goodie bag

Mostly games that I either spent actual effort or none in.

piethon - A "esoteric" programming language which is basically Python as art.
cheesd - A classic game I made in an hour I'm proud of for some reason.
Turbo Rock Throwing - A game I made for a game jam.
chicken - Asking a friend for a game theme + 10 minute limit = chicken.
cheesd too - The sequel to cheesd, I'm really proud of this game for some reason...
jom saves the world - My first bitsy game, was fun to make. :)
committing arson - A bitsy game I made for a game jam.
remote? - A dumb comic I made, with crappy stickmen, story and handwriting.


craftinggame - Little Alchemy + Minecraft's Crafting System (made this game a while ago)