game ideas

i'll probably update this every now and never. idk

# of game ideas: 195

-open world game where you are given a minute to do as many crimes as you can. fast paced. different crimes give different points. from punching people, to crashing into destructible buildings.

-game where you collect recycle objects to make other objects, including tools to get those objects. objects are good for some things, for some not others. maybe using cardboard for a watering can isn't the best idea, hm?

-game where you are in a grocery store. you play as a vegetable that's supposed to be refrigerated. your goal is to grab your friends in the grocery store (like cereal, ice cream, and other foods). workers will chase you, and you also have to make sure you don't rot by going to cold places like refrigerators as you run.

-online mobile game where you play as a person who can walk in all directions. however, there are many people which create an army which are also controlled. the goal is to try to defeat your opponents army by avoiding obstacles, and damaging their solders. idk.

-game with many, many different endings. whenever you come across one, you can leave a sticky note to where you got the ending. you can write whatever you want on the sticky note. you can either tell players to avoid something to get the real ending, or to fool them and try to lure them into one of the many, many bad endings.

-game where you are god, you see many people claiming to be time travelers making predictions on the future. you decide which prediction will be true. as you select your options you see the state that the world has turned into.

-fps dodgeball where one player controls the main. they are blind but can see their opponents. the other player views the pov of the same main and is still blind but can see dodgeballs instead. the two must work together to try to dodge and hit their opponents with a dodgeball.

-not really a game but idc. site where you can record samples. the samples are shared for people to use for the song maker tool. you can drag and drop samples, make them loop, apply effects and etc. basically making songs only out of other people's samples. you can even sample other people's songs to use for other songs. songs are ranked based on a vote system. the same is applied to samples but it is varied to get more random and less-known results.

-platformer game that uses a color scheme. each colour represents something. like a solid, or coin, or death. on the bottom of the screen is the color pallete arranged in a rainbow order. you can scroll the bar, which will change the color pallete of the levels, changing what some stuff does. the game is minimalistic like n++.

-game where you battle ships by shipping ships to make ships that you can ship ships with. the ships can vary, from wacky colours, to wacky shapes, to even abilities that just blow away the ship into the sky. wacky fun.

-tron like game but as a 3d plane in neo toyko.

-game where you go undercover. you have to join different groups and act apart with them. the game is like facade in which you can talk to them. an ai could either manage how the people react or say to your message or measure how well you're playing your role. it could also be multiplayer but that's probably a game already. this could also be an actor simulator game. idk.

-platformer game where you play with random people. you have to cooperate in order to pass, which gives you co-op points. however, co-op points can be used to purchases competitive power-ups, which allow you to actually win agaisnt opponents. these could be speed boosts, to exploding players to far distances, including near the beginning. maybe the levels could be a race? idk. it should be fast paced too though, so it's a fun addicting game to play as you laugh with friends.

-based off an old game idea in this list, typeracer, but at the beginning of every race the game scrambles the location of the keys. no more qwerty anymore fellas, it's bvmjhv now.

-idle game where you download money to buy internet gear to improve your internet. you can also design your house to make the most optimized place. there should probably be some thing to have a reason not to make a one room house, maybe like technology that needs a range or something? idk.

-game with a open world, you can drive cars, do parkour, do whatever you want with npcs and such. what's the goal though? that's what the players decide. a quest creator allows users to make specific quests, from getting a npc from point a to b, to driving a jump in the sky. you can even make cutscenes and stitch quests and cutscenes together to make your own campaign.

-game using gpt-2. two players play, one is a spy, and the other is a detective. the ai will basically have a bunch of people having a conversation. this includes the spy. the detective has to watch the conversation (or could talk as well but that could go wrong very easily) and figure out who is the spy. it would essentially be like a chatroom, but when the ai is making a response, it can wait a bit to give the illusion they're typing.

-game where you are presented with a random amount of randomly generated ports. you are also given a whole bunch of cables. your goal is to plug all the plugs in the right port as fast as you can. things such as one way plug, and even plugs that need another to be plugged in will make this a challenging endeavor.

-short 3d game where you roll a die. if you get 6 you get another die. this repeats over and over again. you control a hand with the mouse, and you can pick up and roll the dice. the dice have physics.

-game where a games like tag are played by a group of people. your job is to look for someone cheating or not following the rules. this goes from 3 people tag, to 20 people in a complex game. think simple celluar automata, which would still be hard to supervise.

-game where you try to understand what someone is saying. if you're accurate within a certain threshold you pass to the next level. as you progress through the level the speech gets harder to understand and also gets lower in volume. for funsies the game could have a hearing age or hearing score like in brain age.

-game where you play different little arcade games. you can stream to other players, but other players can view your stream and press buttons as well. the goal for you is to beat the game, and the goal for the viewers is to make you lose. this should be less internet than streaming since you could just stream the input instead of video.

-game where a currency goes up and down very fast. you can buy an amount and sell an amount. there is a buy button, then an input field for the number, then a sell field. this is under a graph showing the price. you start with $100. the goal is to get a high amount of money in 30-60 seconds. try to beat your (and other's) high score!

-game where you connect with other players and are given actors, props, settings and one-line plot. each person takes a scene to do, so you might do the first, second, and-so-onth scene. however, you cannot see other scenes besides your own. you record scenes by clicking record, then you can drag the characters to move them and record voices. you have maximum 5 minutes to make a scene. by the end everyone gets to see the weird movie they made.

-game where you play as an autotune program. you are given a clip of singing, and have to adjust the singing to make it in tune. you select a part of the clip and then adjust the tuning via cents, at the end you are given the perfect autotune example, and how accurate you were. the game even gives facts on your version, like if you did it on a different key, or even if the key is a microtonal one. there is also a sandbox mode that lets you mess around with your own samples.

-game where at the beginning of the day you get to see a random message for an hour, then closing after. the goal is at the end if the day to remember what the message was, and maybe a daily chain combo or something. thus could improve memory, or not. idk.

-game where you do homework for a student. however, as you progress, you see notes that the student writes. the student is crazy, and eventually puts you in danger. changing from answering math questions, to answering the students questions. spooky.

-3d game where you play as a ragdoll character. your limbs can easily get knocked off and you have to pick them back up and put them back on. you can also put other objects on and use those for limbs.

-game where you walk around an office with numerous pieces of paper on the ground. the goal is to make a story by picking up random pieces of paper and making a story out of them.

-2 player game where one player sweeps and one player adds dust.

-3d game where you play a crate, the goal is to brake the crate to free the contents. there could be levels where you need to sprinkle a bit of the contents to start an explosion or something. idk.

-game where you play as a tomato with a tomato gun, which shoot tomatos than can shoot tomatos as well.

-website that lets you chat with strangers, whenever you chat your goal is to make them say a specific word, the other stranger has to make you say a word as well, but it's a different word. if you guess what word your opponent is trying to make you say then you win, and vise versa. you're also not allowed the say the word you got.

-game where you play as a firetruck, you can shoot water out of your hose. the water can blast you into the air, and this is how you move. you have to take out the fires with the hose as well however, and the level only clears when you have done so.

-game where you try to talk to people using a talkbox. the game is a rhythm game and your message is only fully conveyed if you perfect the melody. the end of the level shows how the conversation went, like at the end of a level in rhythm heaven.

-game where you make parts for contraptions by cutting out the shape out of random sized boxes. each level has a contraption you need to make in order to complete it.

-game that helps you write a short story (for the sake of writing one, quality doesn't matter). everyday if you log in you get points, and everyday you have to write at least a sentence. you get points depending on how much you wrote. if you miss a day, your entire story gets deleted! (this could probably have some setting to change the amount of days to miss or a different punishment like removing last day's work idk.)

-game where you have a dog as a pet, you can play with it and try to teach it things. the game tries to replicate actually teaching a dog something. this is for a dog show, and a dog race. as you are able to level up its stats. this could also combine some rpg kinda stuff. idk.

-game where you get a log of wood and a sword, you cut the log and try to carve out a sword. next, you repeat the process 9 more times (like telephone). then you have to defeat a whole bunch of enemies with your weird sword.

-tank game where powerups are placed randomly about the level, these change the gravity for all the players. the tanks are also my bouncy.

-lovely interactive fiction game where no matter what you choose you end up encountering and being in a relationship with "the one". :)

-3d game where you are on stage with random objects, you have to be entertaining for the audience.

-top down car game where you are in different scenarios and need to do a u-turn doing the least amount of damage.

-game where you play against another player. you tap a drum to a song, then after 2 bars you then hear each others beats. the goal is to me the most on tempo, you can try to purposely go too early to try to mess up your opponent, but don't do it too much or it can mess up your accuracy, or even mess you up in the process.

-game where you run away from your shadow that follows you. casting light will make shadows that follow you as well.

-web game that displays a counter. the goal is for the counter to go to a million. if you click add, it will add for everyone who is or will view the site, and the same if you click subtract (but subtract instead of add). if the counter goes to negative a million, then you lose. it'd be interesting to see who wins, the adders, or the subtracters...

-fps game with two teams. each player has a health bar, if you shoot a player, you gain a bit of HP. at the end of the game the team with the most hp on all members total wins. maybe you could have rounds? maybe buy stuff? i'm not sure. (also i really like this idea so don't steal it please lol)

-might've said this game idea before but juggling simulator with your one mouse cursor.

-game where you are given the choice to put money over someone and betray them. later it goes into a detailed story of what happened since then and how they were hurt. the player would feel really bad. this game could be a problem with spoilers though.

-game where you create tools from scratch, collecting the supplies to do so. you can create tools to help you in the multiple processes.

-game where you are a reverse firefighter who tries to put houses upon flames, the same way you extinguish them. this would be a satisfying game with cool destruction tech stuff.

-=you know how you can draw on the screen with a window in windows xp? game where you fill whole screen by doing that. make sure no enemies touch a window. maybe there could be two windows, and you need to fill have of the screen with the first window and vise versa, so you have to fill as you make sure an enemy doesn't touch the other window or something. i'm thinking a spider for the enemy. idk.

-airplane simulator but simplified, like how soko loco simplifies transport tycoon.

-game where you make jigsaw puzzles by ice skating on the board.

-game where you swing from vine to vine but your feet and hands are not connected. you can be holding onto the vine but your legs could be spinning 360s. you'd probably have to make it so the controls aren't trash but, idk.

-party game where each person takes a turn being the host. an object is given to the rest, like a car or something, then players are supposed to make the other side of the car. the hosts picks the one they like the most. the objects are 3d and low poly. i was thinking painting but that could be boring and if you made the 3d easy would probably be way more fun.

-game where you eat in a eating contest eating foods as fast as you can by controlling the food with the mouse.

-rpg game where you trade to obtain items, armour and more.

-side scroller platformer in a top down world.

-game that helps you memorize things you need help memorizing.

-mini chess, 4x4 grid, except every time you try to kill an enemy, you have to win another mini chess game. metachess.

-side scroller car game in space where you can jump between planet and planet. the gravity makes your car go towards the closest planet. idk.

-game where you bake a pie by playing as the pie. the game is a platformer. idk.

2020-05-02 (249 tooth for an eye)
-game where you take people's arms and legs for currency to buy upgrades to tools to take more arms and legs. get it?

-game where you pick up boxes by controlling a floating shovel. gameplay is similar to octodad in terms of sloppy controls.

-game where you cut stuff in halve and try to be as percise as you can.

-game where load things onto a truck. but you can do trickshots like throwing, kicking and other stuff to the things you load onto the truck. like skateboard games you get scores and combos based on your moves. idk.

-game where you play as a dog barber. :)

-platformer game but has an ai to try to troll the player. there are various actions the ai can do. drop the floor, hidden block, drop a block, whatever. as players play the ai learns what to do and improves further and further.

-game where you are a jackhammer digging into the earth. dodge rocks, and explore caves. caves can contain upgrades, but you can also just dig past them. the goal is to dig into the center of the earth and defeat the boss.

-fps game (pixelated camera style) where you explore a monocolour (nice blue) world and take pictures. though you can go to other worlds (like a red world) to take other pictures in. the game will check if your pictures good with real photography criteria. (rule of thirds, balance of shiz, etc.) i feel like i've suggested this before but whatever. idk.

-game where you surf with weird objects. like rubber duckys or pencils. idk.

-game where you knock on doors as fast as you can to break them. idk.

-game that tells how you to play the platformer even though what they say is wrong. from stuff like controls, to stuff like what kills you. bonus points if sometimes they tell the truth, and if the tutorial is voice acted, a way to tell if they're lying. idk.

-game where you explore a randomly generated region and make a map for it. your map is compared with percents, so 50% accuracy or 100%, etc. could be a fun, nice, relaxing game. idk.

-game where you have to draw the number 20 in various coniditions, blindfolded, shaking, upside-down, whatever, idk.

-game that'd be fun using motion controls where you hit and whack things which break into a million pieces. your goal is to break as much as you can in 10 seconds or something. though i'd perfer something else than "do x as much as you can before y seconds.", idk.

-game where you break ice by stitching words together to make a sentence. bonus points if it's randomized on if you have to make a statement or question. idk.

-game (maybe using gpt-2) where you interrogate someone in a chatroom. there are achievements like making someone innocent go to jail and vise versa. could be fun to kinda "make" wacky scenarios, idk.

2020-04-16 (internet went out before i could update)
-game where you shoot bullets and make a trail for them to follow.

-management game where you create a forest. each tree is a word (it would be displayed sideways) the word determines the tree's behavior, so "fast" would mean the tree grows rapidly. tree's grow letters that you can use to assemble words.

-game where you spam a button to affect the player's emotions. the goal is to calm down the player as they panic. sometimes you should spam the button, spam it lightly, or not touch the button at all. idk.

-a pillow fight game. 45-degree angle camera pointing at your character. maybe the game is ragdoll and you can hit people with pillows and feathers fly everywhere. idk.

-factory game where you have to produce factory pieces themselves to use.

-game where you play as an easter egg. you have to run away from mulitple kids (who are giants compared to you). if a kid finds you and is able to grab you, you get eaten.

-game where you have no time on your hands, so you need to look around your city to look for time to hold with your hands. the game is based on a timer, but if you collect the time, your timer increases. idk.

-game similar to beyblade but instead of spinning, you wobble. you create your wobbling stone by chisiling out stone. the game is strategy and will require players to think of strategys on how to their your stone.

-game where you come up with ideas for different businesses, if they are good enough they will do your idea and you get to see what happens. either you come up with a crazy good chocolate bar or accidentally create a ginormous bomb that creates a huge dent in the earth.

-game where you keep growing and you need to damage yourself by running into enemies and spikes to shrink yourself. if you grow too big you'll die.

-game where you have to shake your mouse cursor while avoiding a bouncing square across the screen. the more you shake the more points you get. if you touch the square you die and game over. bonus points if touching the border of the screen kills you too.

-game where you are in a kitchen having to cook dishes with food from other planets. experiment and figure out how to make good dishes. bonus points if the food is randomly generated per save.

-game where you assign colours to people by painting them. of course no one wants to get painted, so they run away. you have to colour all the people so that there is 3 evenly divided groups of black, grey, and white.

-game where you are sleepwalking and you have to try to force yourself to wake up. that's on the left side of the screen, on the right side of the screen you can see what you're dreaming about. you have to find a way to wake up as fast as you can without interacting with the dream. if you die in the dream you die in real life and vise versa.

-boss rush game where you are the boss.

-roguelike on an excel sheet.
-clicker game entirely based on a research system.

-game that picks a random file on your pc and you have to find it. the game gives you clues (mostly about the contents) to help find it.

-game where you backseat game as someone plays a zelda-like game.

-game where you launch and close the game as fast as you can. it prints the time into a text file. idk.

-game where things are scattered across the screen. you have to drag everything into it's right box. the box could sort from colour, to the starting letter of it's word, or even to what scientific element occurs the most in it. (perhaps you could have a inspector to get stats about objects.) idk.

-game where you are stuck in your office with a few things. your goal is to play the game in one sitting for 3 hours. you have to occupy yourself by messing around with the enviorment, without making a distraction. the game will check if you're actually playing it as well. there should be only things that you can play with for a bit but you couldn't have too much fun and do all the way through. things can interact with each other though, so the game initiates you to be creative. things can be stuff like tape, staples, paper and pencil, a computer, and etc.

2020-03-26 (first time i skipped a day :'(( )
-game where you have to flip a coin 5 tails in a row to win.

-game where you play as the vine. monkeys will swing on you, and you have to help them get to the other side. idk.

-game where you have are in a rush to get ready for different scenarios. from work, to a funeral, to a clown party.

-vr game where you throw a ball at a wall and catch it. but on steroids. multiple balls, walls, angles, shapes, gravity, powerups arm length, even four dimensions. the game goes ham. idk.

-game where you are a monster trying to hide in a kids bed. multiple activites happen in the room, from a kid walking in to grab something, to the kid sleeping. you have to scare the kid (keep it kid-friendly) without them noticing you.

-platformer where you play as a car. the controls are as if it was a top down racing game, however gravity fights you. so you get these weird controls that should seem kinda cool. idk.

-vr game where you play as cartoony bodies. (think of a spoon but more circular and with arms and legs.) the goal is to tag each other to kill each other. but you can upgrade stats like movement speed and arm length. maybe you level up those from matches or get powerups or both. you can customize your character greatly. although they'll like silly and can even look creepy. i had a dream where me and my friends played this game and had a lot of laughs. rip me. idk.

-game where you change the time on various clocks to match a time quickly. you get a point every time you get it right. or maybe you get points based on your accuracy. if you don't do it in the short timer then you game over. idk.

-not really a game idea but... the game board is a keyboard. you start on the spacebar and, similar to checkers, pick a key to go on in front of you. maybe the game could be checkers or chess? idk.

-duck hunt but you're on a bumpy rollercoaster spinning 360 degrees around sitting on vibrating seats as a monkey sitting on another monkey sitting on your shoulders holds the gun that you shoot. also you're drunk.

-game where you try to cut a pie perfectly. the game shows you how accurate you are with your cuts afterwards.

-platformer game with 50 levels, each level is about their digit of pi. so the first level, you need to collect 3 coins. the second level, you need to kill the one boss, the third level, you need to climb a building to the fourth floor. idk.

2020-03-13 (forgot to add the date that day lol)
-game where a day loops, but each loop the game literally corrupts. getting more corrupt each day.

-game where there's this ordinary world. but each day you become allergic to something and have to live a regular work day while avoiding it. going from dogs, to peanut butter, people, and to even sunlight, it will be a challenge avoiding them.

-game where you park cars by telling someone what to do. ots an experimental game that uses voice recognition. sometomes you have to talk louder cause the driver can't hear you. you have to tell them to reverse or to turn a certain way. idk.

-game to learn about sound fx. there's a speaker that goes to different locations in each level. you have to enable the right fx that would fit. for example if a speaker was in a church, you would put a reverb effect. though it can get weird. if the speaker is in a room where the walls are mirrors, you might have to put a chorus effect. idk.

-game where two players control one character at a time. one player tries to keep the character alive, the other tries to kill the character. the twist is that each player can't see what the other player is doing. making them have to adapt quickly.

-game where you make video advertisements for companies.

-game where as you explore the world, you can name the colours. you have a book full of colours you've named. you can even fuse the names to make new colours. the world adopts your name system and you explore the world with your own colour names. idk.

-game where you chug drinks by tilting the screen.

-crazy taxi but airplanes

-game where you carefully put swords into your throat. you have to be very careful, and cannot hit the walls. idk.

-game where you explore a town or city. you might be at the right place at the right time, and something will happen. you write about this in the newspaper you work on. the goal of the game is to document the most events you can. the game detects what event you're talking about and what detail.

-game where you are placed in a randomly generated world. the game's terrain is wavy, but the camera is still stableized on the player. so the player could do a loopy loop but it kinda seems like a flat plane. you have to find your way out (to the next level) by talking to people. as you explore the random world, you learn about it. this would be a very relaxing game. there could be a story, but i'd like at least a mode that is just a world one after another.

-game where you look at a neighborhood, you connect the wires to the houses. however, stuff like limited electricity and limited supply of wires require you to think carefully. it's a puzzle game on how to connect each house with a wire together.

-game where you manage a buttercup (like reese's). you have to expierement with different combinations. from shape, multiple fillings, different crust levels. it basically goes really complex. like universal paperclips but without the idle.

-rts game where people have free will, so they struggle with you for commands. you have to befriend the people to get them to do what you want.

-tron but in the format of minecraft hunger games. in the center and around the arena are powerups like a gap powerup that stops you making a trail for a bit, creating a gap. there's speed boosts, radars that check for nearby players for 30 seconds and so forth. the game could have 5 up to 500 players as ai. (i always love games where you can add a lot of ai players like armagetron advanced.)

-game where you control a radio, you can only turn the station knob. the game is a big story, could be about a DJ or some random dude asking for help in a post-apocalyptic world. idk.

-game where you tie your shoes. you move the left string, which mirrors on the right (but flipped vertically). at first you can tie your shoes normally but then there are obstacles like spikes that get in your way. there could also be stuff to manipulate the laces, providing more methods and obstacles. idk.

-game where the player makes up a random gesture, which generates an action based on that gesture. like if the player swipes up, the player would jump. if the player does a zig-zag then something will happen. the actions from the gesture are not pre-programmed, they are generated. idk.

2020-02-23 (ayy)
-platformer game where you can only move when you close your eyes, making the screen go black. you are still when your eyes are open.

-game where you are given random pictures. the pictures are weird creatures you've never seen before. you have to classify them as A or B (there'll be random names). when you guess, you will be told if you are right. you have to figure out what creatures are which. the game gets harder and harder adding more options, breeds to creatures, transformations to the image and so on.

-game where you spam the space. you have to get to exactly party 100 in the shortest time possible. when you think you got 100 then press enter or something. if you didn't get 100 then you lose. so you have to spam the button exactly 100 times, and then submit your number as fast as you can. idk.
^edit 2020-02-22: you can make the game more difficult by not allowing the player to see how many times they've clicked.

-game where it presents a pattern with shapes. you have to get the pattern right and move to the next one. you have to do these fast, cause there's a timer. if the timer runs out or you get the pattern wrong, you lose. (stuff like, "it goes square then circle then repeat") idk.

-game where you switch bodies with an alien from another world. you have to get used to their school system, jobs, social norms and etc. thinking visual novel. could also be some cool message about our currenty society. idk.

-you know that gameshow where you dl a pose to get through the hole in a wall coming towards you? it's like that but you use the mouse to drag each limb, so the forearm, the upperleg, wrists, etc.

-game where you explore a city picking up litter and putting it in a recycle bin. the items can be recycled into tools to pick up litter faster.

-side scroller game where you play as a guy outside. the sky is white. you have a gun that can shoot the sky to add blue. use the mouse to aim. enemies will try to stop you.

-3d 3rd person game where you walk in a city. you can cough on people, making them sick and make them controllable as well. the goal of the game is to get the entire city populated. kinda like katamari.

-game where two players are on a spinning converyor belt. each player basically pulls each other to punch. so instead of your first going to your opponent, you're making your opponent go to your fist. idk.

-game where you are the guest on a talk show. it's a cyoa style of game. there's different endings, from you bombiing the interview, to you becoming the host. idk.

-game like tron but you move your mouse. as you move your mouse, it makes a trail. you have eat food (like snake) without crossing your trail.

-top down game where you survive in a procedural-generated world. items are pushed like blocks in sokoban. push an axe into a tree to cut it down. create entire rooms full with items. there was a switch game i think was about sorting a warehouse with this similar concept, (i came up with the idea before i saw the game tho) the art style looks cool. so maybe something like that? (not roguelike style though, have more colour and stuff.)

-game where you have to do impressions of voices/characters. bot or ai will detect how close you are to the real voice and give you a score/rating. maybe do the mean or do like how cubers do it and remove best and worst score and then do the mean? idk.

-game like papers please where you do taxes for aliens. you go to different planets which have different tax systems. of course, like papers please there could be a story about tax evasion. (yoshi no!)

-platformer where you can only move horizontally if you jump. this is like playing a mario game but always crouching. -game where you have a gun, the gun is alive, and also gets angry. you have to make it angry for it to let out all the rage and shoot. not sure how you can make it angry though.
-maybe 3d, fps or point and click game where you are in different scenarios. you are really tired and you want to go to bed. you have to go to bed as fast as you can, while not doing hard tasks that make you sleep. so maybe go from work to your bed, having to decide if you should do something or a different thing and which will not make you more tired, as you try to go as fast as possible.

-game where you aim the sun towards the moon to make the light bounce onto the earth. maybe later you have to move the moon and sun, as well as their rotation. maybe they have a shield which covers up half of it or something.
(sorry for the lack of game ideas each day btw, i'll try to get some more game ideas tommorow or something.)

-game where there are numerous anonymous groups, the only lead is their mask. you have to find these groups in a city.

-game where you are work for customer service for a technology company. you get a call, pick up, and start helping the person. when suddenly, another person calls, you talk to both at the same time, and then another person calls. see where i'm going with this? help mulitple people on the phone at once.
-game where you have to skip rope yourself. there's three characters, the edges holding the rope. click and drag on them spinning in circles for them to turn their arm. then drag the middle guy up to make him jump. so you have to make the two edge guys spin the rope and jump over it. if the rope hits you or you're too slow then you lose.
-anonimity (for tommorow)

-this is gonna be a confusing one. 3d game where you play inside of a sphere. your goal is to hit the ball so it stays above the ground, like in volleyball. when you hit the ball into the air, the sphere kinda goes inside out and shows the opponent. this is probably a idea you would need to flesh out but it seems cool.
-adventurer mode from dwarf fortress. except the history has three stages, historic, present and future. your character can do whatever they want in the world. and if they are able to use a time machine, go to one of the three time periods and explore.

-game where you shoot cans by throwing cans that you have knocked down. basically shooting enemies with enemies. as different cans attack you in different ways, they're the same as weapons for you to use.

-guitar simulator for keyboard where you use the letters part (with qwerty or whatever) for the strumming and the numpad for the chords. though you could probably swap the two. maybe play songs by doing the right chords? idk.
-game where you play as a key on a rgb keyboard. press a button to change your hue. you have to keep up with the different patterns the other rgb lights do.
-game where you work together with a ai. the ai plays as the person who does the platforming, and you do the level design. the ai isn't the greatest, so you have to help it sometimes. though you could flip it and have the ai be really good, giving the challenge of having to defeat the ai. of course, making it so it's possible to complete the level at all.

-(probably 3d) game where you design a ninja star. ninja stars will have multiple stats that the shape of the star will affect. maybe you can make multiple ninja stars, collect new metals, collect new tools and discover new throwiing techniques.
-platformer game where things move to the beat. background music. maybe you can mess around with the music? add effects? idk
-throw/put stuff in a black hole to close it. (no gameplay idea sorry)

-fast-paced point-and-click game where it generates a random world. you are a pizza delivery man and you have 2 minutes to deliver as many pizzas as you can.
^edit 2020-02-02: would probably be better as a 3d game.
-you know those bags where the bag itself is attached with a zipper? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GMpVX__0QQ) well the goal of the game is to assemble/zip things up like that. kinda weird to explain, but imagine zipping two long fabric things together, which makes a piece to zip together with another thing and soon you get a dog. idk
-game where you have to make a car by buying parts (parts are randomly picked, you don't see all the parts). but the catch is you have 21 dollars. maybe have a ragdoll character when the car drives. like that game Turbo Dismount.

-2d side scroller where you play as a tall creature. the creature has legs on its head. it walks by flipping. think of it like someone doing a handstand, and then going back to the feet. that's how the creature walks. maybe the game could be a cool puzzle platformer? not sure.
-game where people ask you for advice. they'll say a problem they have and you give them an answer. as you play the game, you meet more and more people. from random strangers to leaders of countries. and as you give advice, you can see how your advice affected people and the world. since this would be a word heavy game maybe use ai like gpt-2 or something.
-game where you draw graphics which makes levels. at the start of the game you need to draw a pencil to start drawing (idk). then you draw the ground tiles, the player, and as you draw all these gameplay graphics the game will generate levels based on your graphics. your run's graphics will be made all by you, with the levels made indirectly by you.

-do calculations on a calculator on your jump ad as fast as you can. with timer.
-3d game where you assemble furniture without screws, you have to balance it.
-fps where you shoot plugs into sockets instead of shooting bullets. you have to make sure your shooting into the right socket, so canadians or european. but there's also universal.

-relaxing game where each run generates random new elements, with random reactions. your goal is to label and document elements and reactions. perferably not just checking boxes of what the reaction does, more like you actually have to write/type it down. perhaps a system can detect if you're describing the reactions and if you do describe them correctly.
-program that remaps your keyboard letters to different buttons everyday. making it a game to use your computer for the day, having to figure out what button is what letter. there could be a leaderboard of a streak of how long they've been playing the game, each day figuring out what keys are what.
-game (probably on a site) that gives you points whenever you connect to a new wifi network. basically a boring pokemon go but connecting to wifi instead of catching cool and cute monsters.

-remember facade? that game where you can say whatever you want during a couple going through issues? remake that game but use gpt-2. basically a game where you talk and have conversation using gpt-2.
-game where the objective is to make a virus for a fake operating system. the game has (or uses) a programming language. mess with the OS and look for vulnerabilities.
-any basic game (not the focus of the idea) that has an api to allow making custom achievements. people can post achievements online, and soon, the game becomes the game with the most achievements ever.

-top down car game where you have to hit your opponents back of the car
-platformer game where you start at the bottom, lava rises and you have to climb up the perlin-noise-generated levels until you die.
-3d game where you control a cube by controlling it's rotation/torque.
-2d platformer game where the character's hoodie string can extend. the string extends towards your mouse cursor. so if you move your cursor around a circle, the string will wrap around the circle.
-shootemup game where your bullets bounce up and down. so if you shoot, the bullet goes to the top of the screen, bounces down, hits the bottom of the screen and bounces up and so forth. so you have to shoot but also dodge your own bullets.

-real time board game. have timer that ticks every second. players will make moves to the timer, of course allowing the option to wait.
-platformer or fps game where you can build up downward velocity. this is like if you were programming gravity but never resetted it so you keep just building velocity. basically a winded up ground pound.
-based off of that driver game and clicked playing a pico-8 game "only one enemy", platformer game where you can switch souls to another entity. basically switching the camera and controls to any entity.

-platformer game where you're like the blue shell powerup in mario (not mario kart) except you're always a shell.
-topdown (probably multiplayer) game where you have a sword use the mouse to change the angle your player is facing. hit the backside of the player with the sword.
-1d (line back and forth) multiplayer game where you can go left and right, you can switch from rock paper or scissors. goal is to touch the other player with the winning move. either controls are keyboard or mouse but mouse can go too fast.

-top down game where you shoot enemys with blue bullets. bullets bounce from enemys and switch to red which damage you. so you have to shoot enemys but dodge your own bullets as well.
-top down shooting game where you can curb the bullet.
-spin around and use jet to get around in no gravity
^edit 2020-01-28: dunno how this is a game idea lol
-guy goes back and forth and goes up while dodging holes. like icy tower.
^edit 2020-01-28: basically imagine icy tower, but you always move back and forth. the goal is to jump onto the higher platforms while dodging holes.