200 followers!!! - 2019/4/11

That's right, two hundred followers! One two and two zeros. I'd say that I don't really care about my follow count but I mean, it's cool to see you have 200 followers. I think the thing i'm more pumped about is how close I am to the top on the "Browser" page, I'm the 7th most followed person.

Anyways, what have I been up to? The collections been growing, it started off pretty slow but got a chunk of submissions in return. Speaking of which I'd like to point out some more rules. This collection is more aimed at made-for-the-collection page, however I still accept pages that are either buried in your site (not like library of babel style though), old html pages you made a while ago, or pages that you can't go to without the URL. Though the HTML file can't be your website, if your website is a game I won't accept just a HTML file of your game. But if it was a custom made version or something that isn't just your website.

I also added a sidebar a while ago, I wanted something to update that's more personal, and something that isn't as ""official"" as a blog post. It's got some buttons (some even as links) and some blinkies.

My personal life has really been the same, hanging out with friends, doing projects. I've started getting more into making music, I always thought LMMS was hard to use but I figured how to mark scales, and learned a little bit of music theory. Now I can make something good at least a week. It's one of those skills you just got to keep doing to get better.

Speaking of projects I've made lots since my last blog post, you can check out my goodie bag (on the nav bar at the top) to check them out.

Anyways, I'm glad Neocities isn't dead, but the april fool's joke was boring... It would've been cooler if Penelope the cat was a dog, it's more memorable than some link to a old geocities fan page of an anime. Sorry for not updating recently, however I've been "active" on Penny's Club. I say "active" since it's not bustling activity, though if you want to talk there I'll always be there. :) I should also put a link to the server in the nav bar, huh...

Haiku of the day #18
What a sturdy tree.
Can't believe it can hold me.
Though I hear a crack...

Help me build my collection! - 2019/3/6

I realized that the last few posts were really close, two posts were looking back at my old sites and two used the knock knock joke included in their "Haiku of the day".

But this time it's gonna be different, I have an idea that involves all you guys, I'm going to make a folder (with a page in the nav bar listing all the stuff) and you guys can help me build the collection.

Simply make a HTML file (can't use anything external) and tell me to add it, obviously if it's okay (no NSFW and use common sense) I'll add it to the folder and link to it on the page. Of course you're allowed to put a link to your site, since I'll probably just drop it in. Speaking of which don't use this as free advertising. This is just to get the community involved and it'll be fun when the collection grows.

So make a HTML file of something and then bug me to add it, also try to limit the amount of files you make, don't make 15 and ask why didn't I add all 15 of your files. Can't wait to see what you guys make. :)

Haiku of the day #17
Jim there's a problem.
Your dog is peeing on my lawn.
I saw a zipper...

We did it boys!!! - 2019/2/26

That's right, we won. While it may be for a little while. Kyle Drake has 154 followers on Neocities, but I have 155! Easy! Booyah! Badabing! That's how you skin a cat! Yes! Hoorah! Hooray! Okay that "joke" sucked.

Though even just me being at 150 followers is crazy, and when I update my blog posts it's great to see people are actually reading them. So I'm gonna mention some Neocities trivia about myself.

I joined Neocities the same time I learned how to program my own website. I created Boxycloud in January 17th, 2016. Meaning I've been on Neocities for over 3 years, damn. The great thing about Neocities is that even though my website sucked, with stolen images, copy and pasted code, and probably hotlinking, I still got 4 thousand views on my website.

Which is why I started getting back into making a website, as I fell into a "geocities" phase with coolman. With cringy old me spewing everywhere about me updating it in school I was proud of my hotlinked garbage.

Looking at Neocities websites is another great feature, not because there's websites to look at but because it motivates you doing so. Which is why when I saw hosma update his site it gave me inspiration to update coolman. I think I hotlinked the background so it's hard navigate the site.

After I got used to the stolen side navigation bar I decided to start fresh with spacecat. It has a theme system and really isn't that bad. But galaxycat was really bad. I think the link links to an old one but the latest one had random graident generator with a trash logo.

That's when actual good content came to light with rocketmix. It's basically jackomix but it actually had content.

Now we're here now. With my dumb python tkinter script containing the text I'm typing ready to upload it. Thanks for the followers, the views, but mostly the great chats hopefully we continue to have on Neocities and the discord.

speaeking of wihich miacities is big badest arhiusdhf /s

Haiku of the day #16
*Knock knock knock knock knock
knock knock knock knock konck* Who's there!?
Wait there's no one here...

Updated the site style, again. - 2019/2/25

Yesterday I updated the site's style. I know the last update lasted less than a week but I like this one a lot. It's a nice pixel art city background (created by ansimuz) and I centered the content. Also the nav line is now as long of the boxes.

Haiku of the day #15
Knock knock jokes are lame.
All the punchlines are the same.
All of you I blame!

????????? - 2019/2/23

Bored, that's what I am. I've played instruments I have in my room that I still don't know how to play.
I have while a computer that loses to the Raspberry Pi 3 when playing Minecraft kind of bad but can still make games.
I have friends I can talk to right now.
I have games I haven't finished or even really played.
There are TV shows I enjoy that I could catch up on and bingewatch.
There are billions of YouTube videos for me to explore.
My website is hosted on a site where half of the point of it is to explore other creative sites filled with personal content.
I am able to program stuff, and have the internet at my fingertips to allow me to learn new stuff about programming.
I can create art, films, music, animation, even 3D animations right now using free tools.
But I'm still bored...

Haiku of the day #14
Honey, I am home!
Hold on, what did I just hear?
Is that my wife's moan!?

My first time with exams. - 2019/2/15

The end of the semester was coming, I've been working on my geography culminating task during the winter break and getting myself ready for the exams at the end of the month. Now today we're more than halfway in February and I can say it wasn't that stressful. I didn't need to work on the culminating task during the break but I was able to relax a little bit. The exams I studied and did good on. So, now what?

Well first of all I got a subdomain from yoshi295295, you can check it on the navbar on "isverylame.com". Yes, my alternative subdomain is "jackomix.isverylame.com", but I take what I can get I aint no choosing beggar!!!

Jokes aside it was cool that he was given subdomains out and to give one to me. Also I learned Penny's Club has some competition with Miacities so time to break out my goons. I don't mind that though, Penny's Club has the most members also. Pffft, who cares about real activity happening on your server to make it worthwhile to stay when I got big numbers! :)

I redesigned the site as you can probably tell, not much but it's a nice style I think. Now time for...

Haiku of the day #13
Take a sip of this.
Take a sip of B drink now.
They both taste the same...

okay bye

A look back at 2018. - 2018/12/31

When I first started making sites, I knew I wouldn't work on them forever, but I never knew I would at least have an on and off relationship with them for like 3 years. On this blog post I want to look back on 2018 and what 2019 will bring me.

When 2017 ended I was Rocketmix. I was pretty proud of my site, and during me being Rocketmix I was also the owner of the (unofficial) Neocities Discord Server. People came and went, and if you were active you knew some members didn't like the way the server was. I agree the server is messy and I fixed that, but I will say I think those people were too harsh. At least one person, and was also a hypocrite once on the arguments of why I should just delete the server (stuff about how I was being a bad friend for keeping stuff he wrote archived).

As this happened servers were made, like nocities, which shut down after a while. Then, Districts became a thing.

Now in my opinion I think Districts is really cool. Though as I made a post in the past I was banned for a stupid reason (yeah it was a ramble but I still stand by my point but it doesn't matter anymore lol). I just stayed on my server and soon the Districts server nuked itself. Then I guess something happened and a whole bunch of new servers were made.

I decided I would make a new server as well, starting on a new leaf. I wanted to make the transition seamless so on the old server on every channel I put up a message saying how we moved. I left it as an archive, also as a little note in case people visited old links and got to my server.

The new server is called Penny's Club, to be honest there were other servers that were a little more active but soon we reached 40 members. The server is at least from what I know, the most active server.

As this whole story was happening however, I started another new leaf, with my website. On tilde.town I had my username as jacko, so I liked combining both jacko and rocketmix to make jackomix. On the districts server I got some help with the colours, and tried to post as often as I could.

Obviously this is a new post after a long time, but it's the last day of 2018, what will I do 2019? I figured out something in 2018, I figured what I really need to do is finish projects. They can be small, they can be dumb, I just need to start and finish a project. That's exactly what I will try to do...

Haiku of the day #12
Bye 2018.
We had ups and we had downs.
Hi 2019.

I got some new headphones and a new *gamrrrr* keyboard. I hope you have a good new year and complete your new years resolutions in 2019. See you later guys. :)

frrroooonk - 2018/11/23

Haiku of the day #11
Crap, I missed a day!
The world is going to end!
Oh... Nothing happened...

Study study wudy cudy ludy - 2018/11/21

Haiku of the day #10
I'm studying hard.
Don't know much but hope I will.
Hopefully I pass...

qpwoeiruty - 2018/11/20

We had a test today, I think I did really well.

Haiku of the day #9
Hello there princess.
Please take this sword on your way.
In search for the prince.

omnomnom - 2018/11/19

Haiku of the day #8
I don't like how hai
kus are limiting in syll
ables, it sucks lots.

40k views! - 2018/11/18

Hey guys, we've reached a pretty cool milestone, 40,000 views! That's pretty cool...

Haiku of the day #7
Fourty thousand views...
Thats four zero thousand views...
Lots of refreshes...

asjdiosdfj - 2018/11/17

Haiku of the day #6
I was almost late.
I have none but a haiku.
Hope that this will do...

Snow day! - 2018/11/16

It's a snow day! :D That's it. Uhm...

Haiku of the day #5
It is a snow day!
Now I can go out and play!
On my PC, duh.


Got my study game done. - 2018/11/15

Tommorow is a test, though I think I'm good. I remembered all the definitions and the answers to the short questions. That's it, not much else happened today...

Good thing about this segment is it gives boring, basically empty blog posts reason to read. I'm talking about...

Haiku of the day #4
Can't do the shrug face.
Messes up my blog system.
Lesson has been learned.

See you guys tommorow. :)

How can floss think? - 2018/11/14

Not much happened really... I found a magazine called Mental Floss I found pretty interesting. It talked about speedrunning with an interview. I expected it was gonna be bias, and while it did have "How to play video games for a living" it was actually pretty good. It even talked about Games Done Quick, the convention where speedrunners come and speedrun and people donate to cancer charity. Though even then after a quick google it's targeted to millennials so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Anyways it's time for everyone's (maybe probably likely I'm not sure) favourite segment...

Haiku of the day #3
Look at the sunshine.
Grass is green, and the birds sing.
I'm a vampire...

That wraps it up, see you tommorow. :)

[Corrupted blog post :/] - 2018/11/13

Welp, today on the 14th I found my system doesn't like the shrug text emote thingy... Because of this it messed up the last blog post, no worries. All it was, was me saying how I saw the Detective Pikachu movie trailer and it surpassed my expectations, from thinking it would be cringy, to me now wanting to see it. Also the corruption didn't hurt yesterday's haiku, so here is...

Haiku of the day #2
Hi me speak english.
I know all the words could know.
Native country here.

See you tommorow. :)

A new challenge. - 2018/11/12

In the game that I said I was working on I noted how you would be able to share levels. Well I discovered this would be a challenge.

Pico-8 uses a command for save data, where it can copy part of the cartridge (sounds, music, map tiles and graphics) into either itself or another file. If a game let's you set the map tiles (like mine) you could use the command to save the map tiles into the cartridge. But I have it so it saves and loads levels.

This works fine as an Pico-8 cartridge, not however, for the binary versions (stuff like .exe and .app). After doing some simple google search I found someone was able to have it save 4096 bytes. With this I might have to have it so you save, then run a script to fetch the save data from a certain folder, as well as loading a level.

Anyways, I thought of a thing I could do everyday, pretty simple and could be a little helpful writing exercise. Everyday I will write a haiku about anything, pizza, games, myself, really anything! So here is...

Haiku of the day #1
Hi, I write a blog.
It's about dumb, stupid stuff.
Take a look and read. :)

Welp, with that out of the way I'll see you guys tommorow with the next blog post. :)

Game in progress... :eyes: - 2018/11/11

Yesterday I did a little mistake and accidentally overwritten the index.html file, but I fixed it.

Anyways, this weekend I've been working on a game, it's looking pretty good so far. I made it in Pico-8 which is a really cool fantasy console. Now I got it for free, legitimately. I really wanted Pico-8 badly and so I remember a page on how to get games for free. The last resort was to simply ask the dev for a free copy. Obviously this won't work for AAA titles but could work for indies.

So I got the dev's email and wrote an email about how it was the summer break and I wanted to be productive, I said how if he didn't want to give me a free copy I totally got it. I believe after a day or two I got a reply with a free key! I was very happy and joined a game jam called FloppyJam, this was a game jam where your game had to be under 1.44MB (the size of a regular floppy disk). I made my game and while I didn't win, I got some feedback and people to play my game.

So like I said before, i'm making a new game, this was actually a remake of an old game I made using a pirated copy of Game Maker 8. I used the internal save function to save and load levels, but it's very buggy, to where if I made a new version the levels made on other version wouldn't work on the newest. But now I'm remaking the game on Pico-8 and I'm actually making more progress than I did earlier, so that's cool. Anyways i'll see you hopefully tommorow, also the new system is actually making me want to blog so that's cool. Cya! :)

Got a new system! - 2018/11/10

I've been wanting to make my own blog recently, now you might say "But jackomix you silly goose, you already got one!. Well, I edit my blog with the Neocities built in text editor, while it's great and all, it's not great for blogs...

That's where past me came in, I made a python script to make a window that would allow anyone to put a title, and content, click on make blog post and upload it. So that's what I'm gonna be using from now on. This means hopefully you should get more blog posts since it'll be easy for me to make one. I don't even need to open my browser! Anyways I should actually change it a bit since it's not perfect right now, see you guys soon hopefully. :)

Message to mariteaux. - 2018/10/10

Recently I joined the districts discord server, it's a pretty cool server and I hope it becomes as active as my server is/was. It's got good staff which i'd consider my friends. However mariteaux, (i'll call him mari from now on) right now I think did something stupid.

He was putting a little comment in a conversation, and I did the same, treating him as another user, all the "history" we have doesn't really matter to me, since it's basically high school drama. My comment (which was unrelated to what went down if you're wondering) triggered mari to get angry.

However talking in the server that day, I noticed mari was angry towards me, I was redesigning my site and needed feedback on the pallete I chose as I didn't know if it was good or not. There was a bug with one of the div's width being shorter than the other ones but since I have a (at least compared to gaming computers now) small monitor. Someone pointed out this and I said how i'd fix it and how I didn't see it before, this triggered mari into saying something about "can you not see your own fucking site" or something.

Anyways, after mari got angry from the little comment I made he kicked me, I thought he banned me and so I joined again, however I was kicked, and then I found I couldn't join back in, I was banned. I talked with Capy about this, and she basically became the messenger between me and mari, here is where laid the reason for this post being written, mari's arguments, no matter how I see it are dumb ones.

You might automatically join mari's side, and I get that, I'm not a good admin, and mari has been the one to really show that in me, however with that knowledge I still don't think mari's point is valid. I'm not saying I don't get it, I really do, but from what I see it's still invalid.

What were mari's arguments you might say? Well, mari says how i've wasted his time for six months, this is comeback number 1. I've said how we never fought day after day, and he said how we have, I only remember a handful of moments of us arguing and that was done in a hour, not over the course of six months.

Another important thing is, if this were to happen day after day, why not just give up? If you kept trying to break a wall down, day after day, trying for 6 months, why would you give up at 6 months? Why not a week, or month?

My point is after lots of tries you should've learnt by now, especially since you're 19, which comes into play in his second argument, one that he never really said, but got at.

"Since you wasted my time, i'll waste yours.", this is what I think he mean't but there's another one I still think is kinda dumb. This is comeback number 2A... I'm only, a little more than a month turned 14. He's 19, that's like a 30 year old saying he can punch a kid in the leg because a kid punched him...

"Since you wasted my time, you can't be on this server.", this is another thing which I think he could've mean't which is where comeback 2B comes into play. it's just and only you, Capy and dotcomboom are all fine with me. You think dotcomboom, who we've known each other on neocities for quite a while would also agree in banning me, but no...

I talked with Capy before this, and we agreed there'd be an ad in all the info channels, due to this though, it's only in announcements (only to be flooded with reddit posts). I wrote this as I wanted mari to read this and fully understand, instead of being like a toddler and ignoring everything I say yelling "lalalala".

This was not written to promote my server, I only want to let the audience know and see how the users react, as well as hoping mari reads this and understands. If you are, i'd consider talking with the other admins and mods, no need to abuse your admin powers mari. (Also this is the first time I pubically talked about this "high-school drama", and not in a server.)

High School is near! D: - 2018/09/01

Yesterday was my birthday, I had those cakes you get at the grocery store where they're in a rectangle tray. I also went go karting and played in multiple bouncy houses for a good 2 hours. R.I.P my lungs huh? Anyways I enjoyed it. I got the big gifts early since my birthday is close to school starting, so I can actually have time to play with me toys.

Speaking of school, high school is near! I'm both scared and excited, the social part I like, I also like how it'll be different. However I am scared it will be hard, my grade 8, welp, grades weren't really great. I want to make this year different though, instead of having a really messy desk, I'll, organise my locker which is a different thing basically but still.

To be honest the setup, the thing that is supposed to make everything about high school make sense was confusing. You see, in elementary (here where I live it goes elementary to high school) I transfered from an old school that shut down. So on the day we set up our schedules my friends and I had an error. So after like a month we were able to do it, however it was more of a rush. I thought I selected gym since grade 9 gym is easiest and you only need to do it once but it doesn't say that. I also seen you could do programming, though it was for grade 11 and 12, however walking with my friend he said he picked one, I was like "But it said it was for Grade 11 and 12." and he said there was another thing.

Right now it's best for me to relax and enjoy school while it lasts. I'm gonna try to change the style of this site a little bit, this blog post I'm proud of cause it's big and I actually formatted it good. Good job me, cya later guys. (hopefully not 4 months later. lol)

oof - 2018/05/10

I'm bored, and I've actually been bored all week. I tried to make a sequel to cheesd but i'm not in the right mood. I'm working on a cool level in Everybody Edits though, at least I was. I keep wanting to make stuff but then get bored as i'm making it. Anyways I figured I should update my blog so here we are. Anyways i'm gonna go, bye guys and i'll see you in the next blog post. :D

The 4 Day Weekend - 2018/05/31

The grade 8 trip starts today, but it's too expensive so I sadly can't go. But now I have a 4 day weekend! So I made a to-do list of things I wanna do. One of those was make a stupid game in 2-3 hours, well I finished the game in an hour and then fixed a bug and styled the page for 30 minutes. I made it in twine and you can play it clicking the link in the nav bar that i'll add right away after this blog post. Anyways, i'll set you soon in the next blog post. :)

I'm back. - 2018/05/27

Guess who's back baby! Yeah that's right. Boxycloud- I mean Coolman- I mean Spacecat- I mean Galaxycat- I mean Rocketmix- Oh wait, now i'm "jackomix". Yeah I know i've gone through a lot of site changes (not as much as JakeOnline tho) but this is where i'll stay. You might wonder why didn't I just redo rocketmix? Well I like the name jackomix more, also cause of the blog thing I did. I used a site so I could use wordpress, but it doesn't work anymore and I updated my blog less actually. So those blog posts are lost (though I could easily get them back). I felt I made things to complicated for myself and wanted to start from scratch. I made a new domain but I still wanted my stats (cause I like big numbers to boost my ego to myself). So after I make this blog I'll move my index file to another so you can still surf Rocketmix. It's two sites in one! Anyways, what will I do here? Make articles, advertise my Neocities Discord server, show off projects, things like that. Though I do want to stand out from other sites, i'm still thinking how but hopefully this site becomes something that'll be a big project in of itself. After I change the index i'll do some updating to this site to refresh every 5 minutes I guess. By the way, OwlMan PM me the link to the Neocities cat pr0n and I'll add a nice button to my index.