What's that? You're bored? Got nothin' else to do but waiting and need a miracle? I gotcha covered. I've been bored plenty of times in my life, and today I'm going to show you the techniques on how to stop that boredom.

You see, the problem is the fact I'm in class, what do I do?
Stop pissing your pants over it, look at each person and make a description for each of them. Play around with your pencil, doodle, fold paper, count the tiles on the ceiling, there's still tons of stuff to do.

Nah, you got it wrong, I'm bored at home.
Wh-wha... H-how!? Just explore the web! Go to the bored button and press away! Look through Neocities and look at the cool sites people are making! Try to make a game in an hour, make a song in a hour, try to write a full story in 1 minute! You could also waste your life away playing Cookie Clicker. :)

Nice techniques doofus, they don't work.
Looks like you're gonna have to play detective, see what you got, see how to play with it. Won't you look at that, now you're thinking, zoning out how not to be bored, doing a puzzle, not being bored!