2019-06-28 - i need to update the microblog more, as well as the blog. lol
2019-05-31 - got an idea for a game. one that actually works btw! it's called famicart, you get a cartridge, which is a tiny game, play it, beat it, get coins and buy other cartridges. keep doing this till you collect them all!
2019-05-30 - man, I haven't played it since I was little but Plants Vs Zombies is really fun. lol the first game is on mobile for free, with some iap/ads but you can just avoid them since it's just to cheat and stuff lol.
2019-05-29 - the villain for jojo part 5 is really cool. fimished episode 27. kind of weird to have to wait to watch jojo when after part 5 i'll read the manga which goes up to part 8, which is still being written. also send me some cool chord progressions on my neocities page. shoutout to hosma for putting cool chord progressions in his blog posts. :)
2019-05-28 - turns out i suck cause i couldn't get pushing multiple blocks at once to work. after getting really fustrated about one part i realized everything i'd have to do and gave up. i might try again since i have another idea but i don't feel like doing it right now. also famicase's are really cool.
2019-05-27 - got an idea for a game. top down sokoban like survival game. you push blocks into each other to craft stuff. so you could push a axe into a tree and you would get wood. gonna get on that as soon as i get home from school.
2019-05-26 - for my culminating task in health class you need to answer a safety question. so i might do "how do hackers get passwords" though i wanna ask if i could do "how does password encryption work?". i also wanna make a video about it cause videos are cool.
2019-05-25 - haven't played minecraft in years since xbox 360 but i got it on my switch and i'm having a blast!
2019-05-24 - made a microblog, really fricking tiny blog posts. have fun! (credit to a. b. a fellow neomember for the background.)