to win another mini chess game. metachess.

-side scroller car game in space where you can jump between planet and planet. the gravity makes your car go towards the closest planet. idk.

-game where you bake a pie by playing as the pie. the game is a platformer. idk.

2020-05-02 (249 tooth for an eye)
-game where you take people's arms and legs for currency to buy upgrades to tools to take more arms and legs. get it?

-game where you pick up boxes by controlling a floating shovel. gameplay is similar to octodad in terms of sloppy controls.

-game where you cut stuff in halve and try to be as percise as you can.

-game where load things onto a truck. but you can do trickshots like throwing, kicking and other stuff to the things you load onto the truck. like skateboard games you get scores and combos based on your moves. idk.

-game where you play as a dog barber. :)

-platformer game but has an ai to try to troll the player. there are various actions the ai can do. drop the floor, hidden block, drop a block, whatever. as players play the ai learns what to do and improves further and further.

-game where you are a jackhammer digging into the earth. dodge rocks, and explore caves. caves can contain upgrades, but you can also just dig past them. the goal is to dig into the center of the earth and defeat the boss.

-fps game (pixelated camera style) where you explore a monocolour (nice blue) world and take pictures. though you can go to other worlds (like a red world) to take other pictures in. the game will check if your pictures good with real photography criteria. (rule of thirds, balance of shiz, etc.) i feel like i've suggested this before but whatever. idk.

-game where you surf with weird objects. like rubber duckys or pencils. idk.

-game where you knock on doors as fast as you can to break them. idk.

-game that tells how you to play the platformer even though what they say is wrong. from stuff like controls, to stuff like what kills you. bonus points if sometimes they tell the truth, and if the tutorial is voice acted, a way to tell if they're lying. idk.

-game where you explore a randomly generated region and make a map for it. your map is compared with percents, so 50% accuracy or 100%, etc. could be a fun, nice, relaxing game. idk.

-game where you have to draw the number 20 in various coniditions, blindfolded, shaking, upside-down, whatever, idk.

-game that'd be fun using motion controls where you hit and whack things which break into a million pieces. your goal is to break as much as you can in 10 seconds or something. though i'd perfer something else than "do x as much as you can before y seconds.", idk.

-game where you break ice by stitching words together to make a sentence. bonus points if it's randomized on if you have to make a statement or question. idk.

-game (maybe using gpt-2) where you interrogate someone in a chatroom. there are achievements like making someone innocent go to jail and vise versa. could be fun to kinda "make" wacky scenarios, idk.

2020-04-16 (internet went out before i could update)
-game where you shoot bullets and make a trail for them to follow.

-management game where you create a forest. each tree is a word (it would be displayed sideways) the word determines the tree's behavior, so "fast" would mean the tree grows rapidly. tree's grow letters that you can use to assemble words.

-game where you spam a button to affect the player's emotions. the goal is to calm down the player as they panic. sometimes you should spam the button, spam it lightly, or not touch the button at all. idk.

-a pillow fight game. 45-degree angle camera pointing at your character. maybe the game is ragdoll and you can hit people with pillows and feathers fly everywhere. idk.

-factory game where you have to produce factory pieces themselves to use.

-game where you play as an easter egg. you have to run away from mulitple kids (who are giants compared to you). if a kid finds you and is able to grab you, you get eaten.

-game where you have no time on your hands, so you need to look around your city to look for time to hold with your hands. the game is based on a timer, but if you collect the time, your timer increases. idk.

-game similar to beyblade but instead of spinning, you wobble. you create your wobbling stone by chisiling out stone. the game is strategy and will require players to think of strategys on how to their your stone.

-game where you come up with ideas for different businesses, if they are good enough they will do your idea and you get to see what happens. either you come up with a crazy good chocolate bar or accidentally create a ginormous bomb that creates a huge dent in the earth.

-game where you keep growing and you need to damage yourself by running into enemies and spikes to shrink yourself. if you grow too big you'll die.

-game where you have to shake your mouse cursor while avoiding a bouncing square across the screen. the more you shake the more points you get. if you touch the square you die and game over. bonus points if touching the border of the screen kills you too.

-game where you are in a kitchen having to cook dishes with food from other planets. experiment and figure out how to make good dishes. bonus points if the food is randomly generated per save.

-game where you assign colours to people by painting them. of course no one wants to get painted, so they run away. you have to colour all the people so that there is 3 evenly divided groups of black, grey, and white.

-game where you are sleepwalking and you have to try to force yourself to wake up. that's on the left side of the screen, on the right side of the screen you can see what you're dreaming about. you have to find a way to wake up as fast as you can without interacting with the dream. if you die in the dream you die in real life and vise versa.

-boss rush game where you are the boss.

-roguelike on an excel sheet.
-clicker game entirely based on a research system.

-game that picks a random file on your pc and you have to find it. the game gives you clues (mostly about the contents) to help find it.

-game where you backseat game as someone plays a zelda-like game.

-game where you launch and close the game as fast as you can. it prints the time into a text file. idk.

-game where things are scattered across the screen. you have to drag everything into it's right box. the box could sort from colour, to the starting letter of it's word, or even to what scientific element occurs the most in it. (perhaps you could have a inspector to get stats about objects.) idk.

-game where you are stuck in your office with a few things. your goal is to play the game in one sitting for 3 hours. you have to occupy yourself by messing around with the enviorment, without making a distraction. the game will check if you're actually playing it as well. there should be only things that you can play with for a bit but you couldn't have too much fun and do all the way through. things can interact with each other though, so the game initiates you to be creative. things can be stuff like tape, staples, paper and pencil, a computer, and etc.

2020-03-26 (first time i skipped a day :'(( )
-game where you have to flip a coin 5 tails in a row to win.

-game where you play as the vine. monkeys will swing on you, and you have to help them get to the other side. idk.

-game where you have are in a rush to get ready for different scenarios. from work, to a funeral, to a clown party.

-vr game where you throw a ball at a wall and catch it. but on steroids. multiple balls, walls, angles, shapes, gravity, powerups arm length, even four dimensions. the game goes ham. idk.

-game where you are a monster trying to hide in a kids bed. multiple activites happen in the room, from a kid walking in to grab something, to the kid sleeping. you have to scare the kid (keep it kid-friendly) without them noticing you.

-platformer where you play as a car. the controls are as if it was a top down racing game, however gravity fights you. so you get these weird controls that should seem kinda cool. idk.

-vr game where you play as cartoony bodies. (think of a spoon but more circular and with arms and legs.) the goal is to tag each other to kill each other. but you can upgrade stats like movement speed and arm length. maybe you level up those from matches or get powerups or both. you can customize your character greatly. although they'll like silly and can even look creepy. i had a dream where me and my friends played this game and had a lot of laughs. rip me. idk.

-game where you change the time on various clocks to match a time quickly. you get a point every time you get it right. or maybe you get points based on your accuracy. if you don't do it in the short timer then you game over. idk.

-not really a game idea but... the game board is a keyboard. you start on the spacebar and, similar to checkers, pick a key to go on in front of you. maybe the game could be checkers or chess? idk.

-duck hunt but you're on a bumpy rollercoaster spinning 360 degrees around sitting on vibrating seats as a monkey sitting on another monkey sitting on your shoulders holds the gun that you shoot. also you're drunk.

-game where you try to cut a pie perfectly. the game shows you how accurate you are with your cuts afterwards.

-platformer game with 50 levels, each level is about their digit of pi. so the first level, you need to collect 3 coins. the second level, you need to kill the one boss, the third level, you need to climb a building to the fourth floor. idk.

2020-03-13 (forgot to add the date that day lol)
-game where a day loops, but each loop the game literally corrupts. getting more corrupt each day.

-game where there's this ordinary world. but each day you become allergic to something and have to live a regular work day while avoiding it. going from dogs, to peanut butter, people, and to even sunlight, it will be a challenge avoiding them.

-game where you park cars by telling someone what to do. ots an experimental game that uses voice recognition. sometomes you have to talk louder cause the driver can't hear you. you have to tell them to reverse or to turn a certain way. idk.

-game to learn about sound fx. there's a speaker that goes to different locations in each level. you have to enable the right fx that would fit. for example if a speaker was in a church, you would put a reverb effect. though it can get weird. if the speaker is in a room where the walls are mirrors, you might have to put a chorus effect. idk.

-game where two players control one character at a time. one player tries to keep the character alive, the other tries to kill the character. the twist is that each player can't see what the other player is doing. making them have to adapt quickly.

-game where you make video advertisements for companies.

-game where as you explore the world, you can name the colours. you have a book full of colours you've named. you can even fuse the names to make new colours. the world adopts your name system and you explore the world with your own colour names. idk.

-game where you chug drinks by tilting the screen.

-crazy taxi but airplanes

-game where you carefully put swords into your throat. you have to be very careful, and cannot hit the walls. idk.

-game where you explore a town or city. you might be at the right place at the right time, and something will happen. you write about this in the newspaper you work on. the goal of the game is to document the most events you can. the game detects what event you're talking about and what detail.

-game where you are placed in a randomly generated world. the game's terrain is wavy, but the camera is still stableized on the player. so the player could do a loopy loop but it kinda seems like a flat plane. you have to find your way out (to the next level) by talking to people. as you explore the random world, you learn about it. this would be a very relaxing game. there could be a story, but i'd like at least a mode that is just a world one after another.

-game where you look at a neighborhood, you connect the wires to the houses. however, stuff like limited electricity and limited supply of wires require you to think carefully. it's a puzzle game on how to connect each house with a wire together.

-game where you manage a buttercup (like reese's). you have to expierement with different combinations. from shape, multiple fillings, different crust levels. it basically goes really complex. like universal paperclips but without the idle.

-rts game where people have free will, so they struggle with you for commands. you have to befriend the people to get them to do what you want.

-tron but in the format of minecraft hunger games. in the center and around the arena are powerups like a gap powerup that stops you making a trail for a bit, creating a gap. there's speed boosts, radars that check for nearby players for 30 seconds and so forth. the game could have 5 up to 500 players as ai. (i always love games where you can add a lot of ai players like armagetron advanced.)

-game where you control a radio, you can only turn the station knob. the game is a big story, could be about a DJ or some random dude asking for help in a post-apocalyptic world. idk.

-game where you tie your shoes. you move the left string, which mirrors on the right (but flipped vertically). at first you can tie your shoes normally but then there are obstacles like spikes that get in your way. there could also be stuff to manipulate the laces, providing more methods and obstacles. idk.

-game where the player makes up a random gesture, which generates an action based on that gesture. like if the player swipes up, the player would jump. if the player does a zig-zag then something will happen. the actions from the gesture are not pre-programmed, they are generated. idk.

2020-02-23 (ayy)
-platformer game where you can only move when you close your eyes, making the screen go black. you are still when your eyes are open.

-game where you are given random pictures. the pictures are weird creatures you've never seen before. you have to classify them as A or B (there'll be random names). when you guess, you will be told if you are right. you have to figure out what creatures are which. the game gets harder and harder adding more options, breeds to creatures, transformations to the image and so on.

-game where you spam the space. you have to get to exactly party 100 in the shortest time possible. when you think you got 100 then press enter or something. if you didn't get 100 then you lose. so you have to spam the button exactly 100 times, and then submit your number as fast as you can. idk.
^edit 2020-02-22: you can make the game more difficult by not allowing the player to see how many times they've clicked.

-game where it presents a pattern with shapes. you have to get the pattern right and move to the next one. you have to do these fast, cause there's a timer. if the timer runs out or you get the pattern wrong, you lose. (stuff like, "it goes square then circle then repeat") idk.

-game where you switch bodies with an alien from another world. you have to get used to their school system, jobs, social norms and etc. thinking visual novel. could also be some cool message about our currenty society. idk.

-you know that gameshow where you dl a pose to get through the hole in a wall coming towards you? it's like that but you use the mouse to drag each limb, so the forearm, the upperleg, wrists, etc.

-game where you explore a city picking up litter and putting it in a recycle bin. the items can be recycled into tools to pick up litter faster.

-side scroller game where you play as a guy outside. the sky is white. you have a gun that can shoot the sky to add blue. use the mouse to aim. enemies will try to stop you.

-3d 3rd person game where you walk in a city. you can cough on people, making them sick and make them controllable as well. the goal of the game is to get the entire city populated. kinda like katamari.

-game where two players are on a spinning converyor belt. each player basically pulls each other to punch. so instead of your first going to your opponent, you're making your opponent go to your fist. idk.

-game where you are the guest on a talk show. it's a cyoa style of game. there's different endings, from you bombiing the interview, to you becoming the host. idk.

-game like tron but you move your mouse. as you move your mouse, it makes a trail. you have eat food (like snake) without crossing your trail.

-top down game where you survive in a procedural-generated world. items are pushed like blocks in sokoban. push an axe into a tree to cut it down. create entire rooms full with items. there was a switch game i think was about sorting a warehouse with this similar concept, (i came up with the idea before i saw the game tho) the art style looks cool. so maybe something like that? (not roguelike style though, have more colour and stuff.)

-game where you have to do impressions of voices/characters. bot or ai will detect how close you are to the real voice and give you a score/rating. maybe do the mean or do like how cubers do it and remove best and worst score and then do the mean? idk.

-game like papers please where you do taxes for aliens. you go to different planets which have different tax systems. of course, like papers please there could be a story about tax evasion. (yoshi no!)

-platformer where you can only move horizontally if you jump. this is like playing a mario game but always crouching. -game where you have a gun, the gun is alive, and also gets angry. you have to make it angry for it to let out all the rage and shoot. not sure how you can make it angry though.
-maybe 3d, fps or point and click game where you are in different scenarios. you are really tired and you want to go to bed. you have to go to bed as fast as you can, while not doing hard tasks that make you sleep. so maybe go from work to your bed, having to decide if you should do something or a different thing and which will not make you more tired, as you try to go as fast as possible.

-game where you aim the sun towards the moon to make the light bounce onto the earth. maybe later you have to move the moon and sun, as well as their rotation. maybe they have a shield which covers up half of it or something.
(sorry for the lack of game ideas each day btw, i'll try to get some more game ideas tommorow or something.)

-game where there are numerous anonymous groups, the only lead is their mask. you have to find these groups in a city.

-game where you are work for customer service for a technology company. you get a call, pick up, and start helping the person. when suddenly, another person calls, you talk to both at the same time, and then another person calls. see where i'm going with this? help mulitple people on the phone at once.
-game where you have to skip rope yourself. there's three characters, the edges holding the rope. click and drag on them spinning in circles for them to turn their arm. then drag the middle guy up to make him jump. so you have to make the two edge guys spin the rope and jump over it. if the rope hits you or you're too slow then you lose.
-anonimity (for tommorow)

-this is gonna be a confusing one. 3d game where you play inside of a sphere. your goal is to hit the ball so it stays above the ground, like in volleyball. when you hit the ball into the air, the sphere kinda goes inside out and shows the opponent. this is probably a idea you would need to flesh out but it seems cool.
-adventurer mode from dwarf fortress. except the history has three stages, historic, present and future. your character can do whatever they want in the world. and if they are able to use a time machine, go to one of the three time periods and explore.

-game where you shoot cans by throwing cans that you have knocked down. basically shooting enemies with enemies. as different cans attack you in different ways, they're the same as weapons for you to use.

-guitar simulator for keyboard where you use the letters part (with qwerty or whatever) for the strumming and the numpad for the chords. though you could probably swap the two. maybe play songs by doing the right chords? idk.
-game where you play as a key on a rgb keyboard. press a button to change your hue. you have to keep up with the different patterns the other rgb lights do.
-game where you work together with a ai. the ai plays as the person who does the platforming, and you do the level design. the ai isn't the greatest, so you have to help it sometimes. though you could flip it and have the ai be really good, giving the challenge of having to defeat the ai. of course, making it so it's possible to complete the level at all.

-(probably 3d) game where you design a ninja star. ninja stars will have multiple stats that the shape of the star will affect. maybe you can make multiple ninja stars, collect new metals, collect new tools and discover new throwiing techniques.
-platformer game where things move to the beat. background music. maybe you can mess around with the music? add effects? idk
-throw/put stuff in a black hole to close it. (no gameplay idea sorry)

-fast-paced point-and-click game where it generates a random world. you are a pizza delivery man and you have 2 minutes to deliver as many pizzas as you can.
^edit 2020-02-02: would probably be better as a 3d game.
-you know those bags where the bag itself is attached with a zipper? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GMpVX__0QQ) well the goal of the game is to assemble/zip things up like that. kinda weird to explain, but imagine zipping two long fabric things together, which makes a piece to zip together with another thing and soon you get a dog. idk
-game where you have to make a car by buying parts (parts are randomly picked, you don't see all the parts). but the catch is you have 21 dollars. maybe have a ragdoll character when the car drives. like that game Turbo Dismount.

-2d side scroller where you play as a tall creature. the creature has legs on its head. it walks by flipping. think of it like someone doing a handstand, and then going back to the feet. that's how the creature walks. maybe the game could be a cool puzzle platformer? not sure.
-game where people ask you for advice. they'll say a problem they have and you give them an answer. as you play the game, you meet more and more people. from random strangers to leaders of countries. and as you give advice, you can see how your advice affected people and the world. since this would be a word heavy game maybe use ai like gpt-2 or something.
-game where you draw graphics which makes levels. at the start of the game you need to draw a pencil to start drawing (idk). then you draw the ground tiles, the player, and as you draw all these gameplay graphics the game will generate levels based on your graphics. your run's graphics will be made all by you, with the levels made indirectly by you.

-do calculations on a calculator on your jump ad as fast as you can. with timer.
-3d game where you assemble furniture without screws, you have to balance it.
-fps where you shoot plugs into sockets instead of shooting bullets. you have to make sure your shooting into the right socket, so canadians or european. but there's also universal.

-relaxing game where each run generates random new elements, with random reactions. your goal is to label and document elements and reactions. perferably not just checking boxes of what the reaction does, more like you actually have to write/type it down. perhaps a system can detect if you're describing the reactions and if you do describe them correctly.
-program that remaps your keyboard letters to different buttons everyday. making it a game to use your computer for the day, having to figure out what button is what letter. there could be a leaderboard of a streak of how long they've been playing the game, each day figuring out what keys are what.
-game (probably on a site) that gives you points whenever you connect to a new wifi network. basically a boring pokemon go but connecting to wifi instead of catching cool and cute monsters.

-remember facade? that game where you can say whatever you want during a couple going through issues? remake that game but use gpt-2. basically a game where you talk and have conversation using gpt-2.
-game where the objective is to make a virus for a fake operating system. the game has (or uses) a programming language. mess with the OS and look for vulnerabilities.
-any basic game (not the focus of the idea) that has an api to allow making custom achievements. people can post achievements online, and soon, the game becomes the game with the most achievements ever.

-top down car game where you have to hit your opponents back of the car
-platformer game where you start at the bottom, lava rises and you have to climb up the perlin-noise-generated levels until you die.
-3d game where you control a cube by controlling it's rotation/torque.
-2d platformer game where the character's hoodie string can extend. the string extends towards your mouse cursor. so if you move your cursor around a circle, the string will wrap around the circle.
-shootemup game where your bullets bounce up and down. so if you shoot, the bullet goes to the top of the screen, bounces down, hits the bottom of the screen and bounces up and so forth. so you have to shoot but also dodge your own bullets.

-real time board game. have timer that ticks every second. players will make moves to the timer, of course allowing the option to wait.
-platformer or fps game where you can build up downward velocity. this is like if you were programming gravity but never resetted it so you keep just building velocity. basically a winded up ground pound.
-based off of that driver game and clicked playing a pico-8 game "only one enemy", platformer game where you can switch souls to another entity. basically switching the camera and controls to any entity.

-platformer game where you're like the blue shell powerup in mario (not mario kart) except you're always a shell.
-topdown (probably multiplayer) game where you have a sword use the mouse to change the angle your player is facing. hit the backside of the player with the sword.
-1d (line back and forth) multiplayer game where you can go left and right, you can switch from rock paper or scissors. goal is to touch the other player with the winning move. either controls are keyboard or mouse but mouse can go too fast.

-top down game where you shoot enemys with blue bullets. bullets bounce from enemys and switch to red which damage you. so you have to shoot enemys but dodge your own bullets as well.
-top down shooting game where you can curb the bullet.
-spin around and use jet to get around in no gravity
^edit 2020-01-28: dunno how this is a game idea lol
-guy goes back and forth and goes up while dodging holes. like icy tower.
^edit 2020-01-28: basically imagine icy tower, but you always move back and forth. the goal is to jump onto the higher platforms while dodging holes.