html collection

Post your HTML files (on my Neocities page) and if they're safe (no NSFW and use common sense) I'll add them to the collection. (btw the dates are in est timezone)

New: Converted the list into a table, I also made it so you can sort it different ways by clicking on the heading.

html name date - month/day/year
first.htm 03/12/2019
jimstank.html 03/27/2019
bob.html 04/04/2019
shrine.html 04/06/2019
hehehe.html 04/06/2019
jscal.html 04/07/2019
factorial.html 04/07/2019
decimalconv.html 04/07/2019
googol.html 04/07/2019
dedede.html 04/07/2019
garg.html 04/08/2019
hijirin.html 04/12/2019
luke.html 04/15/2019
newsoda.html 06/08/2019
my-first-html-email.html 06/18/2019